Despite the griping of the coaches, the SEC is close to getting some finality regarding a scheduling deal, Commissioner Mike Slive has told the SEC’s website.

“I anticipate that by Friday afternoon, we will have a format,” he said.

Coaches have been vigorous in their ideas of what they want varying to non-division games to count for nothing (Steve Spurrier and Les Miles), to no permanent non-division rival (Miles, who’s anxious on avoiding Florida year in, year out, despite the rivalry going on for 41 years), to a 6-1-1 deal.

“There are pros and cons for every format,” Slive said. “I was impressed with the thoughtfulness that the football coaches brought to the meeting today.”

 “It’s not easy,” Slive said. “Depending on where you sit, your priorities may be different than another institution’s priorities, and how do you balance that? That’s really what is going on. It’s really a healthy discussion….I think before they get done, everybody will have thought through all the issues and the decision will be made.”

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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