Alabama is the No.1 pick of the USA Today Coaches Poll, it has been revealed.

Ohio State, Florida State, Southern California and National Champions Clemson round out the top five.

Surprisingly, there are no more SEC teams until No.12, when LSU is selected, followed swiftly by Auburn (13th) and Georgia (15th). Florida is 16th and Tennessee is 24th.

Here is a rundown of the Top 25:

  1. Alabama
  2. OSU
  3. FSU
  4. USC
  5. Clemson
  6. Penn State
  7. Washington
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Michigan
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Oklahoma State
  12. LSU
  13. Auburn
  14. Stanford
  15. UGA
  16. Florida
  17. Louisville
  18. Miami
  19. Kansas State
  20. West Virginia
  21. South Florida
  22. Virginia Tech
  23. Texas
  24. Tennessee
  25. Utah

It has been noted that this sets up Alabama vs Florida State pretty nicely, as well as Michigan vs Florida, which would be a monster game in itself if it wasn’t for Nick Saban!


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