The SEC coaches might have just done something that could change the course of college football.

This tweet came from Scott Hood at Gamecock Central:

In case you missed it, Steve Spurrier told me last night the SEC coaches unanimously approved giving FB players $300 per game for expenses.

This isn’t just big news. This is massive news. This could mean that players are at least paid for playing – taking back some of the money that schools, clothing companies and other parties (yes, even college football blogs!) so happily take from them year in, year out.

Hood played this down slightly, saying it probably wouldn’t get through the Athletic Directors and Presidents:

Scott Hood ‏@ScottHood63The key question, though, is whether the ADs and presidents will approve it. Most people I’ve talked with this a.m. say no.

However, it’s been noted that this gesture from the coaches might just be that – a gesture, because it’s only the NCAA that can make that sort of decision.

Macon Telegraph reporter told SEC Football Blog’s Alex Haddon: “It’s just a PR gesture. NCAA would never approve one league paying players and others not.”

WHAT THIS MEANS: For now, this means nothing. But what it could really mean is EVERYTHING. Finally, someone’s taking a stand. The coaches in the most powerful conference in football want this to happen, it means that the stone is starting to roll. If the coaches and media can be keep up pressure on their ADs and presidents, something might make it happen and players get a deserved stipend. Let’s face it – it should have happened years ago….

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