Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze has finally resigned from his post after months of speculation about his future.

Freeze, who batted with a .609 average in Oxford (39-25), which included back-to-back wins over Alabama and some of the best recruiting years in the school’s history, found himself embroiled in questions over the school’s recruiting practices. There are thoughts that there will be NCAA sanctions coming against the school.

However, this may not have proven to be the case. Apparently, it has come to light that a phone call had been made by Freeze’s university-issued phone…..to a number tied to a female escort service.

For a coach that has preached ethics and doing nothing wrong, this doesn’t look very good. Freeze argued to Yahoo that the call was a ‘misdial’, but do misdials take a minute? Probably not.

The Ole Miss Chancellor told the press that Freeze had been fired for a ‘pattern of personal misconduct’, but insisted that this was unrelated to the NCAA investigations, while Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork – formerly his biggest defender – said: “We proactively looked into the rest of Hugh Freeze’s phone records and found a concerning pattern.”

The school has named Ole Miss co-offensive coordinator Matt Luke as interim head coach. According to SB Nation, Luke had been offered the OC job at South Carolina but he stayed in Oxford after he was given “an aggressive offer specifically as a fallback interim coach if Freeze didn’t survive”, according to SB Nation.


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