Jeremy Hill’s immediate future is not behind bars, it seems.

The star LSU running back was given extra community service after admitting simple battery in a fight outside a bar in Baton Rouge earlier this year – despite violating the terms of a parole given to him as a high schooler.

Jeremy Hill called a press conference, which he went to with Les Miles, his coach in tow. Miles had indefinitely suspended the player for the fight.

In a statement at a press conference (thanks,, he said: “I would like to thank Coach Miles and this university for giving me another chance to play football. I would like to apologize to my teammates and the community.

Miles added that Hill practiced with the team today, after the team voted to have him back. Miles added that without his teammates, he “would not be back otherwise“. He added: “The reality is we’re people, we’re flawed, everyone of us. Hopefully we learn by mistakes. Hill has chance to do that.

He added that he did not know how much playing time- if any – Hill would have to serve for getting in the fight in the first place.

BOTTOM LINE: If Jeremy Hill essentially gets of this scott-free without any playing time, it’ll be a miscarriage of justice. Hill – at best – deserved to be kicked off the LSU side. He didn’t. Why? Les Miles left it up to the team about whether to boot a team-mate. You know, a a young team that’s lost a lot of its key starters and probably couldn’t afford to lose another one. LSU fans are obviously overjoyed. This blogger is not. 

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