After the news of the tragic but long-awaited death of NFL Films’ creator Ed Sabol, we got thinking: We need SEC Films for the Southeastern Conference, ESPN.

Our stadiums are rammed every week with fanbases that sweat passion out of every orifice. We shake our shakers, scream our songs, and love our Tigers, Eagles, Bulldogs and Gators.

Our players are the best of the best. They would fly around the screen, either in offense and defense. And you know what? An awful lot of defensive players are going pro in something that’s called football. Our numbers of players going to the NFL are out of this world.

We want to see catches, tackles, quarterbacks with the fear of God in their eyes….or their eyes frozen with determination. We want to see the crush of the hit, the hit of ball against hand and a tremendous crash, and a crowd reacting as a player enters the end-zone.

It’s not like season-ending DVDs don’t happen. You may hate them, but Tennessee’s DVD about winning the 1998 National Championship team may be one of the best. We need more and more and more and more of these.

The SEC’s the best conference in the land. We now need the film service to prove that to the rest of the country…..and give our fans some memories after the season finishes!!

Not only that, but the SEC Network would get 14 good films to show not only on their network, but also on ESPN – particularly in the run-up to the college football season. Jeez….we’re excited just thinking about it.

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