Right, Week 11 is done and dusted in College Football Lore, and all you’ll hear for the next two weeks is: “Miami is back” and “I can’t ****ing wait for the Iron Bowl”. While we know about the media excitement about Miami being back, the thought that Alabama visiting its two-loss rival before the Georgia game wouldn’t have given the insides a lot to stir about – especially from a College Play-Off perspective.

And then Georgia came to visit, and was slaughtered – so much so that Auburn’s QB Jarrett Stidham didn’t stay in the whole game. The Dawgs couldn’t stop Kerryon Johnson, who savaged Georgia’s front four in a way very similar to the way their own Bulldog pairing of Chubb and Michel had done the same.

Alabama, on the hand, went to Mississippi State and survived a Hail Mary to come away with a thrilling 31-24 victory, won in the last half-minute. We didn’t watch the game because we were too busy laughing about Miami and keeping our eyes in awe of Baker Mayfield, a Southern treasure who doesn’t reside in this conference.

Oh, and LSU played well for about three-ish quarters, the South Carolina-Florida game was an embarrassment to humanity, Missouri took the Champions of Life trophy away from Tennessee, Kentucky smoked Vanderbilt, and Ole Miss and Texas A&M wiped the floor with their joke opponents.

Anyway, here is our SEC rankings after Week 11:

  1. Alabama: They struggled at Mississippi State, but Jalen Hurts showed why they love him in Tuscaloosa, and Alabama proved why they keep on winning – even with their injuries. Can’t wait for the Iron Bowl, by the way.
  2. Auburn: I guess they can shut up about getting rid of Gus Malzahn now, huh? Can’t wait for the Iron Bowl, by the way.
  3. Georgia: Georgia had good opportunities to take the crowd out of the game but blew them through dropped passes and stupid penalties. We are normally super-critical of Gary Danielson, but he was right when he said Georgia was “too amped”. This young team is going to have a learn some maturity in the next couple of weeks if it is to beat Alabama or Auburn in the SEC Championship Game.
  4. Mississippi State: Gave everything against Alabama, and lost. Todd Grantham’s poor defensive playcalling at the end of the game didn’t help matters. All the same, Dan Mullen’s put together a hell of a team in Starkville. For the sake of SEC smaller schools, I hope he stays.
  5. LSU: The Tigers still didn’t manage a complete four quarters against Arkansas, but it was comfortable enough. The Tigers have been on one hell of a rebound since the Troy loss, people.
  6. Texas A&M: The Aggies beat the living crap out of a team that they were meant to beat the living crap out of. I still don’t get why they were only a 17-point favourite going into this one. Is Nick Starkel the future for A&M after throwing for 416 yards and four TDs (in one half)? We will see.
  7. Missouri: As we’ve said before, Missouri isĀ one of the in-form SEC teams at the moment. The offense dropped 50 on Tennessee, and everything seems to be ticking. Even the defense played its part in the second half of the game, after looking pretty shambolic at half-time.
  8. Ole Miss: Eviscerated their opposition. No surprise there.
  9. Kentucky: Vanderbilt’s an easy place to play when the majority of the crowd’s your fans, and Vanderbilt is awful. But Kentucky – who has played down to the level of the opposition nearly all season long – got its butt in gear and won Mark Stoops the lottery.
  10. South Carolina: The win against Florida was an awful, awful, awful game to watch. The Gamecocks were lucky that Florida was worse than they were.
  11. Arkansas: Battled LSU for one half, but looked out of sorts when LSU started to roll. Bret Bielema looks like a lost soul out there.
  12. Florida: The defense actually played very well against South Carolina. The offense, as usual, didn’t show up.
  13. Tennessee: Butch Jones is going to get fired.
  14. Vanderbilt: The Tennessee vs Vanderbilt game on Thanksgiving will be one for the ages. Both teams will go into that game 0-7 in SEC play. YOU MUST WATCH IT OR DVR IT SO YOU CAN TELL YOUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS ABOUT IT. Or not.
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