The only word we had to say for this news when we saw it was: “Wow”. Today Georgia suspended its best player and Heisman hopeful running back Todd Gurley indefinitely for an “alleged violation of NCAA rules”.

According to Andy Staples at Sports Illustrated – who cites Georgia’s compliance department,  “Gurley was paid $400 to sign 80 items in Athens last spring“, and there is photo evidence of Gurley doing the deed.

I’m obviously very disappointed,” said UGA head football coach Mark Richt. “The important thing for our team is to turn all our attention toward preparation for Missouri.

Allegedly Gurley was paid for signing signatures, according to a post from Reddit and Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman.

Fox Sports’ update says: “One source tells FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman that the investigation is looking into whether Gurley accepted extra benefits for his likeness with memorabilia brokers.

This isn’t the first time that national college football stars have found themselves in deep water with the NCAA. Johnny Manziel signed helmets but was only give a half-game suspension. Jadeveon Clowney signed helmets but somehow avoided investigation. If this happens to Gurley, it’s likely that UGA will only suspend him one game at the most. But then again, it’s UGA.

UGA AD Greg McGarrity said in a statement: “While the University does not tolerate any violation of NCAA rules, the University has supported and continues to support its student-athletes. As just one example, when this matter arose, the University offered separate legal counsel to Todd; the University recommended — and Todd retained — counsel with vast experience with eligibility matters; and the University continues to pay for Todd’s counsel, as permitted by NCAA rules.

The person who sold Gurley down the river was a memorabilia broker called Bryan Allen. Needless to say, he’s not popular with Georgia fans.

BOTTOM LINE: This isn’t a huge loss or massive loss for Mark Richt’s team. It’s a GARGANTUAN loss. With Keith Marshall and Sony Michel injured, all the pressure’s going to be on Nick Chubb and a poor QB in Hutson Mason to deliver. Missouri should now be  10-point favorite at home to UGA on Saturday.

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