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Happy Thanksgiving! Things all our SEC teams are thankful for….

Happy Thanksgiving!

As it’s a time of gratitude, we’d like to point out a few things that our 14 teams’ fans are grateful for.

And before that, we’d like to point out as a unit that we’re grateful that ESPN has given us more money than GOD to rebuild our stadiums and our weight rooms and make us gods of recruiting. We are grateful for SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, and we’re grateful – most of all – for SEC fans, who rock our stadiums, especially when it’s a SEC vs SEC match-up. We’re grateful for Hate Weeks, great tailgating on lawns, groves and rivers, and beautiful co-eds and cheerleaders. We’re grateful for mascots, for cool uniforms, for cowbells and shakers.

Over to you, fans….

ALABAMA: “We’re thankful for Nick Saban, Amari Cooper, home Blake Sims, and great recruiting. And them National Championships. And excessive TV coverage, with our own cheerleaders in Paul Finebaum and Gary Danielson.”

AUBURN: “We’re thankful for Gus Malzahn. And Chris Davis. 1000 times over for Chris Davis.”

ARKANSAS: “I’m thankful that got that goddamn SEC monkey off our back. And our giant-size offensive line.”

FLORIDA: “I’m thankful that Jeremy Foley found some stones and did what he should have done last year, and finally fired Will Muschamp. I’m thankful that we beat Georgia, and I still don’t understand how.”

GEORGIA: “We’re thankful for Nick Chubb. And hedges. And having the money to hire Jeremy Pruitt. And while we’re here, we’d like to give the NCAA a finger to Todd Gurley. Mark Richt gives thanks to Jesus. And we’re cool with that, if we can PLEASE BEAT ****ING SOUTH CAROLINA AND FLORIDA AND GET TO THE PLAY-OFF NEXT YEAR”

KENTUCKY: “I’m thankful for hosses. And some young players.”

LSU: “I’m an LSU fan! I don’t have to be thankful for crap!! So I’m NOT grateful for crappy kick-offs! I’m NOT grateful for crappy quarterbacks! I’m NOT grateful for poor tackling! I’m NOT grateful for the fact that I have to spend Thanksgiving in College Station, TX when I would rather be eatin’ gumbo and drinking bourbon and 8 in the morning with my family!”

OLE MISS: “I’m grateful for a good start to the season, and the fact we beat Alabama, had the world focussed on us until we lost, and the fact that NOW everyone knows that The Grove’s a good partying spot. I’m grateful for Robert Nkemdiche, and Coach Freeze. And Coach Freeze for recruiting Robert Nkemdiche”.

MISSISSIPPI STATE: “I’m grateful that we’re doing better than Ole Miss right now, and that we’re having the SEASON OF OUR FREAKING LIVES and that no-one at SEC Media Days will laugh their ass off next year when Dan Mullen says that we’ve got the team to win the SEC. I’m grateful for Dak Prescott, the seniors who stayed in Starkville, and Bo Wallace for consistently providing us with items of comedy.”

MISSOURI: “I’m grateful for our crazy-good defense which bails out our s***y offense every week. And that we can leave Tennessee and never have to hear ‘Third Down For What?” Again.”

SOUTH CAROLINA: “I’m thankful for Dabo Swinney and Mark Richt for providing us with a year’s worth of comedy every year, without fail. And Steve Spurrier’s stand-up routine every press conference. It’s awesome.”

TENNESSEE: “I’m thankful for Butch Jones, young players, Josh Dobbs, and to see Neyland Stadium getting louder and filled again. I’m thankful that people are looking forward to seeing the Volunteers of 2015, because sure as hell I am.”

TEXAS A&M: “I’m grateful that in the future Mark Snyder will get fired. If Armageddon hasn’t happened by then. Seriously, I’m grateful for the students and fans that stay four quarters at Kyle Field, and the band and all the cool stuff that happens before and during games. Our fans are awesome. I’m also grateful for Johnny Football. Still.”

VANDERBILT: “I’m grateful that Vanderbilt works me so hard that I have a ready-made excuse not to go to games” – Current student.


Will Auburn upset Alabama in the Iron Bowl? Week 14 SEC preview

Let’s face the facts: It wasn’t a great week for the SEC. It really wasn’t. Ole Miss was hammered at Arkansas, Missouri continued their run for the SEC West with at Neyland, and Mississippi State continued to prove the crappiness of the 2014 Vanderbilt team by a victory by a half-century. Oh, and elsewhere, we can be proud we gave those FCS teams a damn good kicking, can’t we?

Anyway, this week’s Rivalry Week. Or Hate Week. The eyes are focussed on rivals. Auburn and Alabama. Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Florida and Florida State. Georgia and Georgia Tech. Clemson and South Carolina. Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Kentucky and Louisville. Arkansas and Missouri. And now that there’s no Texas (RIP), Texas A&M and LSU.

So here’s the preview. We love you, Hate Week.


LSU vs Texas A&M

There are two FBS Thanksgiving games going on. TCU vs Texas is one (we’re picking TCU by 3), and this one is the other. There is no big bowl interest in this game. There is no real excitement in this game. And there’s no Johnny Football. We would LOVE to tell you that we’re psyched to watch this one, but it could be one of the ugliest LSU vs A&M match-ups you see in quite a while. Both teams have struggles at quarterback. Both teams can’t seem to tackle properly. The only thing fun about this game will be the atmosphere at Kyle Field, which will be rocking….as usual. (Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer, but I really miss Texas vs Texas A&M).

PREDICTION: LSU’s a 3-point favorite. We’ll take LSU by 7 in a close – but – ugly- game.


Arkansas at Missouri

This game – unlike the one we spoke about on Thursday – is really, really important. Missouri wins, they go to Atlanta to play in the SEC Championship game against [Some Big Team From The SEC West]. Missouri loses, Georgia goes to Atlanta to play in the SEC Championship game against [Some Big Team From The SEC West]. Arkansas gets to play spoiler, but also play hot going into their bowl game, recruiting season and 2015. And there isn’t a team right now that’s hotter than Arkansas. Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams – helped by a gargantuan offensive line – are running teams ragged, but the Hogs have a problem: Their QB, Brandon Allen, is uncertain due to injury. And because it’s Thanksgiving, we really won’t know his status ’til gametime. Missouri, on the other hand, looked great on defense, OK on offense, and goddawful on special teams. They had better watch out.

PREDICTION: Arkansas is a 2 1/2 point favorite. We’re going with MISSOURI with the home ‘upset’ and a spot in the ATL. 


Auburn at Alabama

Auburn has been awful over the last 3 games. And awful means awful. After losing disastrously at home to Texas A&M which including a Mark Sanchez-like butt fumble, War Eagle Tiger was de-feathered and de-striped by Georgia, before struggling mightily with Samford for a while. Alabama – on the other hand – couldn’t be playing better. The only good things for Auburn is that super WR D’haquille Williams and Ricardo Louis should be back, and he should be a great asset for Nick Marshall to have.  As for bad things, DE (and sack leader) DaVonte Lambert is done for the year after needing knee surgery. As for Alabama, it looks as though Amari Cooper’s going to be fine after getting hurt against Western Carolina. And remember this: Blake Sims has been really, really good at home.

PREDICTION: Alabama’s a 9-1/2 point favorite. We think the Tide rolls by 14. 

Mississippi State at Ole Miss

There wasn’t anything nice to talk about when you discuss Ole Miss’ trip to Arkansas last week, so we won’t. And on the other side, Mississippi State destroyed Vanderbilt. If Mississippi State wins, they are in the hunt for a play-off spot. And if Ole Miss wins, they ruin Mississippi State’s season….and take something positive out of what has been that went from glorious hope to saddening failure.

PREDICTION: Mississippi State’s a 2-1/2 point favorite. Just for the fun of it, we’re saying: OLE MISS BY DAMN!!! By 3. 

Florida at Florida State 

Will Muschamp’s last game as Florida coach. Florida State needs to win to have any hope of remaining in the College Football Play-Off. It’s all to play for. The line at Vegas (Florida State by 7-1/2) is falling – especially after the ‘Noles’ horrible outing against Boston College, where they barely won. FSU’s not great at defending the run – which is one of Florida’s strengths, while Florida’s offense apart from that is, well, laughable.

PREDICTION: FSU wins by 7.

Georgia Tech at Georgia

“Clean, Ole Fashioned Hate” is a weird one, since Georgia’s biggest game might just be on Friday, when Missouri hosts Arkansas to see if they actually HAVE another game to play next week. This could see Georgia buoyed by news from Columbia, or upset by news from Columbia (Hey, with the name Columbia, they are usually pretty upset…especially in recent years), which could affect the Georgia Tech game. Or they could be so happy at getting into the SEC Championship Game (and become worried about injury) that they half-play Georgia Tech. We don’t know about this one. We really don’t. We do know this: The Georgia fans will be really loud. And some guy will yell about “Nerds”.

PREDICTION: Georgia by 10 in a mistake-filled game.

South Carolina at Clemson

“This Clemson team will go up against the [most awful] South Carolina team Steve Spurrier’s had in years, and still find a way to lose”, said the guys on the Shutdown Fullcast podcast. In the last five years, Clemson has beaten South Carolina exactly ZERO times. This year, Clemson’s got the ‘D’ to stop South Carolina’s not-great offense, but if QB DeShaun Watson’s not playing, they are going to struggle – even against a woeful Carolina ‘D’. You know why? Because Spurrier’s got Dabo’s number….that’s why.

PREDICTION: Watson comes back, performs some heroics, and Death Valley hits the field. Clemson wins by 7. 

Kentucky at Louisville

Kentucky was OK during the start of the season, but was so young that as soon as they hit the nasty part of the season, they fell to pieces. Louisville, on the other hand, rebounded after the loss to FSU, winning two straight road games at Boston College and Notre Dame. And now, they’ve got super wideout Devante Parker playing, too. This could get ugly for the ‘Cats. Louisville’s a 13-point favorite.

PREDICTION: Louisville wins by 21. 

Tennessee at Vanderbilt

We’re leaving the last until, ahem, worse. Tennessee should have beaten or have come close to have beaten Missouri (or at least found a way to stop Missouri’s bad offense on third down), while Vanderbilt is the SEC’s laughing stock. UT is going to fill Vanderbilt’s stadium, and the Vols are a 17-point favorite

PREDICTION: Vols win by 21 in an ugly game.

Alabama Still Rules Roost: SEC Power Rankings Post Week 14

This week’s SEC games weren’t a lot to talk about. While the likes of Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida were blowing out FCS opposition (and Auburn was struggling for a lot of its game with Samford), Ole Miss travelled to Arkansas was absolutely shelled by the Razorbacks. Speaking of shelling, Mississippi State dropped 50 on Vanderbilt, while Missouri moved one game closer to the SEC Championship Game with a win over Tennessee.

Anyway, here’s our top-to-bottom SEC Power Rankings, folks.

1) Alabama

A hard-fought game against Western Carolina at the start, then the Crimson Tide started to roll. 

2) Mississippi State

Slaughtering Vanderbilt might not get any love from the rankings, but hey, at least it wasn’t a directional Carolina.

3) Georgia

We simply can’t believe – still – that UGA lost to South Carolina and Florida. But it’s true that the 3rd-best team in our Power Rankings might not make Atlanta because a team they smashed on the road has a better defense in bigger games.

4) Ole Miss

Pretty horrible in all areas in Fayetteville, the Rebels are going to have to rebound quickly for the Egg Bowl.

5) Missouri

Terrific defense covered up manageable offense and pretty horrible special teams. The Tigers ‘D’ is for real, though.

6) Auburn

It might seem weird to have them a mid-table SEC team, but Auburn has played horribly for three weeks in a row. And in the last of the three, Samford didn’t lift any gloom. Everyone in Jordan-Hare seemed miserable.

7) Arkansas

At the moment, there’s no team on better form than the Razorbacks, after consistent shut-out wins against LSU and Ole Miss. Should be a heck of a showdown at Missouri on Friday.

8) Texas A&M

#FireMarkSnyder, as Aggie Twitter aficionados might say. Or will probably say.

9) LSU

With all that talent, LSU STILL can’t seem to recruit a good quarterback. And before you ask Anthony Jennings certainly isn’t him.

10) South Carolina

The Gamecocks aren’t very good. They should be higher than this, but they can’t play defense. A solid performance against a FCS team won’t change that – although it might increase confidence prior to the Clemson game.

11) Florida

I’m beginning to believe – as Vegas seems to – that the Gators are going to give FSU a hell of a game this weekend. Particularly with that strong running game they have.

12) Tennessee

Playing “Turn Down For What” on every 3rd down the defense faces might work out. You know, if the defense could have made a stop on third down. Which they didn’t. Almost all night long. A lot of people will blame the fact that the Vols couldn’t do any stopping on the suspension of star linebacker AJ Johnson. Of course, the only person Vols linebacker has got to blame for the trouble he’s in is himself. You know, if he’s guilty.

13) Kentucky

Louisville is coming. We can’t wait.

14)  Vanderbilt


Will Tennessee continue to rebound against Missouri? SEC Week 13 Preview

It’s Week 13 in the SEC, and to say the least, it’s a really, really dry slate. We know this because the big games of the week of the week are Missouri’s visit to Tennessee and Ole Miss’ visit to Arkansas. The rest is pretty dry.

So here we go with our Week 13 SEC Preview. I promise you, the games are incredible.


This clash of the unranked doesn’t mean that this game – at night at Neyland Stadium – isn’t important to Missouri – and to Georgia. If Missouri loses one of its upcoming games against Tennessee and Arkansas, it loses its stronghold on the SEC East, letting the Dawgs go to Atlanta. That means that in one of the weirder outcomes in SEC Football this year, Georgia fans will find themselves screaming: “Come On Tennessee!” on Saturday night – if they haven’t already been put into a coma by the earlier games. Missouri’s defense will face off against Tennessee Volunteers quarterback sensation Josh Dobbs, who’s has been putting the team on his back over the past few days. Missouri – which unexpectedly came out of Texas A&M last week with a win (the Aggies had beaten Auburn the previous week) – has a defense which can cause turnovers – but the offense has struggled almost all season long. Happily for the offense, they will face a Tennessee side licking its wounds without suspended playmaking LB AJ Johnson and sophomore defensive back Michael Williams, who were both named in a rape investigation by Knoxville police this week. AJ Johnson is noted as being the second-highest SEC tackler with 101 by blogsite “Rocky Top Talk” – and being virtually irreplaceable. But if we’re honest, if Johnson and Williams DID do what they’ve been accused of, they deserve to be suspended and jailed….but that’s just our opinion. One thing we do know: Neyland Stadium’s going to have a heck of an atmosphere on Saturday night.

PREDICTION: Missouri is a 3-point underdog. Thanks to Johnson’s injury, we think Missouri comes out with the victory by 10.


Verne and Gary have got to go somewhere on CrapCake Saturday, so it’s to Razorback Mountain to see a revitalized Arkansas side – who won for the first time in 17 tries last week by beating LSU 17-0 – take on No.8 Ole Miss. Theoretically, Ole Miss can still win the SEC West, thanks to its win over Alabama earlier in the year, but Armageddon in the SEC West is going to have to happen for that to happen. Arkansas would LOVE to make it 2 wins in a row, and so would the fanbase, who suddenly only need a win in their last 2 games to become bowl eligible. Ole Miss is still pretty beaten up after their losses against LSU and Ole Miss (WR Laquon Treadwell and LB Denzel Nkemdiche are the big losses on either side of the ball), while Arkansas just can’t wait to have Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams run.

PREDICTION: Ole Miss is a 3-1/2 point favorite. We’re going with the big upset, and taking the Razorbacks to win by 7. 


Sadly, the thing that people are going to talk about this week when they discuss Mississippi State Bulldogs football ISN’T going to be about Dak Prescott’s still possible Heisman journey, or even the loss to Alabama. It’s going to be about safety Justin Cox, who was suspended after getting arrested for burglary and domestic battery.  As we said about the AJ Johnson case, if he’s guilty he deserves to go to jail. Simple. Anyway, Vanderbilt threw out (yet) another running back this week (Jerron Seymour) too, but he’ll be less of a difference maker than Cox…by a mile. And about the game, we expect the cowbells to keep on ringing as Mississippi State tries and win their last game before the showdown with Ole Miss.

PREDICTION: Mississippi State wins, but not by the 30-1/2 point margin. Bulldogs by 28.


All the next SEC games will be won comfortably by SEC teams. And this will be the sound of no hands clapping.

Alabama to beat Western Carolina

Georgia to beat Charleston Southern

Auburn to beat Samford

Florida to beat Eastern Kentucky

South Carolina to beat South Alabama



Mississippi State safety Justin Cox suspended after arrest

Mississippi State starting safety Justin Cox has been suspended after being arrested for burglary and aggravated domestic violence involving an unidentified female.

The school has suspended him indefinitely.

A Clarion-Ledger report said: “Authorities responded to burglary call on Rock Road in the Aspen Heights apartment complex in Starkville at about 3 a.m. on Friday morning according to Lt. Brett Watson.

Watson said upon arrival, they found a female victim with a head injury.

Deputies arrested Cox, a 21-year-old West Point native, on suspicion of burglary and aggravated domestic violence.

Cox was a junior college transfer and played in eight games for the Bulldogs. He had 21 tackles and an interception.

Alabama’s Nick Saban top-paid coach in college football

Unsurprisingly, Alabama head coach Nick Saban is the top-ranked coach in college football, USA Today has reported. Despite a season where he didn’t win his bowl game and lost to Auburn, Saban – who’s Crimson Tide team is now the top-ranked team in the nation – still earned $7.1m in total pay in 2013 – including a base salary of $6.9m.

Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin was the second-most paid in the SEC and the fourth-best coach in college football, pulling in $5m in base salary, and $5.006m total.

LSU’s Les Miles earned $4.3m ($4.369m total), and South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier earned $4m ($4.016m total).


Here is the total pay for all SEC coaches:

1. Nick Saban (Alabama) – $6.9m ($7.1m total)

2. Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M) – $5m ($5.006m)

3. Les Miles (LSU) – $4.3m ($4.369m)

4. Steve Spurrier (South Carolina) – $4m ($4.016m)

5. Gul Malzahn (Auburn) – $3.85m ($3.854m)

6. Gary Pinkel (Missouri) – $3.4m ($3.4m)

7. Mark Richt (Georgia) – $3.2m ($3.31m)

8. Bret Bielema (Arkansas) – $3.2m ($3.21m)

9. Hugh Freeze (Ole Miss) – $3m ($3.012m)

10. Dan Mullen (Mississippi State) – $3m ($3m)

11. Butch Jones (Tennessee) – $2.96m ($2.96m)

12. Will Muschamp (Florida) – $2.7m ($2.73m)

13. Mark Stoops (Kentucky) – $2.7m ($2.701m)




Sweet Home, Alabama: Post-Week 12 SEC Power Rankings

Well, Alabama’s now the best team in the SEC again after the Crimson Tide beat Mississippi State, while Georgia suffered a phyrric victory while pummelling Auburn – they lost Todd Gurley for the season with a torn ACL (and probably the rest of his career). Meanwhile, we’re proud to say Arkansas fans have their first win of the season after shutting out LSU, while Tennessee’s on a roll after dismantling a once-again-disappointing Kentucky team. Oh, and there that small game in The Swamp, too…

Anyway, here are your post-Week 12 SEC Power Rankings.

1) Alabama

Crimson Tide still aren’t much to look at offensively, but defensively, they are opportunistic, and can shut the life out of anybody. Even Dak Prescott, who they intercepted 3 times. Despite the nasty things we may have just said about their offense, the Tide’s fourth quarter drive – which ended in TJ Yeldon’s rushing TD – was a thing of beauty.

2) Mississippi State

OK, so maybe the talk that The Egg Bowl would see Ole Miss and Mississippi State in an unbeaten clash were a mite overblown. The bigger question: Does this make all the work Every TV and Media Outlet has done this college football season down in Mississippi suddenly seem a big fat waste of time?

3) Ole Miss

Yes, we know they lost to Ole Miss, but we think the Rebels’ train isn’t derailing as fast as Auburn’s.

4) Georgia


5) Auburn

The Tigers had better get their act together for the Iron Bowl. Because right now, War Eagle’s getting defeathered, and it’s getting defeathered quickly.

6) Missouri

Win at Texas A&M in the rain certainly quietened the Kyle Field party. If they win their next two, they go to Atlanta.

7) Texas A&M

The only thing we know about Texas A&M football this season is that they should search for new assistant coaches. Mark Snyder at defensive co-ordinator especially. We still don’t understand the loss to Missouri. Except the game was pretty fun.

8) Arkansas


9) LSU

Get a quarterback. Recruit a good one. And if you can’t, fire Cam Cameron. It’s pretty easy, Les Miles.

10) Tennessee

This young team is suddenly on fire at the moment – especially after running riot over Kentucky. Neyland Stadium at night’s gonna be a heck of a place to watch a football game on Saturday, folks. This could be  bona fide SEC East contender for 2015– and a dangerous SEC team, too.

11) South Carolina

Stole a win out of The Swamp, and gave Muschamp job death. You know, with a $6m + payout.

12) Florida

Gators fans aren’t going to be crying about the loss of Will Muschamp.

13) Kentucky

Suddenly Kentucky has become a pretty disappointing story once again. And that’s pretty sad.


Muschamp out at Florida: Who’s going to take over?

Will Muschamp has been fired as the head coach of Florida, the school announced on Sunday.

After a terrible 2013, it was always going to be difficult for Will Muschamp in 2014. After getting blown out at home to Missouri, it looked as though Muschamp might be fired a few weeks ago. However, a shocking win over Georgia and a win over Vanderbilt seemed to buy the Gator boss sometime….until everything unravelled at home to South Carolina on Saturday, when the Gators lost 23-20 in overtime in a game they should have won.

Although he will stay at The Swamp for the last two games of the season, Muschamp’s services will not be retained after that – although there will be one bonus for getting fired — Florida’s buying out of his $6.3m contract.

All season long Florida’s offense has been awful, not helped by Muschamp’s decision to keep on with quarterback Jeff Driskel despite everyone calling for a change at the position (Freshman star Treon Harris took over and has been a lot more successful)

So who’s going to take over?

– The name of Dan Mullen, the Mississippi State head coach who was previously offensive co-ordinator at Florida is going to be discussed a lot – but we think after the incredible season the Bulldogs are having, it’s unlikely he’ll leave.

– If Florida needs an offense (which it does), then making a call to Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez might be a pretty great option. Rodriguez has had a great season at Arizona thus far – way beyond the fanbase’s expectaions, and he’s well-known as an offensive genius. He’s also an excellent recruiter. The biggest issue for Rodriguez may be his last job at a big-time school, when he coached Michigan from 2008-2010. He not only had problems with rules violations, but the Wolverines were a problem ON the field too, compiling a 15-22 record. Could he cope with the SEC?

– Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops  has also been discussed, although will Florida fans really be excited about a coach who has endured a disappointing 2014 in a year where he was expected to go unbeaten and be the No.1 seed going into the College Football Playoff?

– Baylor coach Art Briles would be wonderful for Florida fans who get off on great offense, but after Briles refused to take the Texas job (despite a lot of money being offered to him), does anyone think he’ll make the move to Florida? We don’t!

So, we’d like to throw over some names that the Gators might consider…

– Clemson offensive co-ordinator Chad Morris. Recent alumni includes NFL rookie star Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins, and his offensive schemes have been excellent. DeSean Watson’s going to be fantastic next year (if he stays fit). He can put up the points, and he’s exciting. Don’t look at 2014 and start saying “Morris isn’t a good OC”, folks. He lost a lot of talent last year.

Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers head coach. Used to dealing with huge pressures, and had a solid college coaching career at Stanford. He’s one of the reasons why the Cardinal has had a renaissance over the years….despite the fact he’s in the NFL. He also knows how to coach offenses, having been a NFL QB himself.

– Alabama defensive co-ordinator Kirby Smart. He can recruit big, and more’s the case, he’s been mentored by a college football great in Nick Saban. And he’s used to winning. Plus, Georgia fans are already talking about him as a possible replacement for Mark Richt.



Texas A&M stuns Auburn, Alabama heartbreaks LSU: SEC Week 11 Power Rankings

Texas A&M pulled off one of the stunners of the SEC season when they beat Auburn at Jordan-Hare on Saturday. Then LSU looked like it would pull a monster upset in Death Valley by beating Alabama….and then choked. And Georgia looked as though it would struggle at Kentucky BEFORE the game, but destroyed the Wildcats with a terrific performance.

As it’s the SEC, we’re going to do this in terms of SEC commentator calls…… We’re throwing in some Larry Munson (RIP) and some dumbass Gary Danielson stuff too.

So here we go:


“Aaaand the Bulldogs are still No.1!! Keep ringing those cowbells! And pass me a smoke!” – Jack Cristil, legendary Mississippi State broadcaster, RIP


“We just LOVE what Nick is doing with this team. He and Lane are the greatest. I cried a bit when I thought they would lose at LSU. But they didn’t. So I’m happy.” – Gary Danielson.


“Forget the Auburrrrrn. On Saturday, it was just burrrrrrrn.” – Rod Bramblett, Auburn broadcaster


“And the Ole Miss Rebels fought a war with themselves. Their souls were hurt by the loss at LSU, and even worst by the loss at home to Auburn. But they had faith. And against Presbyterian, they proved themselves competitors. And I was there, cheering them on. Because that’s what belief is about here in Oxford” – Wright Thompson, ESPN.


“You know what that was? That was karma! THAT was karma! And that’s payback for you guys humping Myles Garrett, too!” – The “Around Aggieland” podcast guys, probably.


“You’d better avoid Lexington tonight, because all them Dawg People are going to be out tonight, burning down stables, basketball courts and houses to celebrate that win” – Larry Munson, in heaven.

7) LSU 

“I really, really, really, really, really ****ing hate Nick Saban” – Any LSU play-by-play guy


“We’ll get through. We beat Bye Week pretty easily. Bret’s going to turn us around. I believe in us. Pig Soiee.” – Paul Eels (RIP).


“In the same way that I’m no Jack Buck, I know that we’re no Alabama. But we’ve played pretty well despite the loss of talent last year” – Mike Kelly, Missouri commentator.


“OH MY! THE GATORS ARE SUDDENLY ON FIRE!!” – Mike Hubert, the Voice of The Gators.


“Me and my buddy Steve have hope for the Gamecocks this season. So you should too” – Todd Ellis, South Carolina.


“That was a hell of a butt-kicking, but we’ll get back on the hoss!!” – Tom Leach, Kentucky announcer


“On Saturday it will once again be football time in Tennessee” – Bobby Denton (RIP)


“The last time we looked up hope, it came up with a Vanderbilt degree” – Joe Fisher.

Missouri, West Virginia confirm home-and-home series

Missouri and West Virginia have said that they will play a home-and-home series in 2016 and 2019.

Mizzou will travel to Morgantown in 2016, and the Mountaineers will come to Columbia in 2019.

This ties into the SEC’s requirements for the conference’s schools to play a team from the Big Ten, the Big XII, ACC, or Pac-12 every season from 2016, in an effort to boost its own credentials with the College Football Play-Off Committee.


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