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Nick Saban, Alabama head coach


Nick Saban is stuck between a rock and a hard place in the Jonathan Taylor situation, and both sides don’t look attractive to the Alabama head coach.

It emerged on Monday that Taylor’s girlfriend had recanted her story about being domestically abused, and she was arrested. Prosecutors are still convinced that something went on, and questions about that night vary. There’s also been some really interesting comments from domestic abuse lawyers on Reddit about story recantation that you MUST look at, if you get the chance.

Anyway, this has led people to wondering: “Well, if he’s innocent of attacking the gal, then why hasn’t he been reinstated?”

First of all, Saban and his staff – like the rest of of us – are waiting for all the facts to be laid out. Some people – like us – absolutely hated the idea of Jonathan Taylor coming to Alabama in the first place, particularly because of his past history (he was arrested for choking and punching a girlfriend in Athens). Taylor coming to Alabama wasn’t a ‘Second Chance’, as Saban would quite happily tell you, it was a third. He had been suspended for theft by deception at Georgia for cashing checks twice (that’s minor fraud), and then he punched his girlfriend. That would be two chances given to him by Mark Richt, Mr Saban. You’re giving him a THIRD one.

And after he dismissed Taylor from Alabama, Saban said: “I’m not sorry for giving him an opportunity… I’m sorry for the way things worked out.

We should also mention that Alabama wasn’t the only team recruiting Taylor. Apparently Auburn and LSU were both in the hunt for his services.

Anyway, that’s where Saban now is between the aforementioned rock and hard place. After he dismissed Taylor, everyone asked the question: “Why in the hell did you get a domestic abuser on your team in the first place?”. Now that the girlfriend has recanted her story, Saban has to ask himself “Did the girlfriend recant her story because Taylor pressurized her (and he really did choke her)” or “This girlfriend hated Taylor, this is an obvious lie! Let’s let him back on the team!”.

The biggest question Saban’s going to have too is: “Is it worth actually having Jonathan Taylor on this Alabama team?”

A lot of Alabama fans think not. But that’s the question that only Saban’s going to have to find the answer for.


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