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SEC Week 6: Hurricanes, bad names, and long-ass games

The only thing anyone was talking about this weekend was the fact that the LSU-Florida game got ‘postponed’ because of Hurricane Matthew and never may see the light of day again, which could lead to quite a ruckus in the SEC Standings – especially in the SEC West. Both ADs Joe Alleva (LSU) and Jeremy Foley (Florida) and SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey have made complete asses of themselves in all of this, and Sankey showed no backbone whatsoever.

Now, back to football: College Gameday’s ‘crowd’ at the start of ESPN’s 3-hour college football preview might as well have been The 1/12th Man, bearing in mind how small the crowd was, but it grew larger as the day wore on. I still want to punch the scheduler in the face for bring on The Chainsmokers, who showed no knowledge about the sport, but were able to pimp their buddies and a shoe company. The game itself was a 5-hour epic, not helped by the fact there were a ton of injury time-outs, it went to double over-time, and CBS had to have 164 EXTRA ****ING COMMERCIAL BREAKS. Of course, Clay Travis liked to blame the bands and the fact that they played for 40 minutes at half-time, but then again, it’s Clay Travis. I leave it at that.

Elsewhere in SEC Country, we learned – if we hadn’t already – that Arkansas doesn’t have a defense, Mississippi State without Dak Prescott is an abomination, Georgia’s offensive line really isn’t that bad (or is South Carolina’s terrible?), South Carolina’s got an awful offense, and Alabama is really, really scary on offense. 

So here are your rankings:

  1. Alabama (6-0): Nick Saban had another Napoleon-like tantrum when it became plainly obvious to anyone watching that his defense couldn’t stop Arkansas. But when your offense is up by three touchdowns to start the game off, it doesn’t really matter. Alabama has its starting QB for the next 3 (or 4) years, so other applicants should look elsewhere.
  2. Texas A&M (6-0): Texas A&M blew a huge lead, couldn’t convert 7 turnovers, missed a 37-yard field goal with time running out in hilarious fashion, and still came out victors against Tennessee. Now who’s the lucky ones? John Chavis was right to say that there are things to be learned on the defensive side of the ball. Stopping a running back might be one of them.
  3. Ole Miss (3-2): I’m dropping Tennessee down a place despite them taking Texas A&M to two overtimes on the road despite seven turnovers and a bunch of injuries? Yes. And here’s why: If Ole Miss and Tennessee played each other, I’m not sure Tennessee could stop Ole Miss. It would end up 70-69, though.
  4. Tennessee (5-1): This team can’t play two halves of football. But Good Lord those comebacks are fun to watch.
  5. Auburn (4-2): We know it seems this is pretty high for Malzahn’s team, but his defense is GOOD.
  6. LSU (3-2): Yeah…so Arkansas was that bad against Alabama.
  7. Florida (4-1): Yeah….so Arkansas was that bad against Alabama.
  8. Georgia (3-3): The good news: Nick Chubb was healthy. Sony Michel was healthy. The O-Line looked OK. Isaiah McKenzie is fun. The bad news: Jacob Eason is borderline erratic.
  9. Arkansas (4-2): Bret Bielema’s has no defense. After the TCU game, I think that was established. What is now concerning, is that Arkansas has no offensive line, either. The biggest star of the game was Arkansas Agriculture professor Dr. Lawton Lanier Nalley, who screamed at Bielema: “If I had your record, I would be ****ing fired. **** you!”. He was arrested. Would he be right? Probably not, but if Arkansas ends this season 5-7 – which it could quite easily do, the seat could be warming. Apparently Mr. Nalley was drunk. Well I never.
  10. Missouri (2-3): The guys at Mizzodcast – the best podcast around (in our humble opinion) for a SEC Team, are probably convinced that the bye week saved them a loss. I still think they are better than one SEC West team.
  11. Mississippi State (2-3): I watched Mississippi State this week get CRUSHED by Auburn, and I become more convinced that Dak Prescott was the only reason Dan Mullen looked like a good coach.
  12. Kentucky (3-3): Beat Vanderbilt in a horrible game, and convinced nobody.
  13. South Carolina (2-4): Lost to Kentucky, and the offense downright stinks.
  14. Vanderbilt (2-4): At the end of the season, Vanderbilt should fire Derek Mason or ask him if he wants to be the defensive co-ordinator. I’m not sure he’s got the hand of the offensive side of it.



Week 5 SEC Predictions: Texas A&M to maul Tennessee?

LSU vs Florida might be have been interesting because it’s – you know – LSU vs Florida, but now it’s been postponed (and probably cancelled), the two biggest games are simple: Texas A&M hosting Tennessee and Alabama going to Arkansas. The rest? Georgia goes to South Carolina on Sunday (changed from Saturday), Auburn plays Mississippi State and no-one can wait for Vanderbilt vs Kentucky for what is clearly the game of the century.

So with time not exactly on our side due to other circumstances, here are some SEC predictions in one sentence:

  1. Tennessee at Texas A&M – Jalen Hurd’s injured, and there are problems on the defensive line for UT. Texas A&M brings back Myles Garrett, too. This could be a lot of fun. Texas A&M’s a 7-point favorite, and we’ll take the the Aggies winning by over that margin.
  2. Alabama at Arkansas – Arkansas fans may be HOPING for a victory, but they hardly expect. A victory for the Hogs wouldn’t be borderline erotic, it would be full-out erotic.  The problem for Arkansas is that if they blow the sort of chances that they did against A&M – a common theme in that rivalry – Alabama will have applied the chokehold on them – something that Bielema would really rather have in the comfort of his own home. Alabama’s a 13-1/2 point favorite, and we’ll take the Tide by 14 in a game that’s very comfortable for Saban’s men.
  3. Georgia at South Carolina (Sunday) – This was moved to Sunday. And with the rain pouring on Williams-Brice the last time we looked, that was a pretty good move. Last week, South Carolina’s defense was OK, their offense was back, but the performance wasn’t good enough to beat Texas A&M. Georgia had a big lead, blew it, came back on a Hail Mary, and then LOST on a Hail Mary to Tennessee. Vegas has got the over/under at 41-1/2, with UGA a 7-point favorite. I’m taking the over.
  4. Auburn vs Mississippi State – This could be a sneaky fun-crappy game. With Gus Malzahn on the hot seat, this could be YET ANOTHER job interview for Dan Mullen. Auburn’s a 3-/12 point favorite on the road. Take Mississippi State.
  5. Vanderbilt vs Kentucky – If there’s anything nice to say about this game, please tweet us @SECblog. Please. I can’t find anything. Kentucky’s a 3-1/2 point favorite. We’re taking Kentucky by 10 in a super-awful game.

Georgia vs South Carolina MOVED TO SUNDAY because of Hurricane Matthew

The Georgia vs South Carolina game has now been moved to Sunday, Will Muschamp has told reporters.

Kick-off time is unknown.

LSU vs Florida POSTPONED due to Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has postponed LSU’s clash with Florida at The Swamp on Saturday.

Both sides do not have an open date in common, and Florida refused to budge on moving the game to Baton Rouge for Sunday or elsewhere in the country.

To try to put a road trip together of 150-plus people in a day and half, not knowing the condition of the roads, not knowing the conditions of the airports, trying to get equipment out there,” said Florida AD Jeremy Foley. “Again, not in the best interest of safety, not in the best interest of people that would be involved in that trip. … People in this state may be dealing with stuff that is far more significant, far more serious. So that really didn’t work, either.

“I really understand the interest in the game, people’s desire to play the game. At the end of the day, we make these decisions based on what matters, and people’s safety is what matters. That’s why the decision was made as it did. It took as long as it did because a lot of moving parts.

If you wanted to be really unkind – and bearing in mind LSU’s loss to Auburn and Florida’s loss to Tennessee – you could suggest the date of the SEC Championship Game for it all to get played out. 

As much as travelling LSU fans will probably feel annoyed about not getting to go to the game, the hotels can now be packed with the most important people – evacuees escaping one of the nastiest hurricanes in US history.

“The timing of this storm on a Friday and the uncertainly of its aftermath in the ensuing days make it particularly difficult to project the conditions for the remainder of the weekend as well as the opportunity for travel of teams and fans to or from Gainesville and other cities in Florida. I am appreciative of the cooperation of our universities on this matter,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey in a statement.

ESPN has reported that they could play on November 19th, when both LSU and Florida play ‘joke’ non-conference opponents in South Alabama and Presybterian. Cancelling the game would mean LSU pays SAU $1.5 million and Florida playing Presybterian $500,000. Rich as both sides are, it’s doubtful they’d like to do that.

So what are the options: 

  1. The game gets played on SEC Championship Weekend, IF both teams aren’t in it. This, of course, would depend on Tennessee beating Alabama and Texas A&M, because it currently holds the tiebreakers over UGA and UF.
  2. Buying out South Alabama and Presybterian. Not a bad idea. Although the last time we looked, the State of Louisiana doesn’t have a lot of money and probably wouldn’t look too kindly on playing three straight away games.
  3. The game gets played a week after SEC Championship Weekend. Both teams probably aren’t going to be play-off teams anyway, and it will complete the schedule. And give CBS/ESPN a nice ratings boost to get a game of this magnitude watched.
  4. They cancel it. Which would infuriate Florida season ticket holders (it’s unlikely they’d get a rebate for the loss of the game), for whom the LSU game is the biggest game of their schedule.




Roll Tide Rolling: Week 5 SEC Rankings

What sickens us to the stomach is that we’re nearly at the HALF-WAY POINT of the College Football season, which is basically the worst thing that’s happened in 2016 since the last crappy thing that happened in 2016.

Anyway, this week, the greatest thing that happened was Georgia beating Tennessee by a Hail Mary then getting a Dobbs-Nailed Boot to the nuts via another Hail Mary, aided by dumb playcalling and stupid penalties. What a game. Elsewhere, LSU looked damned good in utterly destroying Missouri, Alabama looked good for 2.5 quarters against Kentucky, and neither Florida or Vanderbilt looked good in their game. Texas A&M is also unbeaten but it looked pretty lacklustre against South Carolina, and the Ole Miss-Memphis game was a lot of fun.

So here are your SEC rankings:

  1. Alabama (5-0): Because they seem unstoppable defensively, and when the offense clicks, it’s unstoppable as well. Mind you, they haven’t played a decent defense yet this year, have they? (Seriously, we don’t rate Ole Miss as a ‘decent defense’ anymore).
  2. Texas A&M (5-0): Great wide receivers, and an exceptional defense. Can’t wait to see The Battle Of The SEC’s Best Wide Receivers when the Aggies play Tennnesee on Saturday. College Gameday’s going to be at College Station too.
  3. Tennessee (5-0): That was a hell of a finish in Athens. This Vols team never gives up. But get this: Tennessee is still a team that seems to be only capable of playing when it’s double-digit scores down. Everyone will tell you it’s the ‘Miracle Vols’ – and maybe it is – but against Texas A&M and Alabama, their exercise of going down double digits before waking up might prove to be a problem.
  4. Ole Miss (3-2): Because the Rebels are a lot of fun to watch, and although they nearly blew a comfortable lead against Memphis, they didn’t, and The Elvis Cup was theirs. We need to have this game every year, by the way. Gosh it’s a lot of fun.
  5. Arkansas (4-1): After the loss against Texas A&M it’s hard for me to say that this team is really that good, and a win over Alcorn State is not going to change my mind about how great this Razorbacks team is. It’s really not that good. A win over Alabama would, though!
  6. LSU (3-2): 634 yards of offense. Derius Guise is a FREAK. Darrel Williams is a FREAK. More than made up for Danny Etling trying to get itself killed. LSU had energy – even if the roar from Death Valley was the one at Clemson rather than the one at Baton Rouge this Saturday night (the place wasn’t full). But still, LSU suddenly looks a scarier prospect for Florida than it did 2 weeks’ ago.
  8. Georgia (2-3): Georgia’s Hail Mary was a thing of beauty by Jacob Eason. The dumb penalties, the awful playcalling on the Dawgs’ own goalline and the missed tackles were a thing of first-year coaches by Kirby Smart. You hope. Mark Richt’s still unbeaten at Miami, by the way.
  9. Auburn (3-2): Smashed Louisiana-Monroe like they were meant to do. Defense again looked good, and the offense looked good against a crappy opponent. Still one of the weakest teams in the SEC West, though.
  10. Mississippi State (2-2): Had an off week. They were able to tell people how good Dak Prescott is and how they discovered him. This was a good week for the Bell Boys.
  11. Missouri (2-3): The last time I saw Mizzou get this owned was at the SEC Championship Game against Alabama a couple of seasons ago. Mizzou fans at the game didn’t seem to care…..they were too drunk. I hope that that was the case for the fans in Death Valley this weekend. I really do.
  12. Kentucky (2-3): Put up a good defensive performance for 1-1/2 quarters against Alabama before getting run all over. If Kentucky had an offensive line, they might have worried the Crimson Tide. But it didn’t, so it didn’t. UK still beat South Carolina though (that’s why it’s 12th).
  13. South Carolina (2-3): Brave, battling performance against A&M, but consistently snuffed by the Aggie defense (you’ll hear that a lot this year). Will Muschamp’s ‘D’ played pretty well, too. But they still lost to Kentucky.


Will Coach Oeux win his first game? Week 5 SEC Predictions

Ed Orgeron’s first game as LSU’s interim coach after the firing of Les Miles comes against Missouri on Saturday night, which may well get most of the attention on the SEC bill, although Tennessee’s trip to Georgia is a very interesting No.2. The other games might not raise too many eyebrows – with respect to Texas A&M’s trip to South Carolina!

So here are your games in order of interest level:

  1. Missouri at LSU

Trust me when we tell you that it wouldn’t be an interesting game if Les Miles hadn’t been fired on Sunday and Ed Orgeron’s in charge. The other great thing about this game is that Brent Musberger’s calling it. The bad thing is that he has to work with Jesse Palmer, who no doubt will come with something inane. Watch out for Missouri’s offense – it’s had a lot of fun recently and could well test LSU – especially late on if the Tigers are having their own problems scoring (as has happened all season!).

PREDICTION: The king is dead, long live the king. LSU’s a 12-point favorite to win. We’ll take them to win by 14. Although if we’re honest, LSU fans would probably just take a victory with more than one touchdown and some good clock management!

2. No.11 Tennessee at No.25 Georgia

Tennessee’s second half comeback and subsequent shellacking of Florida was of the ages, but a lot more is expected of the Volunteers going into Sanford Stadium, where they are four point favorites. They face a Georgia team that was bludgeoned by Ole Miss – and quite rightly so – and ARE ONLY RANKED BECAUSE THE POLLSTER PEOPLE ARE ON DRUGS. Seriously – Georgia has no play at both lines, which will mean that a tacked-up Nick Chubb will (again) struggle. UGA’s Isaiah McKenzie could be fun to watch, though. On the other side of the ball, we’re starting to love Josh Dobbs, and he might well be the best QB in the SEC.

PREDICTION: Tennessee by 10 in a slugfest in which the Vols only cover in the fourth quarter. OTHER BOLD PREDICTION: Georgia’s line play is going to be inept. 

3. Memphis vs No.16 Ole Miss

Ole Miss looked gooooooood crushing the hell out of Georgia last week, but Memphis could actually give the Rebs more fits. They have played a far weaker schedule than Ole Miss, but they’ve actually looked pretty good.

PREDICTION: This could actually be pretty fun. Ole Miss is only a 14-1/2 point favorite, and for some reason we’re taking Ole Miss to win, but only by 10 in a really, really fun game.

4. No.9 Texas A&M vs South Carolina

One thing’s for certain: It’s going to be loud in Williams-Brice when the No.9 Aggies walk into the stadium to face Will Muschamp’s team. Not a lot is expected of the Gamecocks, who hilariously lost to an awful Kentucky team last week. Now, with South Carolina down, you’d probably think that NOW is the time that Muschamp will pull a win out of his behind and that they’ll call a stunning upset of the Top 10-ranked Aggies….but it ain’t going to happen. We will be shocked if it’s not out of control by half-time.

PREDICTION: Texas A&M’s an 18-point favorite. We think A&M by 21. And that’s being nice.

4. Kentucky vs No.1 Alabama

This won’t be close. Let’s not say that it will be, because it won’t be. Tim Williams’ suspension for the first half of the game for his pot/pistol arrest will make no difference whatsoever. Kentucky’s inability to tackle will.

PREDICTION: Alabama by 36 is what Vegas is calling for, so we think Alabama by 41. Because the Tide have got to beat the spread sometime, right?


5. No.24 Florida vs Vanderbilt 

Florida’s a 10-1/2 point favorite in Nashville, and it’s pretty predictable why. Vandy has shown us nothing in SEC play, and they avoided a bullet against Western Kentucky when the Hilltoppers went for two because, well, going for two is fun. Florida’s offense went from good-to-awful in the space of a half the last time they were in Tennessee (last week, in Knoxville), but they should have the athletes to win pretty easily.

PREDICTION: This should be the easiest money of the week. Florida by 21. 

6. Louisiana-Monroe vs Auburn

Apparently Auburn won in weird circumstances last week, and apparently it cost a head coach his job and apparently in between that weirdness some drunk German dude tried to burn down a Toomer’s Corner oak, and this week a student called Herron Taylor got an award from Auburn for trying to protect said tree but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we HAD TO WATCH THAT AUBURN VS LSU GAME BECAUSE IT WAS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE FOR 99.9% OF THE GAME. This week the half-full crowd in Jordan-Hare should see more touchdowns against a not-very-good ULM team.

PREDICTION: Auburn is a 32 point favorite. We’ll take them to win by 41. 

7. Alcorn State vs No.20 Arkansas

Yawn. Razorbacks. Win. Not even erotic.

PREDICTION: Arkansas to win by 50. If it’s close, we’ll laugh. 



Star Alabama player arrested

Star Alabama linebacker Tim Williams was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning for the possession of carrying a pistol without a permit.

The charge is only a misdemeanour, so if he is suspended, it’s likely that Saban will suspend him for the clash against Kentucky on Saturday.

What might get Williams in more trouble was what attracted police to the car in the first place: The smell of marijuana. Although Williams explained that the marjuana was his own, it will be interesting to see if Saban’s line when he talks to the media will pro-pot legalization, or against it.

It’s not terrible news for the program, but it’s may well be an expensive one for Williams, who will graduate after the season has finished. Williams has 1.5 sacks so far this year.


After Les Miles: Week 4 SEC Rankings

So, Les Miles is gone after one of the worst games on earth, Tennessee’s final over its Florida hoodoo, and Ole Miss beat the living crap out of Georgia.

So here’s our rankings from 1-14 of your SEC teams. If you don’t like it, let us know at @SECblog.

  1. Alabama (4-0): The SEC thanks God for Alabama, because otherwise the conference probably wouldn’t have a team in the play-off. The Crimson Tide is the most complete team in the conference, and maybe the country.
  2. Texas A&M (4-0): A win over Arkansas in JerryWorld wasn’t so much as impressive as the huge goal-line stands. This defense is for real, folks. They could be the SEC’s surprise package this year.
  3. Tennessee (4-0): This team could be scary good…if they could actually play four straight quarters of great football. So far, we’ve seen great halves of football against Virginia Tech and Florida. That’s about it.
  4. Ole Miss (2-2): Beat the living crap out of Georgia, and is so dangerous offensively. All they need is for Chad Kelly not to shoot himself in the foot.
  5. Arkansas (3-1): Got beaten because A&M’s defense was borderline erotic. They need to do better up front, though.
  6. LSU (2-2): Les Miles is gone, and hopefully that will mean that the offense does something actually interesting. The best news of the Les Miles firing, Cam Cameron is gone too.
  7. Florida (3-1): I haven’t seen a Florida team give up like they did in the second half against Tennessee in years. That’s why they are below LSU in the pecking order.
  8. Auburn (2-2): The offense is a disaster. The defense is great.
  9. Georgia (3-1): After the Ole Miss crushing, this Georgia team really will struggle this year. The Bulldogs are lucky that the SEC East is Dawg-doo-doo. Reason why they are below Auburn? Because God help us all when these two play each other this year…
  10. Missouri (3-1): Josh Heupel’s offense may have destroyed two very bad teams, but we think Missouri might also scare the living hell out of LSU on Saturday.
  11. Mississippi State (3-1): Yeah…..This team only beat UMass by 12. Yeah…so…..Mississippi State is weak.
  12. Kentucky (2-2): This is a bad Kentucky team, but it beat South Carolina.
  13. South Carolina (2-2): This is a bad South Carolina team, but it beat Vanderbilt. And lost to Kentucky.
  14. Vanderbilt (2-2): This is a bad Vanderbilt team. A very bad Vanderbilt team.

Top 10 unforgettable Les Miles moments

The most unforgettable moments of Les Miles’ tenure as head coach of LSU:

  1. The crazy win over Auburn in 2007 . One of the finest endings to a football game you’ll ever see. Mike Patrick’s commentary adds to the lunacy, too.
  2. The National Championship Victory in 2007. They beat the snot out of Ohio State that day. A lot of NCAA coaches haven’t won titles, but college football  – especially in Baton Rouge – would like to know what you’ve done for them lately.
  3. The ‘I’m not going to Michigan’ speech. He didn’t seem to want to go to Michigan. Especially before the SEC Championship Game in 2007. And we mean RIGHT BEFORE. LSU went onto win the game, but on the last day of the regular season, LSU lost to Arkansas in bizarre fashion. Talk about a bizarre coach, eh?
  4. LSU vs Florida in 2010. LSU trick play gives them extra life, a Terrence Tolliver TD with 11 second left gives the Bayou Bengals the win over Urban Meyer and the Gators in The Swamp. The best thing about the video is the tension on the LSU fans’ faces. Go on – try telling is us this ‘only a football game’.
  5. The ‘kiss on the mouth’ speech after the win against Ole Miss in 2012. It was awesome.
  6. The way that Les Miles held back his team before their entrance. It was one of the most underrated entrances in college football. Seriously.
  7. Carried off the field after the win over Texas A&M in 2015, showing Joe Alleva how much the players loved him. Now it would all change in 2016 when nothing changed offensively, but for that fleeting moment, there was hope….
  8. The 13-men-on-the-field miracle against Tennessee in 2010. Tennessee won the game on a botched snap, until it was ruled that there was 13 men on the field, giving a free snap to the Tigers. Guess who won……
  9. Magnolia Bowl craziness: Jeremy Hill – who shouldn’t have even been playing for LSU – scores the winning touchdown over Ole Miss with 15 seconds left to win 41-35 in one of the craziest games you’ll ever see. Hilariously, the 10-7 loss led to an Ole Miss girl getting very, very angry….
  10. His awesome clap. So good someone made a song about it.

Three stats why LSU fired Les Miles


After LSU’s loss to Auburn in one of the most awful offensive games anyone will ever see,  I came away from the game thinking: “Les Miles will either go during this season, or at the end of it.”

Why? He simply had to. He had to because the team wasn’t pulling its weight on the offensive side of the ball, neither he nor offensive co-ordinator seemed to be able to coach a quarterback, and the team was playing like a team that could fall apart at any second. The more and more LSU failed to score a touchdown and the camera panned onto him, the more and more he looked like a forlorn figure.

You almost knew that if LSU didn’t get it together in Jordan-Hare, he’d be out of a job.

Well, on Sunday the news came through: Les Miles was gone as the head coach of LSU. And with him – and gladly for not only Tigers fans but also anyone who likes seeing a vaguely accomplished offense – is Cam Cameron, his offensive co-ordinator.

And as much as people will blame the comical loss at home to Auburn for Miles’ firing, there are three stats that I would put forward for the reason Joe Alleva had to say: “Au revoir” to the guy they probably wanted out around this time last year. 

STAT 1: LSU IS 111TH (THAT’S ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVENTH) in total offense. They are a poor rushing team (53rd) and sure as hell are a poor passing team (119th).

STAT 2: LSU is 35th in total defense. LSU has been really good at missing tackles. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT: LSU IS 2-2. In a season where many believed that they were too talented NOT to challenge for a play-off. 



One of the stupidest moves of Les Miles’ career – and this disregards his bad clock management and the stubbornness that has cost the team a number of leads of the years – was re-hiring offensive co-ordinator Cameron in the off-season.

With Cameron once again at the helm of the offense, the team:

  1. Couldn’t get it together against Wisconsin (Brandon Harris looked awful)
  2. Weren’t great against Jacksonville State
  3. Were way too conservative against Mississippi State (and nearly fumbled away a comfortable position but escaped with a victory).
  4. Scored a TD early against Auburn and did nothing apart from kick field goals from then on. Yes, they were playing a loud road atmosphere, but they were also playing a team that had a fanbase that was running out of faith in their own team’s coaches, too.

Also, LSU has two quarterbacks they don’t trust, and their attempts at giving the ball to Leonard Fournette when the rest of the SEC is determined to stop him have yielded one of the most underwhelming ‘Heisman’ seasons in recent memory.


Of course, the last-second win against Auburn that would have put the Bayou Bengals at 3-1 and rescued Miles’ job would have been very lucky, but thankfully the fact that LSU didn’t get the play off on time (I mean: DO THEY NOT COACH THESE THINGS?) meant that 2-2 ended Miles and Cameron’s careers.


However, let’s not feel too sorry for Les Miles. Not only does he not have to deal with the pressure cooker of Baton Rouge or the SEC (although he did some great works there – particularly during the time of natural disasters), but he also will walk home

  • Miles was paid $4 million by LSU, and there is talk of a buy-out being as much as $13 million – although The Advocate believes that that has been reduced by the fact that Miles has worked for the first 10 months of 2016.
  • Cameron was paid $1.2 million per  year for a three-year contract that ran until 2018. 

But the main reason I believe that Les Miles was fired is Nick Saban. LSU hasn’t beaten Alabama in its last five attempts, was embarrassed in the National Championship Game against the Crimson Tide, and Alleva didn’t see any hope of beating Saban in Baton Rouge on November 5th. So he fired him.

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