Florida is close to firing offensive co-ordinator Brent Pease and a number of other Florida assistants, CBSSports.com has reported.

Bruce Feldman wrote: “Earlier this week a source told me that Florida would be getting rid of offensive coordinator Brent Pease after this season and offensive line coach Tim Davis also would be gone. But after the Gators dismal showing in the loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday, UF’s first loss to an FCS program, there’s even more doubt about whether Will Muschamp also gets canned this winter despite AD Jeremy Foley’s “1,000 percent” support comment last week. This wasn’t even an FCS program with a winning record in its own conference the Gators lost to.” He added: “I thought Muschamp was a good hire at UF, but he’s learning on a huge stage. Getting to be a first-time head coach at a powerhouse program in the SEC with a big spotlight is really, really hard. Mark Richt succeeded but most don’t when they’re thrust into such a spot without figuring some things out at a smaller program (See: Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Kevin Sumlin, Butch Jones and a bunch of others). Guys like Richt and Bob Stoops are in the minority.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s not like this blog didn’t see it coming. Gator nation has also wanted it to happen.

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