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Johnny Football & Co light up Day 2 at the SEC Media Days

Well, it was over early – unlike a lot of Johnny Manziel’s evenings this off-season. The Heisman-winning quarterback buzzed into the SEC Media Days, faced the media, and buzzed out.

We would go in-depth about his riveting and enchanting interviews, but instead, we’ll pick out the best bits from everybody on the podium in Hoover, AL.


On getting booted out of the Manning Camp: “I simply overslept. There’s nothing more to talk, and the rumors about the other things weren’t really true….Hearing Eli and Peyton afterward and the key thing was they wanted me to come back next year, that was great because I had such a great time working with the kids I had and doing some things we do at A&M. I’ve just been on a hectic schedule and overslept.

Was he hungover? (With ESPN): “Absolutely not.

On his relationship with his team-mates: “It’s great. Nothing has changed. They understand, the leaders of the team, they’re there for me, texting me and saying your not doing anything we’re not doing. We’re working hard, enjoying life. I love those guys, wouldn’t be here without them, and their opinion, and my family and my coaches’ opinion, that’s all that matters to me.

On the spotlight: (ESPN) “The spotlight is 10 times brighter and 10 times hotter than I thought it was two months ago…I guess I feel like Justin Bieber or something. I never thought it would really be that way.

On the criticism of his hard-partying ways: “It gets to me a little bit. I’m not going to lie…I feel like, to be honest, I haven’t done anything criminal this offseason. I haven’t done anything like that. I’ve made my mistakes. I’m still growing up. I’m still learning from that…..At the end of the day, I’m going to continue to make mistakes and the big thing for me is to learn from them and not make the same one twice.

Peyton Manning on Johnny Manziel: “I enjoyed meeting Johnny….I can remember a 20-year-old Eli (Manning) missing a meeting (at camp) and catching some flak. We always have counselors who leave early. Johnny was great with the campers for the time he was here. He had to leave early. I wish him the best and I want him to come back as a counselor next year.


On Johnny Manziel’s off-season: “I think off the field, there’s no question that he’s made some mistakes. I think today will be a great experience for him, a great experience for a lot of people because he has made some mistakes….I think he has done some things that he’s not very proud of, has made some poor decisions. He’s made some good decisions. Unfortunately, the poor decisions are the ones that are really publicized. It’s a growing process. It’s a learning process. But to answer your question, can he be better in that area? Certainly. That’s something that we’re working at.

On Johnny Manziel hitting the ‘celebrity’ button after winning the Heisman: “It was a good thing for me and Texas A&M (smiling)….

On Johnny Manziel development as a quarterback: “Much like our fans, when he took off running early in the season, everybody stood there and watched him. As they figured out, Hey, this guy can still throw the football, maybe if we block somebody, he’ll score, those guys got involved in some different things. To answer your question, are we going to change who is fundamentally? No. Are we going to try to develop him as an overall quarterback? Yes. The ability to go through his reads, the ability to see the presentation of the defense quicker comes with experience, comes with knowledge. But certainly there’s no question in his development as a passer, really aided our success later on in the year.


On the opening schedule: “Obviously going to be a challenging opening schedule. It’s great playing an opening kickoff game, playing a team like Oklahoma State, brings a lot more sense of urgency to training camp for our players and for the team as we get ready to go into the season.

On Tyler Russell, his fifth-year QB: “He understands our offense, understands what we’re trying to accomplish, can help as a leader out there on the field.

On Jadeveon Clowney: “When you have guys like Clowney sitting over there coming off that edge, you’re thinking, ‘I might want to get rid of this ball pretty quick’. The great thing in the SEC, there’s not one, there’s one of those just about on every team you play. I think that does add a lot of pressure to those positions.

On Ole Miss’ coming back as a team: “I think it’s certainly sparking the rivalry even more. I think it’s going to make Thanksgiving night an even bigger game. When I got hired, the other school in our state, they’d gone to the Cotton Bowl, won the Cotton Bowl. We came up from a team that wasn’t doing very well and won a couple in a row. Now we’ve been going to the New Year’s Day bowl games the last couple years. They come up, are starting to create some stir. I think certainly when you go around the state of Mississippi, it will make Thanksgiving night this fall a pretty important day throughout the whole state. Not that it hasn’t been before, but I think it is going to draw a lot more attention to it nationally, how important and big that rivalry is for everybody in our state.


On being at Kentucky for the first time: “There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re excited and moving forward with this program.”

On Bob Stoops’ remarks about the SEC: “Bob was defending his conference. I just left the ACC. You know, I think everybody’s going to defend what they’re doing in their conference. With that being said, I don’t think any of us need to defend what’s going on here in the SEC. The success we’ve had in the SEC speaks for itself. Of course, there’s some other good conferences out there, as well.

On who’s going to be starting quarterback: “We’re not at any decision yet.

On the game against Western Kentucky: “We can’t just show up and beat anybody. We have to play very well.

On fanbase ‘buy-in’ to the new era: “Our season tickets are up. People are excited and anticipating a good year, because we certainly are. We’re not going out there to put all this hard work in to not compete and not try to win games.


On the QB situation: “We don’t know who our quarterback is. We have four guys. Going to give them an equal shot. Ideally we figure that out sooner rather than later in fall camp, but we won’t make a decision until we’re a 110% for sure. The positive offensively is the fact that we actually recruited guys specifically for this offense.

On the speedy offense: “We completely believe in pace.

On the Auburn fans: “I feel like we have the best fans in all of college football. If you look at our spring game, we had 83,000-plus fans. Coming off a year like we did last year, that says everything about them.


On the players changing their ways: “At a relatively early stage, about a month and a half into it, our football team lost over 260 pounds of fat and regained that about 230 pounds of muscle mass.

On the rivalries: “Obviously being at Tennessee, we have a lot of rivalry games. I’ve heard that about Florida, obviously. I’ve heard that about Alabama. In order for us to make those rivalry games, we have to get back to being relevant and winning those football games. Obviously those are tremendous football programs with Coach Muschamp and Coach Saban. Obviously they’ve done a tremendous job. I hear that all the time. Our fan base is very prideful, so I’m reminded of that quite a bit.

On Tiny Richardson vs Jadeveon Clowney (and Clowney beating him once during a game): “He’s driven by that, talks about it.


On the Big Ten vs The SEC: “Major differences? If you’re talking odysseys in recruiting, the national exposure you have in recruiting. We got a quarterback out of Egg Harbor, New Jersey, that we tried to recruit at the previous institution I was at. He reached out to us once I switched because he wanted to play in the SEC. I said, well, I got a heck of an opportunity for you. He switched, decommitted from other school, became a part of what we did. That was all because of the SEC on our shirt. I said that repeatedly to our coaches in the recruiting process in December and January. Until we win an SEC title, we got to rely on the exposure that our conference has gotten through others. Talk about the SEC, what it means to play in the stadiums we’re going to play in, be part of a conference that’s the best in college football. That’s been the eye-opener for me. It was apparent from day one….I have not been through an SEC schedule. I can tell you I’ve watched, especially our early SEC opponents, a lot of film since spring. One thing that jumps out is the defensive line talent, the speed, the size, the ability that they bring I think is a little bit more up than the previous league I was in. A lot of really good players. See, the problem you guys got me in, the good things I say about the SEC, everybody else gets pissed and vice versa. I’m in a quandary here. It’s just reality. The other thing that has happened as I watch film, on both sides of the football, there are guys that are very gifted in ways that are very unique to them. Might be a wide receiver that can catch something beyond anybody else. Might be a guy that can swim a guard on a pass pro that is better than anybody else in the league. There’s players that have unique abilities that make it very difficult to defend certain players in certain situations. That’s going to be a very, very big task of what we do.

On the hurry-up offense, and the notion that the fact it was dangerous was a joke: “I’m not a comedian. It’s not a joke to me….There are times when an offensive player and a defensive player are on the field for an extended amount of time without a break. You cannot tell me that a player after play five is the same player that he is after play 15. If that exposes him to a risk of injury, then that’s my fault. I can’t do anything about it because the rules do not allow me to substitute a player in whether I’m on offense or defense.

It’s something that I really feel strongly about. It’s not rhetoric. If you want to play hurry-up offense, play it. I’ll play you, I don’t care. But it doesn’t mean that I cannot try to protect my players offensively and defensively. I have just as many offensive players as I have defensive players. That’s the facts.

On faking injuries to slow an offense down: “I tell a player all the time, If you’re injured, go down, stay down. If you can tell me the severity of an injury by how much the guy is crying or wincing, more power to you. I’m not trying to be a doctor.

On whether he would report Wisconsin if he felt there was a recruiting infraction: “What I would commonly do, there was a nice story written about this in my previous institution, is if I had a problem with the way another school was doing things, I would call the head coach and express my concern to them. So what I would do commonly is if I had a problem with a certain university, I would call the head coach, tell them the story I have, give them a chance for them to tell me their side of it, their belief, move forward from there. If I didn’t get the answer that I wanted, I may go to my AD. But there’s a step process we usually follow. I can’t say that happens for everybody, but that’s definitely not one I would take.

On low picks in the pre-season magazines: “The lower the better. I think our kids are carrying a tremendous chip on their shoulder. The same group that’s going to vote us a certain place tomorrow is the same group that a year ago today had us in the top five. We lost some really good players. I do know this: we have a team that’s very hungry, a group of coaches that are very gifted, we have a staff that is very talented and a lot of years to back that up. But I do excel in situations where people think very, very little of us. For those of you that want to, vote us lower. I mean that with all my heart. Then just sit back and watch.


It’s a Steve Spurrier World, And We All Live In It: SEC Media Day Recap: Day 1

As usual, the SEC Media Days opened with a bang with Commissioner Mike Slive, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, Florida’s Will Muschamp, Missouri’s Gary Pinkel and Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze all on the podium to face a rabid media…….and ESPN’s College Football Live, which will be spending every waking hour in Hoover, Al. for the next three days.


1) Muschamp on Ohio State reporting Florida for NCAA violations: “Thanks to our Ohio friends. They certainly know a lot about NCAA violations.” We like this because a) He didn’t refer to Ohio by their proper name: Ohio State. And b) He referred to ‘Tatttoogate’, without referring to it. Made us laugh, anyway.

2) Twitter during Muschamp‘s speech. Seriously, the guy didn’t draw breath for what seemed like hours. It was incredible. If Muschamp ever becomes a politician he’s got the filibusters down pat. The best quote: “To his credit, Will Muschamp crammed 45 minutes worth of words into his 15-minute talk” (Jason Leiser). Having said that, there were others, some of them were funny, others were not.

3) Steve Spurrier – On Georgia: “Give Georgia credit, after we beat them the past couple years, they’ve won all their conference games.” //


1)  On Jadeveon Clowney: “Jadeveon has done a good job staying out of the limelight all summer”…. “He’s actually a little lighter than he was at the end of last year, I think he told me. He’s going to be ready to go.”

2) On player compensation, he said SEC coaches agreed unanimously that players should be paid a $300 stipend – totalling $300,000 per season per SEC school. And if the schools couldn’t afford it, the coaches would stump up the cash. We love you, Steve.

3) On Notre Dame: “We voted 14-0 they ought to be in a conference….” “Notre Dame should join the ACC and play football like the rest of us”…. “We just started trying to figure out  why the athletic director of Notre Dame is equal to all the conference commissioners. Nobody had a good answer except that’s the way it’s always been done“….”If you were a Notre Damer, you would say, we’re supposed to be independent in football, always, this, that and the other. From all of the rest of us that are in a conference, we say, why aren’t they in a conference? It’s sort of hard to figure out why they have their own conference. They’re sort of in the ACC. I know it’s probably not going to happen, won’t happen because I said it, but maybe if you can give me a good reason why they’re not in a good conference with all the rest of the schools, that’s something we talked about right there.”

4) On schedules: “It’s not always fair. We know that. We know that last year Alabama, Georgia played for the conference championship. Alabama did not play the three top teams in the east and Georgia did not play the three top teams in the west. Scheduling does make a difference. How to make it fair, we’re not all exactly sure how to do it.” He added: The Big 12, they all play each other. 10 teams, they all play each other. That’s pretty doggone fair…..We would like to see the most fair way for determining the champion. If you only count the division games, that team should be the division champ, but it could go the other way.

5) On QB Connor Shaw: “Missing spring I think may help Connor a little bit. He had a stress fracture in his back that healed up completely. Then he had surgery on his foot, another stress fracture, they did surgery on. So he’s ready to go.

6) On Hugh Freeze: “Hugh and I have a lot in common. We both play golf. We both wear visors. We call the plays. How could you not like a guy like Hugh Freeze?


1) On losing the Sugar Bowl to Louisville: “I blame myself. We got away from our formula

2) On having a good running game: “Mike Gillislee was our first thousand-yard rusher since 2003. That’s not going to be the exception any more at Florida, that’s going to be the norm.

3) On Bob Stoops and his comments about SEC-bias: ” I never went to a Big 12 media day. If I was Bob, I probably would have said the same thing.”

4) On Jadeveon Clowney: “Number One” (Draft Pick? In his life?)

5) On off-the-field behaviour: “You’re a hundred percent responsible for the young man. Everything that happens. I can’t possibly know everything that happens every single night with our football team. You also can’t stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is okay either.

6) On not having to come from behind: “My wife wants us to give better talks before the game instead of halftime. I don’t think that’s it….. I’d love to have some 40-point wins. At the end of the day I worry about one stat, and that’s winning, and it doesn’t matter how you do it.

Amen, Coach Muschamp.


Before he started, Hugh Freeze said about Will Muschamp’s press conference: “I was going to try to do it with less breaths that he took, but that’s impossible. That guy can go.


1) On QB Bo Wallace’s recovery from injury: “He feels very good about where he’s at in his progress. They’ve released him about four weeks ago to start tossing. Last week he began throwing full go. He’s had some soreness, of course.

2) On playing the first four games on the schedule away from Oxford: “I don’t think it’s ideal….I know that for our fans it’s not ideal. Then we get into October. I don’t think we leave the state of Mississippi.

3) On squad thinness: “Number one, still offensive line. We had quite a few post-season surgeries at a lot of places. We haven’t talked a lot about that. One of the things that keep me awake at night is how will everyone, the C.J. Johnsons, Patrick Junens, Aaron Morrises, and so forth and so on, come back, and Bo Wallace, Charles Sawyer, come back from these surgeries. All of those guys are very key to us. How will they prepare to come back and how will they be when camp starts is an unknown. Offensive line is definitely a concern. I think receiver-wise, we’ve addressed that issues with LaQuan Treadwell, Quincy “Atta Boy” Joe. They’re young. We’ve got to bring them along very, very fast because we need them. Defensive line-wise we’re a little thin at defensive end….Corners and safeties, we’re still thin…..On the depth issue, we’re still terribly thin at tight end

4) On Steve Spurrier: “When I was a high school coach, I wanted to be like Steve Spurrier. That’s the truth. Ever since then, Steve and I have become really good friends. He liked that story. He calls me his visor guy.

And last but not least, GARY PINKEL, the under-fire coach of MISSOURI

1) On injuries to QBs James Franklin: “James had more injuries than I think any I’ve ever had combined.

2) On worries about getting fired: “I’ve been a head football coach 23 years. This isn’t the first time this has happened. You don’t like it, but certainly you learn to deal with it…..We’re used to winning.

3) On Dorial Green-Beckham : “The more he touches the football, the better team we’re going to be.

4) On the SEC: “Honestly, I think any good football team in college football, that’s where it starts. I don’t care what league it is. The really good teams are best up front. The difference in the SEC is there’s so many good football teams. That’s why it’s such a great, great league.







SEC releases first few weeks of TV schedule

We’ve gone crazy on our Twitter feed about the fact that ESPN has decided in its infinite wisdom to make the South Carolina vs Georgia grudge-match at 4.30pm kick-off time – a time despised by most tailgaters and college football fans who don’t tie themselves to a TV during the whole of a Saturday.

We can only think that it’s because ESPN’s prime-time game on Week 1 is Georgia’s trip to Clemson, which will be an 8pm kick-off.

Oh, and CBS is making Alabama vs Texas A&M in the searing heat a 3.30pm kick-off, unsurprisingly. And College Station will be loud enough for that one.

Anyway, here’s the full schedule.


DATE                         GAME                                     NETWORK                                    TIME

Week 1

(Thur.) Aug. 29            North Carolina at South Carolina            ESPN                                        6:00 ET

(Thur.) Aug. 29            Ole Miss at Vanderbilt                                  ESPN                                         9:15 ET

Aug. 31                        Toledo at Florida                                                SEC Network                        12:21 ET

Aug. 31                        Rice at Texas A&M                                              ESPN                                      1:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Miss. State vs. Oklahoma State            ABC & ESPN2             3:30 ET

                                    (Neutral Site: Advocare Texas Kickoff – Houston)                       

Aug. 31                        La. Lafayette at Arkansas                        FSN                                       4:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Virginia Tech vs. Alabama                        ESPN                                      5:30 ET

                                    (Neutral Site: Chick-fil-A Kickoff – Atlanta)

Aug. 31                        Austin Peay at Tennessee                        Inst. PPV                          6:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Washington State at Auburn                        ESPNU                          7:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky            ESPNews                        7:00 ET


Aug. 31                        Georgia at Clemson                                    ABC                                    8:00 ET

Aug. 31                        TCU vs. LSU                                                ESPN                                    9:00 ET

                                    (Neutral Site: Cowboys Classic – Arlington)

Aug. 31                        Murray State at Missouri                        Inst. PPV                          TBD


Week 2

Sept. 7                                    Miami (Ohio) at Kentucky                        FSN                                    Noon ET

Sept. 7                                    Florida at Miami                                    ESPN                                    Noon ET

Sept. 7                                    Western Kentucky at Tennessee            SEC Network                        12:21 ET

Sept. 7                                    Toledo at Missouri                                    ESPNU                          3:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    Alcorn State at Miss. State                        CSS                                    3:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    South Carolina at Georgia                        ESPN                                      4:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    Samford at Arkansas (Little Rock)            Inst. PPV                           7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    UAB at LSU                                                ESPNU                          7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    SE Missouri at Ole Miss                        Inst. PPV                          7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    Sam Houston State at Texas A&M            Inst. PPV                           7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    Arkansas State at Auburn                        FSN                                    7:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    Austin Peay at Vanderbilt                        CSS                                       7:30 ET


Week 3

Sept. 14                        Louisville at Kentucky                        ESPN                                    Noon ET

Sept. 14                        Southern Miss at Arkansas                        SEC Network                        12:21 ET

Sept. 14                        Alabama at Texas A&M                        CBS                                      3:30 ET

Sept. 14                        Tennessee at Oregon                          ABC/ESPN/ESPN2                        3:30 ET

Sept. 14                        Miss. State at Auburn                        ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU             7:00 ET

Sept. 14                        Vanderbilt at South Carolina            ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU             7:00 ET

Sept. 14                        Kent State at LSU                        ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU             7:00 ET

Sept. 14                        Ole Miss at Texas                                    LHN                                      8:00 ET


Other Announced Games

Sat.            Oct. 19                        CBS Doubleheader                                    CBS                                    Noon/3:30 ET

Thur.             Oct. 24                        Kentucky at Miss. State                        ESPN                                    7:30 ET

Sat.            Nov. 2                        Georgia vs. Florida in Jacksonville            CBS                                    3:30 ET

Sat.            Nov. 9                        CBS Doubleheader                                    CBS                                    3:30/8:00 ET

Thur.            Nov. 28            Ole Miss at Miss. State                        ESPN                                      7:30 ET

Fri.            Nov. 29            Arkansas at LSU                                    CBS                                      2:30 ET

Sat.            Dec. 7                        SEC Championship Game (Atlanta)            CBS                                      4:00 ET





SEC Media Days: What To Expect From Day 1

It’s Day 1 of the SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama, and with  Florida, South Carolina, Ole Miss and Missouri talking, it should be a bright start – especially with Steve Spurrier doing some mouthing.

So we expect these coaches to be talking about these things:

From Steve Spurrier (South Carolina): He’ll point out that South Carolina beat Georgia last year, but didn’t go to the SEC Championship Game. He’ll blame the tough 2012 schedule – but he’s not going to mention the 2013 one, where the Gamecocks don’t play Alabama, LSU or Texas A&M (we can only dream of Jadeveon Clowney vs Johnny Manziel). He’ll also point out that players need to get paid to play college football (his usual rant), and he’ll make stir some crap about Clemson. He’ll also point out that South Carolina’s QB quandry with Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson isn’t a bad thing to have, as options go. Oh, and he’ll be asked how he felt when Clowney knocked the head off that Michigan guy. He’ll probably answer: “Pretty good”. He won’t answer: “I laughed”.

From Will Muschamp (Florida): Some idiot’s going to ask him how the arrest of Aaron Hernandez and subsequent focus on Urban Meyer (who recruited Hernandez) has hit the Florida team (Certainly it hasn’t given Gainseville good PR – that’s for certain!). He’ll talk about the importance of improving UF’s passing game, as well as the players ‘missing’ from the 2012 team – and try and lower heady expectations. He’ll also talk about the Boston Red Sox and Jeff Driskel, and maybe make a nasty point about Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M, just to annoy the Aggies fans. As usual.

From Hugh Freeze (Ole Miss): He’ll talk about the incredible recruiting that Ole Miss did in 2014, and say something like: “It won’t mean anything if the players don’t bed in this or next season”. Someone will ask him about how he felt watching the Super Bowl and the Big Guy From The Blind Side (Michael Oher), and the sense of pride. He’ll make some comment about The Lord, and he’ll address the sadness of losing Park Stevens, who died in a car wreck only a few weeks ago. He WON’T talk crap about Dan Mullen and Mississippi State, but he may well make a nice comment about Tyler Russell, who’s one of the better QBs in the SEC.

From Gary Pinkel (Missouri): He’ll be asked about the pressure of the SEC, the hot seat, the worry, the pain, the bad 2012 record, the underperformance of wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, the poor QBing, the poor defence, oh, and the pressure. He won’t tell you that he’d rather that his Mizzou team was in a much more palatable Big XII (although last year, it was fiercely competitive, and Missouri would have been middling there, too (but they would have comfortably won the Border War). He’ll be asked about how he sees things in 2013, and what a measure of success will be.

Big Statues, Big SEC Rivals, Big Amusement

While we were watching the Brits celebrate their first-ever (male) Wimbledon crown since God was a boy (77 years, as it goes), this popped up on our Twitter Feed from Reddit:

“If you could erect a statue of one person in front of your biggest rival’s stadium, who would it be and what would they be doing?”

To say that we nearly urinated our underwear laughing would be an understatement. And then the imagination kicked in.

So here are our ones for all SEC schools.


FOR FLORIDA: We’re going with a big, long spear, which will be flamed up every time Florida and Florida State play each other. That’s because Bobby Bowden had a 7-4 record against Spurrier during the 1990s, when the UF vs FSU rivalry was not only an in-state spitting match, but a war for National supremacy. For the record, Florida State would get a set of goalposts, sent by the University of Miami, in memory of missed field goals.

FOR GEORGIA: Ask Georgia fans who they hate, and “Florida” and “Steve Spurrier“. Both are prevalent. There are Georgia fans who absolutely loathe Georgia Tech – but that’s mainly because they are from the Atlanta area. It’s difficult to make up our mind. So we’re going with a pair of Florida jorts, signed by Steve Spurrier on their butt, with an 11-1 coaching record for Cocktail Party games. Oh, and he’s 4-4 right now at South Carolina, but he’s won 3 straight against the ‘Dawgs. What is about this guy? But special note goes to Georgia Tech and Georgia who have the best name for a rivalry:  ‘Good Ole’ Fashioned Hate’.

Note: A Georgia fan gave his list as the things he hated the most from rivals: “1. Georgia Tech 2. Georgia Tech 3. Steve Spurrier
4. Georgia Tech 5. Steve Spurrier 6. Florida 7. Georgia Tech 8. Jan Kemp 9. Penn Wagers 10. Georgia Tech”

There were other nominations for the Athens Police Department, University presidents and athletic directors, Mike Bobo, Mark Richt (when he’s not doing well), and one UGA fans added: “Also receiving votes: Quincy Carter, Auburn, firehoses, James Franklin, Peyton Manning, Phillip Fulmer, all South Carolina fans, mopeds, Jimmy Williamson” . There’s a lot of hate in Georgia, folks.

Georgia fans would put up a statue of Reggie Ball outside Georgia Tech’s stadium – not because he was one of their greatest QBs – it would be him fumbling the ball against the Dawgs in 2006.

FOR MISSOURI: This one’s pretty easy. A statue that annoys Missouri fans, regardless of whether they are playing the ‘Border War’ or not: The KU logo: Complete with flashing lights. If he doesn’t improve, opposition fans will put a statue of Dorial Green-Beckham, to remind Missouri of the much-hyped recruit who came to Columbia and left a failure.

FOR SOUTH CAROLINA: The numbers ’63’ referring to the 63 points Clemson put up on the Gamecocks in 2003 – the most in their 110-year rivalry. You can watch the entirety of the game here. For SEC rivalries, Georgia fans would put up a ‘SEC’ sign up in Columbia, reminding South Carolina fans of the fact that although Gamecocks smacked the Dawgs in 2012, Georgia still went to the SEC Championship Game. Something that Steve Spurrier will probably never, ever forget.

NOTE: South Carolina fans would put a broken Howard’s Rock to mimick the one currently broken. Which was done – wait for it – by one of their own fans. How dumb can Clemson fans be?

FOR TENNESSEE: There’s a lot of ammunition in the SEC for the Vols. Especially recently. But we’re going with Florida fans putting up a statue of  Steve Spurrier, standing on the figure of a football player wearing No.18. That’s because Peyton Manning – Tennessee’s pride and joy – couldn’t beat the Ole Ball Coach (who ironically was born and brought up in the State of Tennessee) in his 3 years as a starter.

FOR KENTUCKY: LSU fans would send a statue of Devery Henderson, who caught the ball for the famed 2002 Bluegrass Miracle, a 74-yard Hail Mary that broke UK fans’ hearts. Kentucky fans themselves would send Louisville a statue of Tim Couch, who almost single-handedly beat the crap out of the Cardinals in 1997 and 1998. Now THOSE were good memories for Wildcats fans, who didn’t have many.

FOR VANDERBILT: A big foot, to remind Vanderbilt fans that they were regularly stomped by SEC schools. No one school owns Vanderbilt….they all owned Vanderbilt.


FOR ALABAMA: It’s easy to think about Auburn putting up a Cam Newton statue, because Newton led a comeback from 24-0 down to win the 2011 game and help keep the Tigers en route to the National Championship Game. But is that more painful than putting up a photo of a guy punting, to remind the older fans of ‘Punt Bama Punt?’, in memory of the 1972 Iron Bowl in which Bama’s special teams, ahem, weren’t up to scratch? WARNING: THE VIDEO EVIDENCE IS PAINFUL, BAMA FANS

FOR ARKANSAS: A motorbike, burning, given to Hogs fans by SEC rivals really enjoying the fall of Bobby Petrino. Texas fans have begged us to put the Longhorns symbol up in Fayetteville – Arkansas absolutely hates Texas – but to no avail. Petrino’s actions and firing ended one of the most hopeful times in recent Arkansas football history.

FOR AUBURN: This is extremely recent, but we’re actually going for a statue of Harvey Updyke, with a can of poison killing Toomer’s Oaks. Yeah, it didn’t happen in a game, but it ruined Auburners hearts and killed tradition.

FOR LSU: That’s easy. Alabama fans would send over a statue of Nick Saban. There is no-one (it seems) that is more hated that Nick Saban in Baton Rouge. That’ll happen when the head coach who led you to your first National Championship since Billy Cannon in 2000-2004. Then, he ups and leaves for the NFL. And then goes to Alabama. Tigers fans don’t take betrayal (as they saw it)  too kindly.

FOR MISSISSIPPI STATE: How about a statue of Hugh Freeze, the current Ole Miss coach? He’s whipping ’em in recruiting right now….and he hammered Dan Mullen in the Egg Bowl in 2012, beating the ‘Dogs 41-24.

FOR OLE MISS: Ole Miss fans would wake up to see the statue of Ed Orgeron, given to them generously by Mississippi State, in memory of the 2008 Egg Bowl loss they suffered when 14-0 up against the Bulldogs in 2008 in the fourth quarter. Oregeron’s decision to go for a fourth down haunted him, as it failed and MSU went on to win 17-14.

FOR TEXAS A&M: The Aggies don’t have SEC rivals – although we can see the Alabama and LSU rivalries getting very angry, very quickly. But Texas A&M fans would receive a massive, polished set of fingers doing the ‘Texas Longhorn’ sign from their long-hated rival, Texas – who they absolutely loathe. Funnily enough, Texas’ decision to start their own channel helped to send Texas A&M to the SEC. One fan on Twitter, Trevor Magers, went for Florida coach Will Muschamp – who was the Texas defensive co-ordinator, before going to Florida. “Easily Will Muschamp“, he said, adding: “I dislike him strongly from his days as Mac Brown’s lapdog at TU.” And Trent Padgett? “Muschamp. He may be at Florida now but he still has the stench of hippie on him from Austin.” Also receiving votes? Art Briles, coach of Baylor. We’re not saying why. You can find out from this tweet. Also receiving votes? Bo Pellini, the loveable ex-LSU assistant coach and current coach of Nebraska.



Should Les Miles Boot His Star LSU Running Back?

LSU starting running back Jeremy Hill has admitted to simple battering – along with a friend – for sucker-punching a 20-year old man outside Reggie’s bar in Tigerland, after video evidence emerged of his attack. He was sentenced to two years’ probation – although may still face jail time for a violation of probation for an earlier offence (details below), when he discusses his parole in late August.

The video of the attack is here. It’s not pretty viewing. 

Hill must attend anger management classes, has to stay away from social media, pay $375 in medical expenses to Connor Baldridge, and will be under a curfew – although will be ‘suspended’ for football-related activities.  He also must write a letter of apology and do 50 hours of community service.

Before he was sentenced, Judge Mike Erwin asked Hill if he read the newspaper. Hill said he didn’t.

Maybe you should,” Erwin said, according a report from TheTowntalk. You can find out that you’re about this far away from ruining your life.I watched Cecil Collins play football at LSU, and he was one of the best running backs in the history of LSU football. He ended up spending 13 years in jail.” Collins is in jail for burglary.

Hill – who’s lightning speed would have made him one of the top ten running backs in the country to watch next season – was suspended by Les Miles for his role, and the charge by Baton Rouge police won’t make life any easier for the sophomore player.

Miles was suspended indefinitely by Les Miles after this arrest.

One has to remember – and has pointed this out – that he’s already in the doghouse (is it Tiger Cage?) with Les Miles and the LSU police after he was put on probation in 2012 for having misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile  – which he pleaded guilty for – despite initially beng charged with something much worse. “According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, Hill and another student, Avery Tate II, pressured a 14-year-old girl to perform oral sex“, said Channel 9 WAFB of Baton Rouge.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The question with us is is: Should Jeremy Hill continue at LSU at all? There’s no question that Hill’s an excellent running back. He run for 755 yards on 142 carries in just 10 games, scoring 12 touchdowns in the process. He shone out during LSU’s hardest stretch – at Texas A&M, at the two home games against South Carolina and Alabama, and there’s no disguising the fact that as much as LSU fans would want you to believe that they wouldn’t miss his lightning speed, they actually would.

But his behaviour has been horrific to say the least. The fight in the bar we can understand – and it’s a pretty minor charge (although we’d like to see the circumstances of the fight) – but the fact that he was already on probation when he did it? If he’s lucky Hill will get off lightly and find a sympathetic, LSU-supporting judge. If he’s not, Les Miles could be without a player all season while he’s doing time in jail. Remember, Les Miles was pretty lenient with Tyrann Mathieu until the straw broke the camel’s back. Will one sex charge and a fight while on parole be the straw this time, or will Les give Hill a third time?


Losing badly: Bad SEC memories


It’s not the only time that I’ve written an anti-SEC piece – I’ve been going on and on about the SEC’s lack of red-hot non-conference schedule competition since God was a boy (and will probably continue to do so!!), but this article comes because as college football fans, we remember the bad times just as well as the good times.

And as June 18th in my birthday – I’m 35 today (so remember to say Happy Birthday! to me after reading this) – I thought it was a bit of time to remember the bad times.

I’m going through EVERY SEC team – that includes you too, Texas A&M and Missouri – and going to go back not to the times that you lost a game – because everyone loses one or two of those in their lifetime – but loses a game in any of these fashions:

A) A team that’s a relative nobody/ Shouldn’t lose to

 B) Your team gets blown out completely 

It doesn’t matter how bad your season was – so I’m not going to let Auburn fans get away with: “Soooo…..pick any game from the 2012 season, Auburn!)”.

If I’m wrong and you can think of another game, then please comment!!!!

This is in alphabetical order, so don’t think I’m picking on you, Alabama!


17/11/2007 17-12 vs Louisana-Monroe at home

Alabama game into the game 24-1/2 point favorites. They came out 17-12 losers to a Sun Belt team that would eventually finish 5-6 on the year and not even make a bowl game. Alabama killed themselves with FOUR turnovers, and Nick Saban even said he was “embarrassed for all our fans.” It’s funny, because the Crimson Tide continued to lose that season, losing to Auburn but beating Colorado in their bowl game. They were OK the season after, going to the SEC Championship and finishing the regular season unbeaten. They then lost 31-17- stunningly – to Utah in a bowl game…..but nothing can make up for this Warhawks loss!

Note: Nick Saban’s team have not lost very much recently.

REACTION: (@banditref) – I don’t think it was, in 2007 we had just gotten Saban and even though it would take time to fix, there was a feeling of hope….. I think every single game in 2006 was the worst Bama game ever.


08/09/2012 34-31 vs Louisiana-Monroe at home

Admittedly, this loss to the Warhawks was just one in a lot of humiliating things happening in Arkansas this 2012 season, but it really stunk. Arkansas had quarterbacking firepower in Tyler Wilson, but it was put out quickly after head hits in the first half ensured that he wouldn’t play the second. But that should’t be an excuse. The nature of the Razorbacks’ loss was perhaps the most humiliating. The  Hogs had a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter. They gave up the game-tying touchdown with 47 seconds left, and then lost it all on a 16-yard Kolton Browning rush into the end-zone in overtime. Statistically, the Hogs stank, too. They were out-gunned 550-277. They had only 96 yards rushing. Knile Davis went missing. So did just about everyone else.


16/10/2012  24-7 vs Arkansas at home.

There were a lot of teams fighting to get to be Auburn’s most embarrassing loss of the 2012 year, but we’ve gone with Arkansas. Why not the Tigers’ shambolic blow-out defeats to Georgia and Alabama, where they scored a total of NO points, or the game where they conceded 63 to Texas A&M? Well, we’re going with Arkansas not because those losses weren’t bad, but because Arkansas had just come off its own embarrassing losses to Rutgers and Louisiana-Monroe, and was becoming one of college football’s biggest jokes. Gene Chizik wasn’t there yet. Well, in this game the Tigers were shambolic, giving up FIVE turnovers, EIGHT sacks to a team that had been beaten 110-10 in its first two SEC games. Of course, it went vomitingly horrifically after that, but for us, this was the worst and the sign of things to come.


03/01/2013 33-23 vs Louisville in the Sugar Bowl

We tried our hardest to put the game in 2010 when the Gators were smoked by Florida State to end a 6-0 run of Florida victories over their hated rivals, but we couldn’t get past the 3rd-best team in the nation losing to the 22nd-best team in the nation….and a Big East team at that. For Gators fans, it was the latest in a procession of middle fingers from the football gods that season. There was the Jordan Reed fumble against Georgia in the Cocktail Party. There was the bit where they were left out of the SEC Championship Game despite hammering LSU and South Carolina, and beating Texas A&M on the road (something Alabama couldn’t even do at home) (Georgia lost to South Carolina). And then to make matters worse, they were left out of the National Championship Game conversation, too – when they could have at legitimate shout at getting into the Big One ahead of the Crimson Tide. But there we go. In New Orleans, Florida went down 24-3 and never recovered. Jeff Driskel, who had been great all season, committed two out of three Florida turnovers, and they were comprehensively outplayed by a team they were heavily favored against. Wil Muschamp ought to talk to the college football gods over the course of the off-season, and get things straight.


2/10/2010  29-27 to  Colorado on the road

Right, we’d like to start with the fact that we know the 2010 season was the one that could have seen the end of Georgia coach Mark Richt. UCF – who beat the Bulldogs 10-6 in the Liberty Bowl – fought hard for recognition, but we’re going to give the embarrassing loss to Colorado. Why? Colorado finished 5-7 that season, but UCF actually finished 11-3. Georgia’s loss to Colorado was comedic. Georgia had the stars in QB Aaron Murry and WR AJ Green. They actually led the game 24-14 with 10:14 to go in the third quarter….and then blew it. They couldn’t even score a point – let alone a touchdown – in the fourth quarter. Then, with the game-winner just about to come along, Caleb King turns the ball over to linebacker B.J.Beatty, and the rest is history. Sorry guys, this lot haven’t been good since Kordell Stewart. The Dawgs fell to 1-4. If they’d not made a bowl that season, we think Mark Richt would have been pretty lucky to stay in a job. People HAVE been fired for less in the SEC, after all.


15/9/2012  32-31 (in OT) to Western Kentucky at home

Kentucky have routinely provided us with a selection of crappy football, so it’s been pretty hard to find something. But that’s why we’ve gone with this home loss to the Hilltoppers. The loss not only disrespected the Wildcats, but it disrespected the SEC. A lot of people didn’t really know WKU had a football team (they’d spent most of the time thinking about WKU and their March Madness bets) until this. Well, Kentucky came roaring back from a 17-0 second quarter deficit, and when everything looked lost, tied the game up at 24-24 with just 0:24 on the clock (can you believe the triple ’24s’?) in the fourth quarter, before losing on a two-point conversation in overtime that made a lot of ESPN highlight reels. The only one really reeling was Joker Phillips – he was fired at the end of the season.


2012 National Championship Game: 21-0 to Alabama 

This WAS an embarrassing performance. After squeaking by 9-6 in Tuscaloosa in the Game Of The Century earlier on in the season, people thought LSU would beat the Crimson Tide in a virtual home game in New Orleans to give Les Miles another National Championship. Well, the Tigers just didn’t show up. Sure, the ‘D’ played well enough to limit Alabama to just field goals until the fourth quarter, but the offense put together 92 yards all game long – including 39 on the floor. This was a terrible performance, capped by one of the LSU fans suffering the ignominy of getting teabagged while passed out after the game. It really was an awful day for the Tigers.

Mississippi State

16/09/2012 32-29 to Tulane at home

Regardless of what he did on the field, we will always like Buddy Croom, but we don’t think Mississippi State fans are going to like being reminded of the day that they lost at home to that football superpower from Louisiana….Tulane. THIS was probably the worst loss in Croom’s career in Cowbell Central. Tulane was a side still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. It had just been eaten alive by Houston the week before. They had were on an eight-game losing streak. But this is how atrocious MSU were. By the fourth quarter they were 34-7 down. They gave up 427 yards. This was awful. Oh, and don’t think we don’t remember Dan Mullen’s inconspicuous 34-20 loss to Northwestern in the bowl on Jan 1, but all things considered….this is bigger.


2007 Big XII Championship Game 38-17 vs Oklahoma in San Antonio

Missouri came into the Big XII Championship Game full of hope and full of joy. They’d just beaten No.2 Kansas in a crazy Border War rivalry game 36-28 in front of 80,000 people in Arrowhead, and they went to San Antonio ranked No.1 and ready for action. They were thumped by OU 38-17 in a game where they gave up 166 yards on the floor and saw Chase Daniel limited to just 23 out of 39 and 200 yards passing.  They were 14 points down by the start of the fourth quarter,  and 10 more late at the game capped off an awful trip to the South for the Tigers – who had lost to the Sooners earlier that season, too. Oh, and in 2008, they gave up 65 to the Sooners the next time they went to San Antonio too….but they weren’t ranked No.1

POST SCRIPT: A lot of Missouri’s losses in the 2012 season were by blow-out, but a lot of people knew that the Tigers wouldn’t be that competitive in the SEC this year.

Ole Miss

15/09/2012  63-31 to Texas at home

A lot of people thought Texas would win, but by just 10 points in a loud environment at night in Oxford, with a town filled with hope after hiring Hugh Freeze. So it wasn’t any surprise that they didn’t. But it WAS a surprise when Texas didn’t just win, they absolutely schellacked the Rebels, putting up 63 points – the most Ole Miss has given up in a game since 1917, according to ESPN. The Rebels gave up some gaudy numbers that night. 676 total yards, beautifully balancing 326 through the air and 350 on the ground. They gave up NINE touchdowns – including one interception one that went all the way. They turned the ball over three times. It was just…well….embarrassing. And probably one of the worst performances most Ole Miss fans can remember. And believe us, there were a few to remember under Houston Nutt, folks.

REACTION: @nester_chris Old Miss’ was the double OT loss to Jacksonville State….by far

South Carolina

15/11/2008 56-6 to Florida on the road

Safe to say about this one – so we’ll make it short – this was Steve Spurrier’s worst loss in his playing or coaching career. Now THAT’s embarrassing. If you want a bit of how badly Carolina played, they were ranked 25th at the time, gave up 519 yards, while the offense gave up four turnovers. Oh, and 21 points between mid-way through the third quarter and the end of the game. Not that they gave up, mind. The ‘Cocks lost 44-10 in 2012 in the Swamp while ranked No.7, but this was even worse.


1/8/2008 13-7 to Wyoming at home

There were a bunch of reasons why this hits the ‘most embarrassing’ list. One, this loss to Wyoming was the second time in school history that the school had lost seven games. Second, Phillip Fulmer had been given his marching orders early on in the week. And thirdly, Wyoming was a FOUR TOUCHDOWN underdog going into the game. Incidentally, only seven points were scored in the second half of the game.


17/10/2009 62-14 to Kansas State on the road

Right, we just want to get this straight. Kansas State had come into this game having given up 66 points and 700 yards to Texas Tech. They weren’t exactly on top of their game. But Texas A&M managed to make sure that that game the Wildcats looked like the New England Patriots, giving up 59 straight points en route to a 62-14 loss. 59 straight points? That’s some doing. Of course, Texas A&M helped their own demise with five straight turnovers, and the -13 total rushing yards can’t have helped their cause, either. Wow. ESPN’s headline even called the loss ‘humiliating’. There were times with the Aggies were straight-up bad, folks.

REACTION: @thacktor: Dude. The A&M loss you picked pales in comparison to the Ark St. game in 2008. That drive back to Dallas sucked hard.


27/11/2010 34-13 to Wake Forest at home

Firstly, I want to get this straight: Vanderbilt has lost games since the 34-13 loss to Wake Forest, but none of them have been as close to as laughable to this loss to the Demon Deacons. Firstly, Wake Forest had lost nine straight games – the worst run amongst FBS teams that season, according to the Associated Press. Secondly, this was Wake Forest – who had a terrible record in a ‘poorer’ conference. Oh, and thirdly, Vandy Coach Robbie Caldwell had been fired just 12 hours before the game. So that was pretty embarrassing in itself. Oh, and the game? The Commodores gave up 499 yards, 24 straight points, and had just 73 passing yards all game long. Of course, in 2011 James Franklin came along and revolutionized a program. Remember folks: This was a pretty dark day for Commodores – and SEC – football.

If you have any other suggestions as to bad days for your SEC school, then please comment and we’d be glad to put up your comments. And don’t be rude. It’s not polite.




SEC APR scores see Alabama, Missouri top the standings

The Academic Progress Rate scores for the Southeastern Conference have just come through for football teams, and it seems that although they haven’t done a lot right on the football field, the Missouri Tiger are doing good things in the schoolroom.

The NCAA says the APR “holds Division I institutions accountable for the academic progress of their student-athletes through the Academic Progress Rate, a team-based metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete, each term.”

It adds: “Each student-athlete receiving athletically related financial aid earns one retention point for staying in school and one eligibility point for being academically eligible. A team’s total points are divided by points possible and then multiplied by one thousand to equal the team’s Academic Progress Rate score.”

It adds- and here’s the relatively interesting bit – Beginning with 2012-13 championships, teams must earn a minimum 900 four-year APR or a 930 average over the most recent two years to be eligible to participate.

Look at the numbers – Tennesee’s isn’t that great. Nor is Ole Miss’ – although it was very improved in the first year under Hugh Freeze/last one under Houston Nutt.

  1. Missouri – 982 in 2011/2, 972 in 2010/1, 967 in 2009/10 and 958 in 2008/9
  2. Alabama – 978, 970, 963, 957
  3. Vanderbilt – 973, 978, 977, 975
  4. Georgia – 968, 970, 976, 973
  5. Florida – 968, 972, 976, 961
  6. Mississippi State – 967, 959, 952, 959
  7. South Carolina – 966, 966, 954, 938
  8. Texas A&M – 954, 946, 940, 934
  9. Auburn – 950, 943, 940, 935
  10.  LSU – 944, 964, 966, 965
  11. Ole Miss – 944, 933, 939, 921
  12. Kentucky – 943, 951, 948, 951
  13. Arkansas – 938, 936, 937, 930
  14. Tennessee – 924, 931, 937, 944

Instead of going for just the last 2011-12 scores, we thought we’d go back over the last four years. Here’s what we found:

Missouri and Alabama are the cream of the crop. Both schools have APRs that have risen over the last four years without fail. Good job, Gary and Nick.

–  More focus on football at Vanderbilt? Maybe not (and maybe the kids are taking harder classes in Nashville), but Vanderbilt actually went down five points between 2011-2 and 2010-1. We wonder if this trajectory will continue.

– Most worrying trend downwards? Tennessee went from 944 to 924 over the four year period. But LSU really takes the biscuit. LSU’s APR score fell TWENTY POINTS between 2011-2 and 2010-1. That’s considerable. We wonder how many APR points LSU lost for booting Tyrann Mathieu out of school.

– Schools that saw their APR go up between 2010-1 and 2011-2: Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss.

– Schools that saw their APR go down over the same period: Vanderbilt, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee

South Carolina stayed the same.

Here’s the full release. 

Gee, Gordon…Thanks for the social commentary

           SEC Football Blog,

SEC  Land,

Somewhere  In The Southland.

Dear Gordon Gee,

You’ve proved to be pretty special, haven’t you?

At a time when a university wouldn’t have minded keeping its collective head down, you make some comments to an athletic counsel that some might describe as being offensive, but everybody can agree is downright stupid.

You said about us SEC boys: “You tell the SEC when they can learn to read and write, then they can figure out what we’re doing.” We’ll remind Vanderbilt to do that, when they aren’t slapping  your athletic graduation rate by over 10% (85% to 74%, folks).

You added: ” I’ll tell you something. It’s shameful. It really is. You talk to Coach Meyer. That’s one of the reasons why he had to leave. He’s an man of integrity. He won two National Championships, but people were undermining him in every way, shape or form. It’s shameful.

In 2005 Urban Meyer left Utah for Florida for seven-year, $14m deal. In 2007 he signed a six-year contract extension worth $3.25 m per year. In 2009, he doesn’t stop there. He gets the mother of all contract extensions, giving him $24 m over six years. Who would have known that stress made him walk from the job in 2011, a much-wealthier man?

We’re sure Coach Urban Meyer went to Ohio State because it was a team of integrity, a team of godliness, and a fanbase that never, ever said a rude thing to its teams. Nothing to do with the four million-per-year annual salary as coach, plus a helluva lot of add-ons. Just check out the list. Sure, we in the SEC miss him as the head coach of one of our 14 teams. The SEC always misses a winner. By the way, how was that National Championship Game? Did Urban Meyer enjoy watching it from the sofa? You know, he could have been on the sidelines coaching it if Ohio State hadn’t decided to take its toll for Tresselgate in 2013 rather than 2012. An unbeaten season? Hell, I’m sure the Buckeyes will always be 2013 National Champions to you, Gordon. How in the hell did Gene Smith not go for that?

While we don’t care about Kentucky’s football team, the fact you decided to focus on Kentucky as a school – and Louisville too – made us laugh. Bearing in mind that both teams have done what your Buckeyes didn’t do in basketball over the last two seasons: Win a National Championship.

But that wasn’t all about the South. “Texas went off and created its own network – which has been an abysmal failure- but it also forced Texas A&M to leave the Big XII and move into the SEC, and that has caused a lot of disfunction politically in the State of Texas“. We’d just like to tell you, Mr Gee, the SEC are very grateful for Texas A&M. So far, they’ve given us great crowds, fantastic games, and a Heisman Trophy.

But you didn’t finish there. You also called Bret Bielema – the former head coach of Wisconsin and now head coach of Arkansas – a thug. SI’s Andy Staples: “Someone was saying to me, well, you know, Bret Bielema leaving … that was a blessing for Wisconsin and they knew it. Because he was under tremendous pressure. They didn’t like him. Barry Alvarez thought he was a thug. And he left just ahead of the sheriff.”

You know what? We’re sure in the coming weeks we’ll listen to your apologies, saying how ‘misunderstood’ you are. Actually, if you listen to the full text of the speech from SI, there’s no misunderstanding to be done. You sound like a rabble-rousing idiot desperate for the attention. Now, we don’t think that you’ve Harvey Updyke-d a school like Ohio State with remarks like that, but we’d be surprised if the Board Of Trustees doesn’t simply fire you because you’ve become a headache.

Actually, we didn’t have to wait two weeks. As soon as he’d been found out, Gordon Gee pretty much apologised to everyone – including that ‘thug’. Arkansas AD Jeff Long, who must have a skin like a Mutant Ninja Turtle will all the crap he’s had to put up with in the past, went as far as saying that he was “deeply troubled by the slanderous remarks….Gordon Gee made about Bret Bielema. While I recognize Dr Gee has issued an apology stating his regret for his comments, it does not erase the unwarranted attack on Bret’s character.”  

Bielema himself said: “Dr. E. Gordon Gee and I have spoken regarding comments he has now labeled as unfounded, inaccurate and unfair….While I am appreciative he did apologize, my sincere hope is Dr. Gee realizes given the stature of his position the full power his words have to affect public perception. Throughout my career, I have strived to make my name synonymous with high character, values and integrity, and I will continue to do so.”

The SEC folks might accept it, they might ignore it. But when we beat your boys in the National Championship Game (again), we’ll re-name the Crystal Ball the E.Gordon Gee Memorial Trophy, just to rub it in (again).

Of course, this’ll be long after you’ve left on July 1st having ‘retired’ (or is it BEING retired?)- having raised another $1bn or so for ‘The’ Ohio State University.

SEC coaches vote to keep eight-game SEC schedule

SEC football coaches have voted 13-1 to stay with an eight-game conference schedule, although it has been noted eventually, this will go up a notch, ESPN has reported.

The one coach who voted against staying with eight games was Alabama’s Nick Saban.

Florida coach Will Muschamp said that it’s going to happen in the future: “Personally, I think we’ll end up moving to nine (conference) games eventually….My personal opinion (is) you create an SEC Network, at the end of the day, it’s going to be driven by the dollar, and having those games is going to be important, and having enough quality games on television promoting a nine-game SEC regular season, in my opinion, will eventually happen.”

The word ‘schedule’ has been quite the topic of discussion at the SEC Media Days in Destin this week. Les Miles is crying out for the SEC to do away with the ‘one permanent’ rival, saying that it favors one school and not another – LSU’s permanent opponent is Florida. Nick Saban said that he wasn’t overly upset having Florida as an opponent – although it must be noted during his four years in Baton Rouge, LSU went 1-3 against the Gators.

Steve Spurrier told a news conference: “One thing I think we all have to realize is that nobody said it’s going to always be fair…We all know last year that Georgia did not play the top three on the Western side — Alabama, LSU or Texas A&M. But a lot of people don’t know that Alabama didn’t play the top three on the Eastern side — us, Florida or Georgia. Those are the two that won the division.”

One thing that is making the tongues waggle is the movement downwards of SEC attendance this year, with students and not-high-profile games getting blamed for the downwards trajectory.

Anyone know a simple solution? We do.


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