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Was Ole Miss 2013 recruiting class worth the money?

If Ole Miss is found out more guilty than imposing losses of double-digit football scholarships between 2015-18 (inclusive), then let’s be honest: This team has certainly been worth the money.

Under Hugh Freeze’s tutelage, which started in 2012 (although 2013 was the first class), Ole Miss brought in one of the greatest recruiting classes ever assembled in Rebs’ history in 2013, including DT Robert Nkemdiche, O-Lineman Laremy Tunsil, WR Laquon Treadwell, and S Tony Conner. 3 out of 4 of those assembled players went in the NFL first round, and Conner’s still in school after suffering injuries.

Saw three players not only go to the NFL, but go in the first. Treadwell grabbed the headlines for the right reasons (coming back from injury etc etc etc), while Tunsil’s gasmask and the thoughts that Nkemdiche might be out of mind were also slightly “unusual”. OK, they weren’t great.

On the field, the recruiting class that Freeze put together:

  • Owns a two-game winning stream over Alabama (the longest current winning streak over Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide).
  • Has beaten Mississippi State in back-to-back Egg Bowls.
  • Has beaten LSU 2 out of the last three games.
  • The only team they never solved in the SEC was Auburn, who has beaten them 2 out of the last 3 years (but not in 2015).
  • Finished with an continually-improving 27-12, The record improved incrementally year-on-year. And in the SEC over the course of that time, they went 14-12. The last Ole Miss coach finished with a winnning SEC record was David Cutcliffe.

And it’s not over yet. But Tunsil, Treadwell and Nkemdiche leaving are going to be massive, massive losses.

But we can say this for certain: Ole Miss definitely got what it paid for.

NCAA bans Satellite Camps

wThe SEC and four other major conferences have voted against the idea of having satellite camps, securing dominance in some of the biggest recruiting lands in the USA.

The SEC, Big XII, Pac-12 and ACC all voted against the idea of the camps, which would see colleges be able to spread their wings to other states than their own in an effort to expand their footprint – like Michigan proposed doing with their satellite camp idea, which was going to host high school players around the states.

The new rule will not allow FBS schools to conduct camps ANYWHERE other than their “school facilities or facilities reguarly used for competition”, according to the Seattle Times.

The SEC wants to ensure the recruiting strongholds of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas are all focused towards them, while the Big XII also wants to make sure Texas will be virtually ‘safe’ from the recruiting attacks of a Michigan or Ohio State, as both schools look south to gain their advantages. The ACC keeps Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida and Virginia to themselves, while the Pac-12 keeps California.

A satellite camp by Michigan – and ones following up by an Ohio State would have hurt their strongholds – regardless of what the teams would have said.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban said at a press conference: “”I’m really not even thinking that it has that much value. What would be a more interesting question for you to research — and I can’t answer this — the teams that have done them, what value does it serve? How many players did they get? They had some players commit to them and some of those players decommitted, and I know they even wanted to drop some of those players when they found out they could get better players.”

He added: “”If everybody has a satellite camp, every player will have 62 camps to go to,” he said. “I don’t know how that works. The way it is right now if a player is interested and comes to your camp, he gets to see your campus, he gets to meet players, gets to work with your coaches a little bit more because he’s in your camp at your place. I think there’s a lot of value.”

Of course, you’d argue that if Michigan and Ohio State – and other B1G schools like Penn State and Maryland DID set up satellite camps – someone like Saban – would grudgingly get involved with an arms race….and probably win it. So would 13 other SEC schools, who have more money than any other conferences.

There has been the argument that the people who lose out on the satellite battle are the players – according to two Alabama high schools (Bob Jones and Prattville) that would have hosted Michigan camps. “Well, obviously it’s disappointing for us,” said Bob Jones coach Kevin Rose. “Because I thought it was a great opportunity for kids in north Alabama to get some exposure in front of the Michigan coaching staff. Maybe get an opportunity to earn a scholarship.” One of Bob Jones’ most famous recent alumnus is Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland, who’s almost certainly going to be a Top 10 pick in this year’s NFL draft. Prattville had 13 players on Division 1-A rosters in 2015.

Tennessee news: What do we make of it?

Saddening news came out of Knoxville last night that former Tennesssee wide receiver Drae Bowles was assaulted by fellow players after he helped “the woman who accused linebacker A.J. Johnson and defensive back Mike Williams of rape in November 2014,” the Knoxville News-Sentinel has reported.

In November 14 2014 former UT linebacker AJ Johnson and defensive back Mike Williams raped a woman during a party at a football players’ house, in which alcohol and marijuana were used. And then comes the Bowles incident.

According to the lawsuit the victim “received a message from Plaintiff Doe V who was witnessing (at that moment) several football players “jumping” Drae Bowles, a member of the football team that had actually taken Plaintiff Doe IV to the hospital the night of her assault and who had supported her decision to report the incident to the authorities.

The lawsuit added that the victim – a varsity UT sportswoman – had informed head coach Butch Jones and Jon Gilbert (the executive senior associate AD) and Mike Ward – the senior associate AD for administration and sports programs – and even provided the identities of the players, but was told only “we’ll look into it.” The victim added that she “became aware of a second assault on Drae Bowles in the team facility by the same football players“.

Williams said in a police interview that he was told by Geraldo Orta, a former safety (more about him later) “had told Williams that the football team had “a hit” out on Drae Bowles“. “In his interviews with police, UT football player Geraldo Orta stated that he felt Bowles had betrayed the team and that where he (Orta) came from, people got shot for doing what Bowles did. These facts are set forth in the Knoxville Police Department Incident Report,” the suit continues, adding: “During the interview Orta also admitted having approached Drae Bowles in Smokey’s Cafe (the athletic dining facility), getting “in his face” and saying “some threatening things.

UT DE Curt Maggittconfronted Drae Bowles in the team locker room before the team was instructed by Head Coach Butch Jones not to talk to him and before Bowles was “given time away from the team.

The school went ahead and told everybody that they loved AJ Johnson – probably not a wise move in hindsight, bearing in mind both Johnson and Williams now stand trial for rape.

In the lawsuit was filed by FIVE UT female students – who were not named – who said that the university was indifferent to charges by them of sexual assault from football players and other athletes – included four rapes.

These are the rapes in date order, according to the lawsuit:

— Another player in a lawsuit was former UT basketball Yemi Makanjuola, who in 2013, allegedly forced himself onto student nurse on Valentine’s Day in 2013 after the victim said that she rejected his “sexual advances”. And despite a disciplinary hearing and court order, Makanjuola continued to play for the basketball team. “Upon information and belief, the purpose of requesting a disciplinary hearing was to allow Makanjuola to continue to play basketball throughout the remainder of the season and to allow UT to effectuate his transfer to another school, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where UT’s Head of Basketball Operations, Houston Fancher, had accepted a coaching job,” the lawsuit said. And despite there being a protective order, Makanjuola tried to contact the victim five months later, causing her PTSD and to fail her nurses’ exams.

— In April 2013 accuses former UT running back Marlin Lane and safety Geraldo Orta, as well as Izauea Lanier of a rape that happened in Vol Hall, that houses the student athletes. Apparently UT let the players know that they were going to be interviewed: “During the investigation, UT football players were interviewed but only after they had already been made aware of the allegations by UT and had conversations with their teammates.” It adds: “Upon information and belief, these conversations and prior actions by UT allowed the players to “get their stories straight.” In this case, there was consensual sex with Orta, but was raped by Lane, who joined in without consent. “No disciplinary action was taken at all against the football players except a nominal “suspension” on April 13, 2013, when UT football player Marlin Lane was suspended from the football team for what was stated by Head Coach Butch Jones as “disciplinary reasons,” the lawsuit says. “The purely facial “suspension” only consisted of Lane missing four practices and a scrimmage before he was fully reinstated to the team less than two months later at which time Head Coach Butch Jones described him as a “success story,” and Lane has since been promoted to a member of the Vols’ 13-man player staff of team leaders,” it adds.

— In April 2014 there was another rape by an unnamed UT football player, after the victim came back from a frat party. “Plaintiff  informed UTK investigators that when she woke up the morning after the assault, she found a strap had been ripped off her top and the button ripped off her shorts and photographs were taken of the torn clothes,” the lawsuit says. At the time, the player tried to attack the victim by filing two complaints about her accusation, including the “theft” of a sweater. “The completely baseless and retaliatory reports filed by Mr. Doe I were premised inpart on Plaintiff’s actions in leaving the dorm the following morning wearing a sweatshirt, actions she were forced to take because her clothes had been torn off during the sexual assault“. There was a UT investigation, but it found that “as with other UT investigations, Plaintiff’s account was completely discounted and, based on the “collective” (and virtually identical) accounts of Mr. Doe I’s teammates and a time-lapsed video from an unspecified time after the assault (that arguably shows Ms. Doe II tripping while trying to walk, UT determined that, by a preponderance of the evidence, she could not have been incapacitated and, further, that the sexual encounter was consensual“.

— In September 2014 running back Treyvon Paulk was accused of punching a woman in the mouth. He was later suspended and then summarily dismissed from the team. What’s interesting about the Paulk story is that despite being suspended from team activities, Paulk still practiced with the team and participating in team events.

— In February 2015 cornerback Riyadh Jones – now at Georgia Southern – was accused of rape by “Plaintiff VI”. And although the case is now closed after she decided not to prosecute Jones, it seems that the victim was threatened – via her roommate. The lawsuit says: “Plaintiff’s roommate was repeatedly called by Riyahd Jones’s roommates (also football players) who were threatening/pleading (through roommate) for Plaintiff to drop the allegations.” She notes that one of the players trying to “mitigate” the damage was running back Deanthonie Summerhill (a UT running back who was living with Riyahd Jones), who has since left the school.

“Given the preceding events at UT, these players should have been educated extensively (and on multiple occasions) regarding the impropriety of attempts to contact a victim of an alleged sexual assault,” the lawsuit adds.

The lawsuit accuses the school of violating Title IX and being indifferent to all of the charges, and also adds that the school provided alcohol to recruits and underage students in an effort to show them a “good time”, and acted “with deliberate indifference to known sexual assaults so as to create a hostile sexual environment“.


There is so much frightening when reading through the actual lawsuit. Firstly, the assaults themselves. Anyone who’s not sickened reading about the assaults probably needs to go and see somebody. Secondly, the University of Tennessee itself: It basically covered up every single one of the assaults. Unlike other programs like Georgia, UT let Jones and Paulk stay on campus, as well as AJ Johnson and Mike Williams. Mark Richt would have thrown them out. And the bit about the players getting their stories together before being interviewed? Are you ****ing kidding me? If this is true, we hope that this makes not only institutional change within the SEC, but in college football. And we hope that UT pays the victims a huge amount of money and bans itself from a bowl or two. Or three. Or four. Or five.







Rollin’ Tide – Final SEC Power Rankings

It was quite a week in the SEC. And while it was about the football, it kinda was and it kinda wasn’t. We had Cam Newton threatening to slap the s_(& out of a heckler before the Iron Bowl, Les Miles getting chaired off against Texas A&M after he kept his job despite everyone saying that he was out of one, and Mark Richt getting booted from Georgia despite a 9-3 season. Down South, the Florida Gators were wonderfully inept in a 27-2 home loss to Florida State, and Ole Miss won the BATTLE OF THE EGG in CowbellLand. Elsewhere, Kentucky lost to Louisville after being 21-0 up (and their QB Patrick Towles has said he’s transferring) and Missouri didn’t show up against Arkansas.

So here’s our final regular season standings:

  1. Alabama (1): Because no-one’s rolling like the Tide right now in college football. The defense is scary. Listen, Auburn kept it close until the final quarter, but then Derrick Henry and the rest of the team put on the after burners, and there was nothing that Gus Malzahn’s team could do catch up.
  2. Ole Miss (3): Yes, we know they got the crap slapped out of them by Florida, but right now if the two sides had a re-match in The Swamp, I’d take Ole Miss. Florida’s offense is horrific right now. Ole Miss is not. And Ole Miss beat Alabama. Which Florida is not going to.
  3. Florida (2): Because they are going to the SEC Championship Game, and we have to be nice.
  4. Arkansas (6): Yes, we know they lost 51-50 last week and are on a one game winning streak after slamming Missouri, but the Razorbacks are a team not many want to face in a bowl game right now. Hogs fans would love to play Texas Tech. If they, it’ll be first to 900. And we’ll love it!
  5. LSU (8): The way LSU played on Saturday night was inspired, and gave a lot of people hope in the program that didn’t have it a week ago. Funny what will happen when your boosters try and fire one of the most successful coaches LSU has ever had. Joe Alleva’s ashen face at the press conference was a joy to watch. Seriously, he looked like the husband who came home and found someone ****ing his wife. Les Miles now needs to fire Cam Cameron. Quickly.
  6. Texas A&M (4): Aggies fans absolutely loathe offensive co-ordinator Jake Spavital. Funny, not many choice words for John Chavis’ lack of run defense coaching, though.
  7. Tennessee (7): Smashing Vanderbilt gets you up a notch, but this offense could be quite something next year if everyone’s not hurt. The Vols are certainly playing like they are on a high.
  8. Mississippi State (5): Massive disappointment on their goodbye to Dak Prescott- and Prescott himself was the biggest one.
  9. Auburn (10): Played with a lot of moxie, but were ultimately overmatched against Alabama.
  10. Georgia (9): Goodbye, Mark Richt. You will be missed. Georgia fans are praying you take Brian Schottenheimer with you.
  11. Kentucky (11): Blowing a 21-0 lead and then getting the news your starting quarterback’s leaving? That’s Kentuckeeeee.
  12. South Carolina (14): Played their collective asses off against Clemson and came up just short. There is hope.
  13. Vanderbilt (12): Getting blown out by your rival is not a good look, especially for a defense that was meant to be hugely improved.
  14. Missouri (14): Ugh.


Can Ole Miss turn things around? Week 7 SEC Preview

I’d like to point out that this week the college football schedule is about as much fun as the time when you got ball-tapped by your “humorous” frat boy buddy for the 19th time. Or when Grandpa from Kansas City invited you over to watch the Missouri vs Georgia game because it would be a ‘fun guy thing’, and  you couldn’t say: “I really want to ****ing leave” at half-time, because it would rude and disrespectful (little did you know that he was actually wishing you would go home, so he change the channel, but he felt guilty for doing that, since he invited you over. The Scenario Ending? You both felt like pieces of crap. Well, at least Grandpa had beer. It made things just a little more bearable…

Anyway, here’s our game previews for Week 7’s SEC slate, ranked in importance.

  1. Texas A&M at Ole Miss: We’re all waiting to see if Kyle Allen ups his performance last week and throws 4 pick-6s. And if the clash between Myles Garrett and Laremy Tunsil actually sparks off fires in Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium. And if Ole Miss actually has a defense this week. And if Hugh Freeze realises Laquon Treadwell’s a really good wide receiver.
  2. Auburn at Arkansas: Trainwreck!!!
  3. Tennessee at Alabama: Because this time, Tennessee won’t get killed by Alabama. Says the CBS previewer, begging people to tune into the game.
  4. Western Kentucky at LSU: Ranked this high because Leonard Fournette.
  5. Kentucky at Mississippi State: Kentucky could win two SEC road games this year. Mississippi State could actually find a rushing attack. This could actually be a better game that people expect.
  6. Missouri at Vanderbilt: Missouri’s offensive line and offense in general is offensive. This game is going to be rougher than the hangover you had after the first time you went shot-for-shot with ‘Fun’ Uncle Joe at Thanksgiving.

LSU loses WRs coach to 49ers

LSU’s wide receivers coach Adam Henry has decided to return to the NFL, taking a job with the San Francisco 49ers as the team’s wide receivers coach.

Henry was in the job for two years after moving to Baton Rouge for five years with the Oakland Raiders, where he was offensive quality control coach and then tight ends coach.

Under his watch, Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry were major difference-makers for the LSU and then in their rookie years in the NFL with the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins.

This is the latest coach to leave Les Miles this off-season after the LSU head coach lost long-term DC John Chavis to Texas A&M.

Henry is not the only position coach in the SEC to vault for the SEC. Florida’s defensive line coach Terrell Williams bolted for Miami just after National Signing Day, prompting CeCe Jefferson to delay his LOI to the Gators, and Arkansas’ running backs coach Joel Thomas has reportedly gone to New Orleans.

OUR TAKE: LSU will find another wide receivers coach pretty easily. But what is it about position coaches leaving for other jobs just after National Signing Day? 

Arkansas gives Bielema contract extension, puts him in $4m club

Arkansas has given head coach Bret Bielema a two-year contract extension through 2020, in a deal that will earn the coach at least $4m a year.

The Razorbacks will raise Bielema’s salary by $100,000 per year, and have also added incentives for athletic and academic success that could give ‘Bert’ an extra $1m a year.

ESPN.com noted that Bielema becomes the eighth SEC coach to earn at least $4m a year.

Jeff Long, Arkansas’ AD said: “Coach Bret Bielema is not only one of the best college football coaches in the nation, he is an outstanding leader. What Coach Bielema and his coaching staff have done for our young men, on and off the field, is something that has dramatically changed the course of our program and most importantly positively impacted the lives of our football student-athletes. He is building a championship program in a way that all Arkansans can be proud of. We look forward to his continued leadership of our football program and the many successes yet to come.

After a woeful 2013, Arkansas rebounded to have a 7-6 season, ending with smashing Texas 31-7 in the Alamo Bowl. Most impressively, they beat Ole Miss and LSU, and took Alabama and Texas A&M close.

Will Tennessee continue to rebound against Missouri? SEC Week 13 Preview

It’s Week 13 in the SEC, and to say the least, it’s a really, really dry slate. We know this because the big games of the week of the week are Missouri’s visit to Tennessee and Ole Miss’ visit to Arkansas. The rest is pretty dry.

So here we go with our Week 13 SEC Preview. I promise you, the games are incredible.


This clash of the unranked doesn’t mean that this game – at night at Neyland Stadium – isn’t important to Missouri – and to Georgia. If Missouri loses one of its upcoming games against Tennessee and Arkansas, it loses its stronghold on the SEC East, letting the Dawgs go to Atlanta. That means that in one of the weirder outcomes in SEC Football this year, Georgia fans will find themselves screaming: “Come On Tennessee!” on Saturday night – if they haven’t already been put into a coma by the earlier games. Missouri’s defense will face off against Tennessee Volunteers quarterback sensation Josh Dobbs, who’s has been putting the team on his back over the past few days. Missouri – which unexpectedly came out of Texas A&M last week with a win (the Aggies had beaten Auburn the previous week) – has a defense which can cause turnovers – but the offense has struggled almost all season long. Happily for the offense, they will face a Tennessee side licking its wounds without suspended playmaking LB AJ Johnson and sophomore defensive back Michael Williams, who were both named in a rape investigation by Knoxville police this week. AJ Johnson is noted as being the second-highest SEC tackler with 101 by blogsite “Rocky Top Talk” – and being virtually irreplaceable. But if we’re honest, if Johnson and Williams DID do what they’ve been accused of, they deserve to be suspended and jailed….but that’s just our opinion. One thing we do know: Neyland Stadium’s going to have a heck of an atmosphere on Saturday night.

PREDICTION: Missouri is a 3-point underdog. Thanks to Johnson’s injury, we think Missouri comes out with the victory by 10.


Verne and Gary have got to go somewhere on CrapCake Saturday, so it’s to Razorback Mountain to see a revitalized Arkansas side – who won for the first time in 17 tries last week by beating LSU 17-0 – take on No.8 Ole Miss. Theoretically, Ole Miss can still win the SEC West, thanks to its win over Alabama earlier in the year, but Armageddon in the SEC West is going to have to happen for that to happen. Arkansas would LOVE to make it 2 wins in a row, and so would the fanbase, who suddenly only need a win in their last 2 games to become bowl eligible. Ole Miss is still pretty beaten up after their losses against LSU and Ole Miss (WR Laquon Treadwell and LB Denzel Nkemdiche are the big losses on either side of the ball), while Arkansas just can’t wait to have Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams run.

PREDICTION: Ole Miss is a 3-1/2 point favorite. We’re going with the big upset, and taking the Razorbacks to win by 7. 


Sadly, the thing that people are going to talk about this week when they discuss Mississippi State Bulldogs football ISN’T going to be about Dak Prescott’s still possible Heisman journey, or even the loss to Alabama. It’s going to be about safety Justin Cox, who was suspended after getting arrested for burglary and domestic battery.  As we said about the AJ Johnson case, if he’s guilty he deserves to go to jail. Simple. Anyway, Vanderbilt threw out (yet) another running back this week (Jerron Seymour) too, but he’ll be less of a difference maker than Cox…by a mile. And about the game, we expect the cowbells to keep on ringing as Mississippi State tries and win their last game before the showdown with Ole Miss.

PREDICTION: Mississippi State wins, but not by the 30-1/2 point margin. Bulldogs by 28.


All the next SEC games will be won comfortably by SEC teams. And this will be the sound of no hands clapping.

Alabama to beat Western Carolina

Georgia to beat Charleston Southern

Auburn to beat Samford

Florida to beat Eastern Kentucky

South Carolina to beat South Alabama



Texas A&M stuns Auburn, Alabama heartbreaks LSU: SEC Week 11 Power Rankings

Texas A&M pulled off one of the stunners of the SEC season when they beat Auburn at Jordan-Hare on Saturday. Then LSU looked like it would pull a monster upset in Death Valley by beating Alabama….and then choked. And Georgia looked as though it would struggle at Kentucky BEFORE the game, but destroyed the Wildcats with a terrific performance.

As it’s the SEC, we’re going to do this in terms of SEC commentator calls…… We’re throwing in some Larry Munson (RIP) and some dumbass Gary Danielson stuff too.

So here we go:


“Aaaand the Bulldogs are still No.1!! Keep ringing those cowbells! And pass me a smoke!” – Jack Cristil, legendary Mississippi State broadcaster, RIP


“We just LOVE what Nick is doing with this team. He and Lane are the greatest. I cried a bit when I thought they would lose at LSU. But they didn’t. So I’m happy.” – Gary Danielson.


“Forget the Auburrrrrn. On Saturday, it was just burrrrrrrn.” – Rod Bramblett, Auburn broadcaster


“And the Ole Miss Rebels fought a war with themselves. Their souls were hurt by the loss at LSU, and even worst by the loss at home to Auburn. But they had faith. And against Presbyterian, they proved themselves competitors. And I was there, cheering them on. Because that’s what belief is about here in Oxford” – Wright Thompson, ESPN.


“You know what that was? That was karma! THAT was karma! And that’s payback for you guys humping Myles Garrett, too!” – The “Around Aggieland” podcast guys, probably.


“You’d better avoid Lexington tonight, because all them Dawg People are going to be out tonight, burning down stables, basketball courts and houses to celebrate that win” – Larry Munson, in heaven.

7) LSU 

“I really, really, really, really, really ****ing hate Nick Saban” – Any LSU play-by-play guy


“We’ll get through. We beat Bye Week pretty easily. Bret’s going to turn us around. I believe in us. Pig Soiee.” – Paul Eels (RIP).


“In the same way that I’m no Jack Buck, I know that we’re no Alabama. But we’ve played pretty well despite the loss of talent last year” – Mike Kelly, Missouri commentator.


“OH MY! THE GATORS ARE SUDDENLY ON FIRE!!” – Mike Hubert, the Voice of The Gators.


“Me and my buddy Steve have hope for the Gamecocks this season. So you should too” – Todd Ellis, South Carolina.


“That was a hell of a butt-kicking, but we’ll get back on the hoss!!” – Tom Leach, Kentucky announcer


“On Saturday it will once again be football time in Tennessee” – Bobby Denton (RIP)


“The last time we looked up hope, it came up with a Vanderbilt degree” – Joe Fisher.

Top HS player in Mississippi picks MSU over Alabama

Top safety Jamal Peters has decided to commit to Mississippi State over Alabama, LSU and Florida State.

The four-star player from Bassfield, MS, decided to stay at home despite going to LSU and Ole Miss on unofficial visits.

Peters, who is 6-3 in height and weighs 200 lbs,  has been rated the top high school player in Mississippi by 24-7Sports.com, had 28 offers, including Georgia, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Florida State.



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