You know what? We’re not actually being sarcastic when we say “Right Richt”, because any guy who strangles or strikes his girlfriend or any female (as it seems sophomore D-Lineman Jonathan Taylor did in the late hours of Monday night) should be booted from a football team and if we’re honest, should not be allowed to transfer, unless it’s to jail.

Well, after this second run-in with the law in one off-season, the 6-4, 340lb  Taylor was dismissed by the Georgia Bulldogs today. He was released from jail at 11.45am and was packing up his stuff by 1.30pm today. Mark Richt obviously wasn’t screwing around. The news release detailing his booting came at around 3pm, according to reports.

There isn’t a lot more to say about this, apart from one word: Good.

BOTTOM LINE: We’d be amazed if Taylor finds  a place in the SEC again after striking a woman (hey, Dorell Green-Beckham didn’t

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