While other teams have been loading up on their commitment arsenals for the 2013 season, it’s been fair to say that Joker Phillips and his team at Kentucky have been rather slower than most.

Having said that, the commitment of three-star defensive end Alvonte Bell to Lexington – Phillips’ second commit of the season- could start some sort of storm.

Phillips beat Florida State, Louisville, Clemson, West Virginia, Notre Dame and both Mississippi schools to the commitment of the 6 ft 6, 240-lb player.


THE BOTTOM LINE: Could this be the new Colin Ukwu? Cats fans hope so! If Bell stays – and with all the ‘big names’ scouring around Bell’s signature, it’s not a done deal – then Kentucky defence just looked a bit heftier. Now, about the other side of the ball and trying to find another Randall Cobb or Tim Couch….

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