The AP Poll’s just come out, and there’s no surprises who is No.1: Alabama.

The Crimson Tide are top of the polls after their win over Virginia Tech, however unconvincing it actually was. Georgia has plunged to 11 after its loss at Clemson, which in turn moved to No.4 in the nation.

South Carolina stayed in 6th, Texas A&M’s 7th, LSU’s 9th, and Florida’s 12th.


Here’s the Top 25 for you:

1) Alabama (58)

2) Oregon – Apparently beating Nicholls State convincingly is better than beating Buffalo uncovincingly.

3) Ohio State (1) – See Oregon

4) Clemson (1) – Should be higher after beating Oregon. We’d have them at 1 or 2.

5) Stanford – Stanford! It’s YOUR fault for not playing last Saturday.

6) South Carolina – Stay the same after beating UNC. You know, they are a poorer opponent than Nicholls State or Buffalo.

7) Texas A&M – Not a great win against Rice, but Johnny Football transformed the team in the second half.

8) Louisville – Tedy Football!

9) LSU – Great win over TCU, who might just be a quality opponent. Especially at the end of the year.

10) Florida State – Smashed Pitt. With a redshirt frosh QB and a new coaching team.

11) Georgia – Should be higher. They only lost to Clemson by 3 points, not 33!

12) Florida – Nasty defense, and good players coming back. Our dark horse for a National Championship run.

13) Oklahoma State – 21-3 over Mississippi State. These Cowboys are pretty good.

14) Notre Dame – Not going to sell us after beating Temple. Will sell us if they beat Michigan on the road.

15) Texas – Awful first half against New Mexico State, but a lot better second half. A ton of speed on this team, but is the coaching there?

16) Oklahoma – They’ll be fine.

17) Michigan – Big game on Saturday, huh? A Central Michigan win isn’t going to tell us a lot.

18) UCLA  – A 58-20 over Nevada tells us…. not a lot, to be honest.

19) Northwestern – Struggled against Cal, but came through in the end. We’ll see if they are OK with a new QB.

20) Washington – Smashed Boise State. The Huskies should be higher.

21) Wisconsin – A 45-0 over mighty UMass. I’m surprised College Gameday didn’t come from Mad-town…

22) Nebraska – Wow. They are ranked after beating Wyoming by 3 points? Really?

23) Baylor – Forget the joke victory over Wofford, this team can flat out fly.

24) TCU – Was in the game for three quarters against LSU. This Horned Frogs will be fine, especially with Davonte Fields back.

25) USC – There are a lot of teams that are better and not ranked than this rank USC team.

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