Some nights are built for Death Valley. Last Saturday was one of those nights. With Les Miles mourning the death of his mother, LSU fans took their coach on their back and beat No.3 Ole Miss 10-7 to take home a stunning victory. Of course, the win was sealed with a Bo Wallace screw-up, but we still think that’s because Les Miles’ deal with The Devil comes with making the QB doing stupid things. You know, unless you’re Dak Prescott.

Apart from that, the pre-game arrogance of Vegas and Auburn fans that they’d torch through South Carolina didn’t come off as they were fought to the bone by the Gamecocks. Eventually War Eagle came through victorious, but they should certainly be worried for the future. Tennessee fans yelled at Lane Kiffin a lot, and Lane Kiffin and his bestie Nick smashed their hopes with a convincing away win. Oh, and Missouri won at Vanderbilt.


1) Mississippi State (7-0, 4-0)

Beat Kentucky. It wasn’t beautiful, but a win was a win was a win.

2) Auburn (6-1, 3-1)

Beat South Carolina 42-35 in an exciting shoot-out, proving once again that cure for a lousy D is a good ‘O’ here in the SEC.

3) Ole Miss (7-1, 4-1)

Good Bo? Bad Bo? DEAR GOD BO WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? What we will also say is that Ole Miss’ Offense really isn’t great. We knew this, and just wanted to repeat it.

4) Alabama (7-1, 4-1)

Alabama’s offense sure has proved itself against shitty defenses in the last weeks, hasn’t it?

5) Georgia (6-1, 4-1)

No, Todd Gurley hasn’t been ‘released’ yet.

6) LSU (7-2, 3-2)

Les. Freaking. Miles. Particularly the day after your mother goes to heaven. It wasn’t pretty, but LSU’s defense choked Ole Miss and Bo Wallace. And Anthony Jennings? He might be a crappy QB, but he’s 2-for-2 in game-winning drives. And the RBs aren’t bad either. That win was for you, Cat In The Hat.

7)  Texas A&M (5-3, 2-3)

Fire Mark Snyder.

8) Arkansas (4-4, 3-2) 

Win against UAB made Hogs fans happier. And that’s a good thing.

9) Kentucky (5-3, 2-3) 

Played really well at home to MSU, but couldn’t pull it off. But things are back in the right direction for Mark Stoops. Commonwealth Stadium is a crazy place to play in once again.

10) Missouri (6-2, 3-1)

They won against Vandy, answering NO questions whatsoever. Vandy’s a bad football team.

11) South Carolina (4-4, 2-4)

South Carolina had a hot offense and 3 touchdown leads until the fourth quarter. And then it stopped being hot. Should Spurrier start thinking about replacing his own DC? Yes.

12)Florida (2-3, 3-3) 

Bad O struggled against Bye Week. Driskel Out!!

13) Tennessee (3-5, 0-4)

Young, young, young.

14) Vanderbilt (2-6, 0-5)

Bad, bad, bad.

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