This week wasn’t exactly that weird in the SEC. Missouri’s heart was broken by their kicker (and their defense, we’d like to add), but after that, Vandy was crushed by Texas A&M (who still gave up 24), Alabama slammered Tennessee (see what we’ve done there?), Auburn beat the ‘over’ against Florida Atlantic, and LSU was asleep in the first half against Furman (went 7-0 and 10-7 down before exploding and winning out 48-16)….but it didn’t cost them.

We were going to go with a funny power rankings list but it’s been a long weekend, and we’re trying to get our head around the SEC tiebreakers ‘What Ifs’.

1) Alabama: Crushed Tennessee at home. It’s what we expected, if we’re honest. There is no team in the SEC (apart from Texas A&M, who they’ve already played) who can come close to this team at the moment. They are mostly healthy, very disciplined, and Nick Saban’s not going to be happy to give up 10 points to the Vols. Good luck, bye week.

2) Auburn: Didn’t have any problems against Florida Atlantic, exploding for 45 points and 628 yards, including 422 on the floor. Look, we know FAU are hardly the Chicago Bears. We get it. But this continues to be quite a turnaround by Auburn, and if this keeps going, we really can’t wait for the Iron Bowl. This offense is something, folks.

3) South Carolina: Great comeback from South Carolina to take the game to overtime, especially in a hostile environment. Got good Jadeveon Clowney (pass batted down), but bad Jadeveon Clowney (didn’t seem to move on two Missouri touchdown drives (see Missouri film below). If South Carolina beats Florida, then they could be in the driving seat if Texas A&M beats Mizzou.

4) Missouri: Mizzou fans gave some abuse to their kicker, Andrew Baggett, after he missed a chip-shot field goal to stop Mizzou tying up their battle against South Carolina in the 2nd overtime of an epic encounter in Columbia. Maybe, just maybe, the fans should be blaming the defense that gave up a 4th-and-15 for a touchdown in the first overtime. Where was the coverage again?

5) Texas A&M: Yes, I get that we dropped them down from last week, because we still think the Aggies defense still sucks. But Johnny Football does not. And with the Aggies playing LSU and Missouri, Johnny Football’s Heisman campaign could explode.

6) Ole Miss: The Rebels smashed bye week (AKA Idaho) 59-14. And looked good. Although it was Idaho.

7) LSU: An outstanding performance from Odell Beckham Jr (again),who had 204 yards receiving and 2 TDs, covered up a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde performance by LSU, and perhaps more importantly Zach Mettenberger (328 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs), who struggled in the early stages. Yep, that’ll work against ‘Bama.

8) Georgia: Yes! We know ‘Dawgs fans! Georgia beat LSU and South Carolina. But the injury list is horrific, and Aaron Murray can’t do it ALL himself. Mark Richt shouldn’t wheel out Michael Bennett too quickly, either. Especially as the season is pretty much over.

9) Florida: Defense is great, but the offense is a horror-show. Florida Gators fans hate watching their team right now, and so say the rest of us.

10) Vanderbilt: After getting destroyed 56-24 by Texas A&M, there is no doubt in our mind of three things: 1) Jordan Matthews is a future NFL receiver, and congratulations to him on being the SEC’s all-time receiver in career yards receiving, 2) Vanderbilt is reeling from the loss of starting QB Austyn Carta-Samuels 3) James Franklin can talk up the Commodores all he wants, but this is a very bad Vanderbilt side, which has gone BACKWARDS since Week 1.

11)  Tennessee: Well, they scored a touchdown against Alabama, didn’t they? We jest, of course….the Vols were completely smashed by Alabama. We could say that they were recovering after the Carolina win last week, but really, they were outcoached and outplayed by Saban. At least now Butch Jones knows what it’s like to play the SEC’s one truly elite team on the road.

12) Mississippi State: A close game between the Clangers and Kentucky shows us how good Dak Prescott is if he plays Kentucky every week. And it was good for MSU to get their first SEC win of the year.

13) Kentucky: The donut battle goes through Kentucky and Arkansas…and both may achieve the SEC’s most unwanted prize (because they don’t play each other). Which is a pity. Seriously about Kentucky….this team has definitely improved since last year’s horror show, and it has shown balls against Alabama (first quarter), Louisville, South Carolina and now Mississippi State. Mark Stoops’ continued recruitment will show teeth in time. But for now…..gulp.

14)  Arkansas: The donut battle goes through Arkansas and Kentucky…and both may achieve the SEC’s most unwanted prize (because they don’t play each other). Which is a pity.


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