This news isn’t exactly hot off the press, but Florida safety Cody Riggs is going to leave The Swamp when he graduates in the spring.

It is not known where the player is going to be transferring.

Florida coach Will Muschamp said: “Cody Riggs and his parents came to me and he’s going to finish up in May and transfer to another school to finish his last year of eligibility. He wanted a fresh start. And I appreciate his contributions to Florida.

Riggs is aiming to play more at cornerback than at safety to give himself more of a chance at a NFL career.

Last season Riggs, a junior, was about the only Florida starter not to be injured, starting all 13 games of Florida’s horrific season. He had 51 tackles and a sack.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Riggs will be missed for his leadership. But if he’s really unhappy at Florida, than there’s nothing Will Muschamp can do.

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