Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze has got some good food recommendations, and some opinions about the confederate flag and suspended star Laremy Tunsil.

Here are his best SEC Media Day Quotes


“There’s┬ávery little to report. We obviously will cooperate fully with, whether it’s the NCAA process or the law enforcement process, we will cooperate fully with that. I’m very confident, like I said, in the way we do things and what we can control. I’m very confident in the person that Laremy Tunsil is too, and we look forward to that coming to a conclusion at whatever time is appropriate.”


“It is troublesome”

“I am a rookie….I’ve heard Coach Saban and Coach Miles and others say, guys, we’ve got an issue brewing with these kids and agents and things. So now I’m experiencing it, and it is very difficult to manage. You want your kids to be focused on the task at hand and the fact that you want them to understand that the only thing that can do anything for you right now is your resume that you’re going to put on the field. You hope that other professions that are trying to get to them would respect that, and some do. I don’t know that I have the exact answer, but it is a concern for sure that that can be a distraction for your kids. I know this. I don’t know if we can do anything more in educating them about the possible dangers and everything that could go on and where your focus needs to be right now and then come January after the Bowl game, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss exactly what is the right move for you at that time.”


“He’s had a full recovery and was ready for Spring….so excited to have him back.”


“I’m not a political figure, nor do I want to be. I’m sure our Governor and the legislation will hear from the people. But in the world to which I live in, if something that is creating ill will in any way towards someone, it’s difficult for me to support that. As far as comparing what the original meaning meant, I’m going to have to go study some and make sure I’m speaking out of knowledge as opposed to — I know the people that I grew up around, I did not see the — them using it in ill will toward anyone, but obviously, I was raised at a much later date. I do think that it’s been associated with people that have meant some harm and ill will.”


“I think everyone’s their own individual. Robert is a unique individual. One great thing, great quality about him is he’s a hard worker and loves to compete. So you don’t have to try to motivate him. He really never — yes, there’s a lot of noise around him that you wish wouldn’t be, but it never really stopped him from working toward his goals. He’s always, what can I do to be better? He needs to finish plays more. He’s phenomenal athletically and wins his one-on-ones. Yeah, you have to handle him a little bit differently, but a lot of it depends on the kid also. I’m not a fan of the way recruiting has gone right now and the social media, I think, kind of creates a false sense of really what’s real and what’s not to some young men. Sometimes that can affect them negatively.”


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