The SEC loves you, Stanford. Thank you for silencing Autzen.

The SEC loves you, Baylor. Thank you for silencing the ‘Collin Klein for Heisman’ chants. Replace this with ‘ Johnny For Heisman’.

This week was one of the most meaningful in the SEC …. without a lot of meaningful games in the SEC.

Anyway, here are the rankings…

1) Bama 2) Georgia 3) LSU 4) UF 5) TAMU 6) USC 7) MSU 8) Vandy 9) Ole Miss 10) Mizzou 11) Tenn. 12) Arky 13) UK 14) Aub

1) Alabama – Ripped apart Western Carolina (who were 1-9 in the FCS, by the way). Biggest result for the Tide was BOTH Oregon and Baylor losing on Saturday.

2) Georgia – Ripped apart Georgia Southern. Biggest result for the Bulldogs was BOTH Oregon and Baylor losing on Saturday. They’ve got a spot in the SEC Championship Game.

3) Florida – Their win against Jacksonville State shows us nothing – but their wins over Texas A&M, South Carolina and LSU are still really impressive on the resume. Can’t wait for Florida State. I really. Can’t. Wait.

4) LSU – What a game against Ole Miss. What a game. What a game. What a game. Les Miles wins again – and then delivers one of the best press conference speeches of the season. You start to understand why players love to play for him. The Tigers are only behind Florida on points – and those points were the ones that they lost in The Swamp.

5) Texas A&M – There is something Johnny Football can’t do. Kick extra points. Sorry we’ll never be calling him “Johnny Premier League”, then. Can’t wait for the Aggies to show Texas who’s boss. Oh. Wait a minute…

6) South Carolina – Can’t wait for Clemson. I really. Can’t. Wait.

7) Mississippi State – Easily handled an awful Arkansas team. We can’t wait for the Egg Bowl this week – particularly with Ole Miss actually looking like a team now.

8) Vanderbilt – Hammered Tennessee at home, ending Derek Dooley’s reign as the Vols coach.Vandy has now done that to two coaches. Losing badly to Vanderbilt in the SEC is obviously a fireable sin. It might not be in 2013 or 2014…

9) Ole Miss – Fantastic performance at LSU, but they came up short. This team WILL be competitive in 2013. We promise (unless Hugh Freeze leaves)

10) Mizzou – Losing to Syracuse isn’t a cool thing for your SEC pedigree, Gary Pinkel. Even if Syracuse DID just beat Louisville. It’s still not good for the conference.

11) Tennessee – Goodbye, Derek Dooley. Don’t let the door slam on your orange pants on the way out.

12) Arkansas – Goodbye, John L. Smith (in advance)

13) Kentucky – Because they can’t play Auburn to see who the SEC’s most terrible team is.

14) Auburn – Because they can’t play Kentucky to see who the SEC’s most terrible team is.


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