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Saban decides not to suspend Cyrus Jones

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has decided not to suspend cornerback Cyrus Jones after he was arrested for domestic violence on Monday.

Jones was arrested for third degree domestic violence for threatening to assault a female and taking and damaging her cellphone — all in front of  a witness.

We don’t ever condone any behavior that shows any kind of disrespect. There was no physical contact in this situation. Once we get the facts, we will take the necessary steps to correct this behavior in the future,” said Saban in an email to press.

Saban has not said whether Jones would be arrested in the future.


Auburn DE suspended after theft arrest

Auburn defensive end Elijah Daniel has been suspended after being arrested for theft.

According to, Daniel’s arrest came after a month-long investigation into a sequence of robberies at the university, in which phones and various items of jewelry were taken.

Daniel, DeNorris James and Khalil Sellers face four charges of property theft and four burglary charges, which adds “includes six felonies”.

Daniel managed 24 tackles and 3.5 stats in 27 games for the Tigers.

How will the SEC load up the 2015 NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft is coming, and with it, more SEC glory.

We may not have Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota or even Leonard Williams to boast about, but we do have Dante Fowler Jr (Florida), Amari Cooper (Alabama), Todd Gurley (Georgia) and Shane Ray (Missouri).


Yes, we get that our No.1 Draft pick from last year – South Carolina monster Jadeveon Clowney hasn’t panned out as we had hoped for – but that was a mixture of Houston’s turf and a hell of a lot of bad luck. Texas A&M’s Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel spent more time in rehab than he did on the field for Cleveland.

But former LSU wideout Odell Beckham Jr is God up in New York City after a collection of circus catches (including ‘The Greatest Catch of All Time‘. Texas A&M alum Mike Evans is doing great things in Tampa Bay at the same position. Alabama’s C.J. Moseley has been a great hit for Baltimore Ravens fans who dine out on a great defense. Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson started 12 out of 16 games for the St Louis Rams. Hell, even ‘troubled’ running back Jeremy Hill – who should have played for LSU in 2014 – has been a positive in Cincinnati.


For SEC fans, we’re cheering on former Florida lineback Dante Fowler Jr, who had 140 tackles and 14.5 sacks in a starry three years for Florida – including 60 and 8.5 in his final year in The Swamp. He could go as high as three. Then there’s Cooper, who caught EVERYTHING for Alabama last year, who will also go in the Top Ten. Even if we didn’t live and die at the throne of the SEC, we’d wanna hang with him. And there’s Ray, who led the SEC in tackles for loss (130) and sacks (14) last year. Kentucky’s Bud Dupree’s seen as a big prospect at linebacker, too. And if you’re looking out for the most talented, guaranteed-for-Sportscenter running back in the draft, then Todd Gurley’s your man.

Of course, there are the intriguing SEC picks, too. Georgia’s Chris Conley (WR) lit up the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, so it should be fun to see where he goes. Or Sammie Coates (WR) of Auburn, who may have had a few drops, but he’s really quick and can jump like a basketball player. Jalen Collins, the former LSU CB could end up in the first round. A big risk will Landon Collins (Alabama), a safety who’s actually going to be better as a linebacker in the NFL – we project – after he got lit up like a Christmas tree in the SEC. But he could still go in the first round on talent alone (that, and he played for Alabama!).

And of course, there are the fun questions. Will anyone take former Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall at corner? Or Alabama’s Blake Sims or South Carolina’s Dylan Thompson as QBs? What will happen to TJ Yeldon (Alabama), the Alabama freshman who could do no wrong but actually seemed go backwards in the last couple of seasons?

This is going to be fun. Let’s hope it’s going to be our draft, too.




Saban: Taylor will not be reinstated

Nick Saban, the head coach of Alabama, has said that Jonathan Taylor will not be reinstated in Tuscaloosa despite the defensive tackle’s girlfriend recanting her accusation of domestic violence on Saturday night.

That decision has already been made. He won’t be back with us,” Saban said in an interview with The University added that Taylor won’t be to continue studies as a student in Tuscaloosa either. “Jonathan Taylor is no longer a student at The University of Alabama and is not eligible for readmission.

Taylor arrived on Alabama’s campus as an early enrolee to the team after spending a year in Mississippi at a junior college after being dismissed from the University of Georgia after being arrested for domestic violence.

He will appear in court in Athens, said, on two felony accounts of aggravated assault stemming from the incident at UGA. was told by Taylor’s lawyer: “Obviously he concerned….He’s upset as anyone would be when they’ve been accused of doing something they didn’t do and the ramifications in light of his circumstances are huge. Not only has he been removed from the football team, he could be expelled from college, which would compromise his future. He could be prohibited from pursuing a professional career if he’s good enough to do that.


Nick Saban: Stuck Between Rock and Hard Place

Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 18.33.19

Nick Saban, Alabama head coach


Nick Saban is stuck between a rock and a hard place in the Jonathan Taylor situation, and both sides don’t look attractive to the Alabama head coach.

It emerged on Monday that Taylor’s girlfriend had recanted her story about being domestically abused, and she was arrested. Prosecutors are still convinced that something went on, and questions about that night vary. There’s also been some really interesting comments from domestic abuse lawyers on Reddit about story recantation that you MUST look at, if you get the chance.

Anyway, this has led people to wondering: “Well, if he’s innocent of attacking the gal, then why hasn’t he been reinstated?”

First of all, Saban and his staff – like the rest of of us – are waiting for all the facts to be laid out. Some people – like us – absolutely hated the idea of Jonathan Taylor coming to Alabama in the first place, particularly because of his past history (he was arrested for choking and punching a girlfriend in Athens). Taylor coming to Alabama wasn’t a ‘Second Chance’, as Saban would quite happily tell you, it was a third. He had been suspended for theft by deception at Georgia for cashing checks twice (that’s minor fraud), and then he punched his girlfriend. That would be two chances given to him by Mark Richt, Mr Saban. You’re giving him a THIRD one.

And after he dismissed Taylor from Alabama, Saban said: “I’m not sorry for giving him an opportunity… I’m sorry for the way things worked out.

We should also mention that Alabama wasn’t the only team recruiting Taylor. Apparently Auburn and LSU were both in the hunt for his services.

Anyway, that’s where Saban now is between the aforementioned rock and hard place. After he dismissed Taylor, everyone asked the question: “Why in the hell did you get a domestic abuser on your team in the first place?”. Now that the girlfriend has recanted her story, Saban has to ask himself “Did the girlfriend recant her story because Taylor pressurized her (and he really did choke her)” or “This girlfriend hated Taylor, this is an obvious lie! Let’s let him back on the team!”.

The biggest question Saban’s going to have too is: “Is it worth actually having Jonathan Taylor on this Alabama team?”

A lot of Alabama fans think not. But that’s the question that only Saban’s going to have to find the answer for.