As we know, the SEC is no stranger to expanding its reach.

South Carolina and Arkansas came aboard in 1991.

Missouri and Texas A&M came aboard in 2012.

But could Duke and UNC come along and be part of SEC country, giving them not only dominance in football, but also – dear God – basketball?

Why do we ask this question? Tonight, we were at a charity function and got talking to someone still involved with Duke who told us: “It wasn’t so long ago that we and UNC were talking to the SEC about moving there”. He also remarked that Florida State would go to the Big XII, but wasn’t so sure about Clemson’s ambitions.

With the way the ACC is imploding, this would work for everybody.

Duke and UNC would have a natural home in SEC country (after all, they are more ‘Southeastern’ than either of the SEC’s new-found members), they have strong financial backing for all their sports, and – of course, the SEC would suddenly be a massive, massive deal in basketball terms. And UNC (we’ll forget about should-be-Division-I-AA Duke football because it’s been irrelevant since Spurrier, and we strongly believe that head coach David Cutcliffe should be in a better job somewhere else)

Can you imagine what that would bring to an already powerhouse conference? Mike Silve and the rest of the SEC guys would welcome them both with open arms.

There – of course – would be some change in the SEC conferences (as both of these guys would go into the East), forcing Mizzou to play in the SEC West. This might not go down too well with Tigers fans, but it would work out nicely from not only a football level, but also a basketball one too.

And the TV revenues – especially for the SEC Network – would be absolutely gigantic.

Your thoughts please!



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