How will Jovon Robinson’s dismissal affect Auburn?

There was a Robinson in the State of Alabama who raised some eyebrows this week – and it wasn’t Cam ‘Guns ‘N’ Weed But I Sweat College Football’ Robinson, it was Jovon Robinson of Auburn.

The running back – who could have been atop the starting roster at the position – was dismissed yesterday. Although ESPN tweeted that it he was thrown out for missing team meetings and classes, Robinson has insisted that it was because Gus Malzahn “stereotyped and disrespected” him (he didn’t expand on details).

But whatever happened, Auburn’s already not-that-rich offense loses a guy who ran for 639 yards and 3 TDs, and that’ll be missed, particularly if the passing game – and Auburn’s still trying to work out who that will be between John Franklin and Jeremy Johnson – isn’t up to scratch. The passing game certainly wasn’t helped when D’haquille Williams, the extremely talented wide receiver, was booted last season (he’s now signed a contract at the Rams, where no doubt he’ll get fans on The Plains swearing because he’ll perform really well).

Auburn will depend on Kerryon Johnson, freshman Malik Miller, and summer arrival Kameron Martin. Johnson has the ‘most’ experience with 52 carries, 208 yards and 3 TDs (the three TDs came against Kentucky, UGA and Memphis in 2015), and the others have none.

And as we said – and we’ll repeat – if the passing offense doesn’t perform, Auburn fans are going to have another frustrating offensive time…


Roll Tide Out? Top Alabama Player Arrested

Top Alabama left tackle Cam Robinson was arrested on felony weapons charges alongside teammate Laurence “Hootie” Jones” – a safety in the early hours of Tuesday morning, adding another name to what has been a horrible offseason for Nick Saban and his Alabama program.

6-6, 325lb junior Robinson and Jones were charged with possession of a stolen firearm, as well as misdemeanour drug possession and carrying a weapon in the presence of narcotics.

The incident happened after an officer approached a car containing Robinson and Jones. There was a smell of marijuana in the car and a handgun was spotted, and after a search of the car and other gun was found, ESPN reported.

“We are aware of the situation involving Hootie Jones and Cam Robinson and are in the process of gathering facts to determine what internal action needs to be taken,” said Saban in a statement.

Shockingly for an arrest involving handguns and ‘narcotics’, the bail bond was only set at $750.


First of all: We don’t know what the handgun was. If it was a BB Gun, then it’s better than a Magnum .44. Was that the reason why the bond was so low at $750?

Secondly: How stupid do you want to be? You’re one year for playing for many, many millions in the NFL because you’re probably the best at your position. All you had to do one off-season was sit there and play FIFA or Madden. And do nothing else. No gasmasks, no visits from girls that you no idea what age they are, nothing. Hey, maybe you could get ahead on your studies and learn to, you know, read.

Thirdly: It will be an indictment of Saban – who only recently kicked off O-Lineman Charles Baldwin – if he keeps Robinson on the program. Guns and drugs are the sort of thing that would get ANY player booted off a team, right? Listen, he’s probably NOT going to get booted, but Alabama may well be without a starting tackle for 6 games. We’re sure Saban’s language wasn’t pretty when he heard about the incident. This will affect Alabama at the start of the season. Thank God they don’t start with an evil schedule.

Fourthly (And whisper this): Better weed than a crack pipe.