We’d like to make it clear that there are some players that we’ve ALREADY seen (like Todd Gurley at Georgia), but we still can’t wait to see them. This is a little different from “Top 10 SEC Freshmen” or “Top SEC Returning Players” because the freshmen are unproven. So we’re sticking them all into one bag and throwing them all together.

Extra points if you can guess all 15 players that they might be ‘The new’? Some we even had to look up?

So here’s your freshmen and returners that we can’t wait to see…

1) Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU): The new Dalton?

2) Maty Mauk (QB, Missouri): The new Chase?

3) Derrick Henry (RB, Bama): The new Trent Richardson?

4) Todd Gurley (RB, UGA): The new Herschel?

5) Malcolm Mitchell (WR, UGA): The new AJ?

6) Alex Collins (RB, Arkansas): The new Darren?

7) Kelvin Taylor (RB, Florida): The new Emmitt?

8) Jacob Coker (QB, Bama): The new AJ?

9) Kenny Hill (QB, Texas A&M): The new Johnny?

10) Dak Prescott (QB, Mississippi State): The first great Mississippi State quarterback?

11) Marquez North (WR, Tennessee): The new Peerless?

12) Mike Davis (RB, South Carolina): The new Marcus?

13) Vernon Hargreaves III (CB, Florida): The new Joe?

14) Amari Cooper (WR, Alabama): The new Julius?

15) Leonard Floyd (OLB, Georgia): The new Jarvis?

NB: This list could have gone on for about 60 players there is such a wealth of talent in the SEC. We’re sorry if we missed some schools or players like the Nkemdiche brothers (Ole Miss), Bo Wallace (Ole Miss) or Drew Barker (Kentucky).

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