This college football season's been nuts so far. But there's nuts, and then there's SEC nuts. There's a shifting of power in the SEC. Teams that spent time in the shadows are back up, and punching giants in the mouth. It's fun. It's really fun. Unless you're from Baton Rouge. Or Columbia, Missouri. Anyway, here's our SEC rankings (more important than the overall college football rankings). Here we reward strength-of-schedule over record, so if your team has moved down a bit, then that's why. Oh, and while we're here we'd like to note that we watched a crapload of football yesterday. It wasn't Read more [...]
There's something about Kansas State in the summertime. Maybe it's the corn-fed dance team, with the legs that go on for miles. Maybe it's the sun going down on the fields, with just water towers on view for miles and miles. Maybe it's Manhattan - the 'Little Apple', a place so quaint that you could place the place in the South and it would probably fit in nicely. Maybe it's the fanbase, that were loud enough to create a hell of an atmosphere last night, but not lunatic-fringe like some fanbases that we see in places like the Big Ten. Maybe it was the wind blowing Samantha Ponder's hair, and us Read more [...]
It's a big Thursday night for The South. In the NFL, Tampa Bay at Atlanta play each other in The ATL, while Missouri's biggest city, St Louis, continues to battle it out for a spot in the MLB Play-Offs (if St Louis wins the World Series, it's a victory for the SEC, by the way). Oh, and the Scots are voting on whether they want to become part of Britain (I love their whiskey, as it goes), which is quite big in political news. But bigger than big is Auburn's trip to Kansas State, which is one of the biggest games of the week and the season so far. Manhattan is not going to be easy. This is going Read more [...]

Texas A&M still the pick- Week 3 SEC Power Rankings

'Twas a hell of a night in the SEC. South Carolina avoided getting hit by lightning to score a 3-point win over Georgia, Florida squeaked by Kentucky in THREE overtimes, and Arkansas ripped out a monster away victory at Texas Tech (giggles). Tennessee played valiantly at Oklahoma but were predictably outclassed, but there are green shoots. Oh, and Vanderbilt. Dear. God. Anyway, here are our Week 3 Power Rankings for the SEC: 1. Texas A&M: We're not sure how anyone can deal with Kevin Sumlin's offense, for whom 38 points looked like a bad day on Saturday. And the defense showed some improvement Read more [...]
Sorry we're late! We've been away and without a computer! Yes, we know that you beat Clemson, Georgia fans! Yes, we know that you beat South Carolina, Texas A&M! We know that Steve Spurrier's found some humility, Florida scored more points than they did in one season and the Derek Mason era at Vanderbilt hasn't actually been auspicious. And as for this week... GEORGIA AT SOUTH CAROLINA This week, Georgia goes down to South Carolina in a game that's going to be a war. Georgia fans expecting to win by a mile? You must be joking. South Carolina's fanbase is going to be whipped up to play Read more [...]

The Top 10 SEC Non-Conference Match-Ups

Seriously, we absoutely loathe 'neutral site venue' games, so as much as we'd like to put LSU vs Wisconsin a little higher on this list, our morals stop us from doing so. That's you too Ole Miss vs Boise and Alabama vs West Virginia..... 1) South Carolina at Clemson (Nov 29) South Carolina could have an unbeaten season going, and Clemson could be the last team to ruin their chance of going for a National Championship. Plus, these sides - and coaches - really don't seem to like each other. 2) Florida at Florida State (Nov 29) If this Florida team's as improved as we think it might Read more [...]
There are some games in the SEC that you're not exactly chomping at the bit to see, either live or on this new network (is that the name of our network again?) or somewhere else....but there are a ton of them that you. The game that we're looking forward to seeing - above all - is Texas A&M's trip to South Carolina for the first game of the season. Why? Because it's the first game of the season and honey, we're hooooooooome. So here's 10 OTHER games we can't wait to see. 1) Auburn at Alabama (Nov 28) Kick-Six becomes even more of a grudge match at this year's Iron Bowl. This game Read more [...]
We'd like to make it clear that there are some players that we've ALREADY seen (like Todd Gurley at Georgia), but we still can't wait to see them. This is a little different from "Top 10 SEC Freshmen" or "Top SEC Returning Players" because the freshmen are unproven. So we're sticking them all into one bag and throwing them all together. Extra points if you can guess all 15 players that they might be 'The new'? Some we even had to look up? So here's your freshmen and returners that we can't wait to see... 1) Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU): The new Dalton? 2) Maty Mauk (QB, Missouri): The Read more [...]
In shocking news, this weekend news emerged that yet another UGA player had been arrested - the seventh this off-season. This time it was reserve lineback Davin Bellamy for DUI and speeding in Athens. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Bellamy was "clocked going 52 in a 35 mph zone heading east on College Station Road in Athens at 2:58 a.m when his 2001 Volvo was pulled over in the Kroger parking lot." And when police smelt booze on his breath, he failed the sobriety test and police noted that he had "red, watery eyes". He refused to take a blood-alcohol test to determine his BAC, Read more [...]
With a SEC losing streak that stands at 16, it's difficult not to feel sorry for Kentucky Football fans. While their basketball players are playing like gods and pulling off last-minute victories, Kentucky football players simply find ways to lose. Sometimes heartbreakingly. Will 2014 be any different for Mark Stoops and his team?  LAST SEASON The Wildcats finished 2-10 (0-8 SEC), including losses to Western Kentucky and hated Louisville. Victories included (wait for it) Miami (Ohio) and (drumroll) Alabama State. The closest losses were by a touchdown to South Carolina and by 6 to Mississippi Read more [...]
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