Georgia starting defensive tackle Jonathan Taylor has been arrested on a felony charge of aggravated assault.

Taylor – who was part of the group who arrested and charged with ‘theft by deception’ for depositing his stipends twice – was jailed early this morning after allegedly strangling a woman in his college dorm room.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, “There was evidence that the female victim had been “possibly strangled by the offender,” in the incident in Taylor’s dorm room….There was evidence that the victim and another individual had been involved in an argument in McWhorter Hall, police said. Officers determined an established relationship and “co-habitation” with Taylor and the victim…

“There were visible signs of injuries around her neck”, police added to the newspaper reporters.

BOTTOM LINE: The future does not exactly look rosy for Taylor and his future at Georgia. We should expect Taylor to be booted out of Georgia by the end of the week, especially with Mark Richt’s record with second chances. And if we’re honest, if Taylor IS found out to be the primary aggressor in this incident, he doesn’t deserve one, and deserves to go to jail.




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