We’ve got a couple of things to say about Week 4.

  1. Leonard Fournette, Leonard Fournette, Leonard Fournette. Gus Malzahn should have said in the press conference after Auburn was trainwrecked by the player: “He just ran us over”. But he didn’t. Fournette was so good, it became must-see TV.
  2. Unbelievable night in Bama. I am still quivering from thinking about that Ole Miss vs Alabama game in Tuscaloosa. This game was like being on the relationship rollercoaster, with more ins and outs than an episode of “Game Of Thrones” (speaking of acting: John Hamm, congrats on the Emmy for “Mad Men”).
  3. Georgia crushed Spurrier. Georgia’s a much better team than South Carolina this year. Who knew??
  4. Arkansas, Arkansas, Arkansas. Enough said.

Anyway, here are our SEC rankings after Week 4 of the College Football Season.

  1. Ole Miss (Previous Ranking: 3): After a stunning victory in Tuscaloosa, Ole Miss raced to the top of this chart. Robert Nkemdiche proved once again he’s THE (of not one of the THE) best defensive player in college football. He was everywhere against Alabama, who’s offensive line just couldn’t stop him. Chad Kelly made some plays, and got a little lucky with one of the touchdowns. Weird things happen in the State of Alabama with caroms and touchdowns, yo. The SEC West – yet again – runs through Oxford. Hopefully – for the Rebs – O-Lineman Laremy Tunsil will play some part in it. And Kirk Herbstreit may or may not be invited to the party if they win.
  2. Texas A&M (2): The two “Ms” – Daylon Mack and Myles Garrett – are awesome. The Aggies’ offense is ticking nicely. Some fans are worried by the Aggies’ size at secondary. But will it matter with the offense clicking so well?
  3. Alabama (1): Alabama’s special teams are still running around the practice field after Saturday’s defeat. It’s been 48 hours and Nick Saban’s too pissed to be even tired. Listen, Alabama’s still in the race for the SEC West, so please, let’s not have the whole: “This is it!!” from the upset Harvey Updyke-types, OK?
  4. Georgia (4): The October 3rd clash in Athens between the Bulldogs and Tide just got bigger with Alabama’s loss. Greyson Lambert actually looked pretty great against Carolina on Saturday, and Georgia’s defense is just nasty. So’s Nick Chubb, by the way.
  5. LSU (5): We don’t normally get overly orgasmic about college football, but Leonard Fournette’s highlight reel from Saturday nearly had us shrieking like Christian Slater’s character in “Pump Up The Volume” (TAKE COVER ARIZONAAAAAAA!). And we’d also like to mention QB Brandon Harris, who wasn’t at all bad in Saturday’s win. As he improves, we’ll see more of super-talented WRs Travin Dural and Malachi Dupre. LSU could be dangerous.
  6. Florida (6): Florida owns Kentucky (in football, anyway). That’s 29 straight victories against the Wildcats, folks. Great defense at the end of the game saved a lackluster offense. I’ve a feeling we’ll be saying that a lot this season.
  7. Tennessee (10): This team is young and very talented. They rebounded from a jaw-dropping loss to Oklahoma by routing Western Carolina, the weakest of the Directional Carolinas.
  8. Mississippi State (8): Let’s not take a huge about from MSU’s victory over Northwestern State, except to say that Dak Prescott & Co rebounded nicely from the heartbreaking LSU loss a week before.
  9. Auburn (7): Auburn was trainwrecked by Leonard Fournette & Co in a boiling hot Tiger Stadium from almost the very first play from the line of scrimmage. Jeremy Johnson isn’t a great QB, either.
  10. Kentucky (12): Losing while only giving up 14 points must be a heartbreaker for Mark Stoops & Co, but let’s be honest: This Florida defense is really, really good.
  11. Missouri (11): Well, the Tigers have the best defense in the SEC after holding off Southwest Missouri State, Arkansas State and…..UConn. The offense, however, is awful. This team really isn’t that good, folks.
  12. Arkansas (9): When I saw #piggate on Twitter, I naturally assumed that the world was talking about the Razorbacks losing at home to Texas Tech. Nope, it was the British Prime Minister doing unsavoury things to dead pigs in his student days. Allegedly.
  13. South Carolina (13): South Carolina has given up 52 to points on three occasions: 1970, 1974 and 2015. 2015’s effort was probably as bad as the two games in the early 70s were.
  14. Vanderbilt (14): Vandy gets the win! Vandy gets the win! Vandy gets the win! It’s nice to see all the pretty rich girls smile sometime.
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