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The Vanderbilt rape case has been declared a mistrial.

The case was thrown out because the jury foreman did not admit that he was once the victim of a sexual assault.

Corey Batey and Brandon Vandenburg had both been accused of crimes of aggravated rape and sexual battery, and were found guilty five months ago on five counts of the former and two counts of the latter.

According to CBS, both players had been waiting sentencing before the revelations took place, which might mean that they avoid decades of jail-time.

The trial, CBS noted, “featured graphic video and photographic evidence showing the unconscious female student being violated in the dorm room“, accusing the players of owning that footage.

Two other players – Jaborian McKenzie and Brandon Banks – are still awaiting whether their cases will be ‘mistrialed’.

Prosecutors have said that the case will be retried. Both Batey and Vandenburg have to wear tracking anklets so police know their whereabouts.


BOTTOM LINE: I’m sorry, but I’m too disgusted to go into more detail about this for the time being.

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