OK, so we might hate the idea of one-off non-conference games during the regular season, but we have to be honest, the confirmation that Auburn’s going to play Oregon in 2019 at JerryWorld is INCREDIBLE.


Of course, we would have preferred a home-and-home. And so would Oregon season ticket holders (Eugene’s a 32 hour drive from Dallas). And possibly Auburn season ticket holders (10 hrs, 52 mins).

But the TV companies? Definitely not. The conferences? Definitely not. This is a top echelon conference showcase between two superpowers. And the schools? It’s going to be a nice payday, thanks very much. And if they win, their chances of going to the play-off (which might be up to 8 teams by 2019) skyrocket, and if they lose and win through the season, their chances of going to the play-off skyrocket. The ADs don’t look bad.

We can’t wait because if the way Auburn and Oregon have been set up over the last few years, there are going to be a heap of points. And remember: The last game in 2011 between these two wasn’t too bad, after all.

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