Nick Saban has apologized to the press for the way the Jonathan Taylor situation has worked out, but not for actually bringing the player to the school in the first place.

I’m not sorry for giving him an opportunity. I’m sorry for the way things worked out,” Saban said at a press conference. “I’m not apologizing for the opportunity that we gave him. I wanted to try to help the guy make it work. It didn’t work. So we’re sorry that it didn’t work and we’re sorry there was an incident and we’re sorry for the people that were involved in the incident. But we’re not apologizing for what we did and we’re going to continue to create opportunities for people in the future and we’ll very, very closely evaluate anyone’s character that we allow in the program.

Saban added: “He did everything we asked him to do here. He had a lot of psychological profiling, a lot of psychological counseling. He never missed a session. He did everything he was supposed to do. We’re sorry there was an incident. We levied the consequences. I think that’s all there is to talk about when it comes to that. We have 125 other players on our team that are doing really well. There’s really nothing else to talk about. Jonathan Taylor came here, we gave him an opportunity, it didn’t work out, he failed, we’re sorry, it’s time to move on.

He added about Taylor himself: “I still think he’s a good person. I think he has a problem and a circumstance and a situation that is not acceptable, and that is his problem. And he has been certainly dealt with relative to this problem.

Taylor was thrown out of Alabama after being arrested for domestic assault of his girlfriend. He was thrown out of Georgia previously for…domestic asssault of his girlfriend.

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