While you’re waiting for all the news to come out of today’s SEC Spring Meetings, we’ve got some stuff for you to read (some of it’s a little old, so you’ll have to excuse us):

1) What’s a bigger dump – College Station, TX or Gainseville, FL? Kevin Sumlin and Will Muschamp have their comments, hilariously discussed by Outkick The Coverage.

2) Michael Felder (In The Bleachers) and Barrett Sallee (Bleacher Report) arguing over whether high-profile recruit Robert Nkemdiche will go to LSU or Alabama.  We think he’ll go to Georgia, because of his uncle and the chance to start pretty much straight away.

3) Alex Ferguson (ViewfromAmerica) put together a Storify piece about Steve Spurrier being awesome at his Spring Meeting press conference. BTW, we love his beautiful seersucker shorts. And his quotes.

4) An insight from the lobby in the Sandestin Hilton in Florida. Stunningly for an in-house office, It’s actually well-written.  Check out the SECFootballBlog for all the highlights of yesterday’s play!

5) The Birmingham News asking whether LSU’s 21-0 loss was a cue for Les Miles to try and change things in his favour. We really do think that the Tiger’s running scared of Florida.

So there you go. If there’s anything else, let us know.


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