Steve Spurrier has said that the Gamecocks will be adding a graduate transfer safety from Kansas this off-season.

Speaking on the Paul Finebaum Show at the SEC Spring meetings in Destin, FL, The Head Ball coach said:

“I hope that’s not against the rules,” he added. “We think he’s got to get in grad school and do some stuff. Our conference – if they’ve had issues before – would frown on us taking a player like that.”

He added: “It’s just one year. Maybe he’s gone to a place where things haven’t worked out or maybe he played on a team that doesn’t win that much and he wants to go and play on a successful team. Let ’em play. That’s the nature of our sports these days.”

The comments confirm ex-Kansas safety Isaiah Johnson’s tweet in mid-April that he’ll be Gamecock next year. Johnson had 75 tackles in 2014 and 73 in 2013.

Spurrier also added that he doesn’t want any more four hour ballgames.

“We don’t need four-hour ballgames. Even three-and-a-half ones”, adding that the ideal time was around the 3.20 mark. “I think fans like a 3.20 game,” he said.

He added that South Carolina wasn’t the worst culprit of long games. “In the SEC we don’t throw the ball 30 or 40 times. So we’re probably below the national average“.

He added that referees need to speed up┬ádecision-making on reviews. “We need to speed up that.





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