The biggest news of the SEC Spring Meetings happened right at the end when news came out that LSU and Florida would be paired together for the forseeable future as ‘permanent’ SEC rivals as part of the new 6-1-1 scheduling.

One coach was happy about this.

One coach was not.

LSU’s Les Miles was the one NOT wearing the smile. He said at his press conference in Destin (according to the Palm Beach Post): “This is all based on some vague tradition that is not considering that you’re adding teams to the conference. Tell me about the tradition of the conference when you add teams to it.

He added: “I mean, Florida isn’t even a nearby state. This tradition of rivalry is the fact that we enjoy playing them.”

Will Muschamp, however, seemed to be happier about things. “I think it’s a good national game. It’s two great programs. And I do see Les’ reasoning in that, but at the end of the day I think … that’s the best route to take.”

The Palm Beach Post also noted that LSU and Florida had played each other for the last 41 seasons. Sorry Les, but if you’re going to ‘kick off’ a rivalry, you might as well have it in a game where the rivalry’s semi-permanent anyway.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We think it’s got something to do with the fact that the Tigers are 6-6 over the last 12 years against the Gators, and Les might just be scared that a loss to Florida will ruin his national title hopes. But that might just be us…

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