It’s only the start of June, but we can’t wait for the start of the SEC season. We here at the SEC Football Blog LOVE the College World Series (with half of the field coming from the SEC, what good Southerner couldn’t?), but we still can’t wait until the Fall. And for the temperatures to drop a little. 

Anyway, so here’s 50 things we’re looking forward to in the SEC season. We start with the running backs….

And we haven’t even gotten onto the match-ups!! That’ll be soon!!

1) Alabama’s Derrick Henry running over people. Or past people. The kid’s a Heisman candidate. And the best RB in the SEC.

2) LSU’s Leonard Fournette running over people. It’ll be Texas A&M 2014 all over again.

3) Georgia’s Nick Chubb running over people. Or past people. Some idiot said that he had “underrated speed”. Didn’t he compete at state level in track and field in the 100 and 200 meters?

4) Seeing the huge Arkansas offensive line towering over defenses. It’s like Bret Bielema’s recruiting at Wisconsin.

5) Seeing that huge Arkansas offensive line create holes for RB Alex Collins. He’s gooood.

6) Seeing Bielema balance out whether it’s Collins or equally good Jonathan Williams getting the ball. 

7) Getting Georgia’s Keith Marshall back. The kid’s good for college football. We just pray he’s going to be OK this time.

8) Speaking of horrible injuries, can’t wait for Alabama’s Kenyan Drake to return.

9) Or Ole Miss’ Laquon Treadwell playing on the turf after his.

10) Auburn’s offense with D’haquille Williams. He’s pretty good, you know. And Thomas. And all the weapons at Gus Malzhan’s disposal.

11) Alabama’s new offense with Lane Kiffin, which claims to be running faster than usual. With Henry. Gulp.

12) Seeing the new QB at Georgia (Faton Bauta or Brice Ramsey). And hoping he’s not as ordinary at Hutson Mason was.

13) Seeing the new QB at South Carolina (Connor Mitch, Michael Scarnecchia and Perry Orth. We hope either Orth or Mitch, because they are easier to spell). And hoping he won’t be as big a let-down as Dylan Thompson or as awesome a drunk as Stephen Garcia.

14) Seeing the new QB at Ole Miss (Ryan Buchanan, Chad Kelly and DeVante Kincade). And hoping his career will be as fun as Bo Wallace, who went from ‘great’ to ‘terrible’ all the time.

15) Seeing the new QB at Florida (Treon Harris and Will Grier). And hoping the offense will be better than Will Muschamp’s.

16) Seeing the new QB at Alabama (Jacob Coker, Blake Barnett, David Cornwell, Alec Morris, Cooper Bateman). Alabama fans will be hoping they won’t be as bad as their performances at A-Day.

17) LSU fans either praying to the God of Jim Beam, fried oysters and jambalaya about the talents of Brandon Harris and Anthony Jennings, or swearing at them. We can seem them do both. A lot.

18) Texas A&M QBed by Kyle Allen. Highly-recruited, and hellish good. And loved by A&M fans. And no dumb-ass middle name.

19) Mississippi State QBed by Dak Prescott. Who we hope’s better now after that douchebag hit him on Spring Break. He was pretty good last year, y’all.

20) Auburn’s Jeremy Johnson  in the Cam Newton role in the Auburn offense. He was named as the starter early by Malzahn, too.

21) Tennessee and the continuing, growing leadership of Josh Dobbs. We don’t think Jauan Jennings is going to start, somehow.

22) Speaking of Tennessee, let’s talk about Dobbs’ incredible wide receiver Marquez North. He’s the new Peerless Price at wide receiver, Big Orange. And we’re not telling you anything you don’t know.

22) Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason getting electrified in the locker room after a win. Let’s hope it’s a SEC win, folks.

23) Ole Miss’ hitting machine Robert Nkemdiche. Not-So-Bold Prediction: Will go first round in the NFL in 2016.

24) His brother and defensive co-star Denzel, now he’s come back from injury. He was pretty good in 2013.

25) Will Muschamp‘s defense at Auburn. He’ll do a lot of screaming on the sideline, too. And maybe use some bad language. Speaking of screaming, can’t wait for Nick Saban to let it all out at his own players.

26) John Chavis‘ much-improved defense at Texas A&M. It had better be, anyway.

27) The outcome of Chavis’ stupid lawsuit against Texas A&M and LSU. It’s now with a federal court. He’s managed to piss off both fanbases. That’s pretty good.

28) Good defensive backs at Alabama. The Crimson Tide was burned time after time last season. Especially against Ohio State in the play-offs.

29) Florida‘s offense. It can’t get any worse after 2014. Jim McElwain’s going to make some great strides in 2015, if Colorado State was anything to go by last year.

30) Les Miles being hatted and mad. Steve Spurrier saying stuff to make opposition coaches and schools mad. Mark Richt making Georgia fans mad.

31) Missouri QB Maty Mauk. Watch out, Steve Spurrier! Let’s hope he has an offensive line this time. And some bigger wide receivers. And wide receivers that stay out of trouble.

32) Missouri and its new defensive players. We can’t for new Kony Ealys, Michael Sams, Shane Rays and Markus Goldens.

33) Neyland Stadium decked out in orange and white. Should happen again and again.

34) The time when Tennessee’s PA doesn’t play ‘Third Down for What?” on third down.

35) The hedges at Sanford Stadium. And everywhere in the SEC there’s a hedge.

36) A few beers and a bit of country before going to a Vanderbilt game.

37) The World’s Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Because Drunk.

38) Calling the hogs at Arkansas.

39) Getting called a **** at LSU. Have pity on those cajun folks. They really love you. They’ve just started drinking Jack Daniels at 8am. For an 8pm kick-off.

40) Calling everyone ‘darling’ at Ole Miss, while drinking champagne at The Grove. Because they are more civilized than you are. Ole Miss, by damn (and we’re not just talking about the co-eds).

41) Drinking good Kentucky whiskey around (and maybe in) Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky. Might even go out of season and get a mint julep. Or two. And remember not to mention the basketball.

42) Cowbells at Starkville.

43) Eagles at Auburn. If it doesn’t hit a SkyBox.

44) Mike The Tiger at LSU. His area rocks. We’d kill to have an apartment like that. Death Valley’s pretty cool, too.

45) Florida Gators at Florida. The school needs live alligators. Please.

45) Texas A&M fans singing. It’ll give you chills. Unless you’re a Texas fan, then it’ll irritate you. Saw varsity’s horns off, indeed. They don’t need no female cheerleaders down there, either. And thank God for Florida UF’s cheerleaders kept on smiling, even through the awfulness of 2014. Can’t have been easy.

46) Rocks at Missouri. And the place can rock too – especially at night. We don’t know if sitting on the rocks would be our first choice as a place to sit down, but maybe if you paid us. Or gave us free liquor.

47) “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer”.  Better than ‘adding words’ to Dixieland Delight, Alabama students.

48) Verne Lundquist‘s beautiful voice on CBS afternoons at 3.30pm. Gary Danielson, notsomuch.

49) College Gameday on SEC campuses. Katy Perry had a good time down there.  Worked out OK at Ole Miss, right? Apart from Alabama and LSU fans. For varying reasons.

50) The College Football Play-Off. And winning it, this time.

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