Florida has suspended QB Treon Harris after the player was accused of sexual assault on a female student early Sunday morning. Police will investigate the accusation.

Treon Harris replaced Jeff Driskel to lead the Gators to a comeback win at Tennessee on Saturday.

The University of Florida said: “The University of Florida Police Department is investigating the incident, and UFPD has brought in the Gainesville Police Department to assist with collection and analysis of forensic evidence.”

The school added: “Due to legal and privacy requirements, there are limitations as to what the university can say publicly about a pending matter such as this. In these types of serious situations, Student Affairs initiates the Student Conduct Code process. Often, a student may be suspended on an interim basis, which means he or she is banned from campus and all campus activities, pending the outcome of the conduct process.”

Florida President Bernie Machen said: “The university is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for every member of the UF community. We must strive to protect all of our students from sexual harassment and assault, and do everything in our power to promote a safe learning environment.”

What’s interesting for us, though, is that Machen is basically saying that Harris is guilty, without actually knowing the full truth. The investigation by the school also trumps the efforts that state rival Florida State did with Jameis Winston and their own quarterback’s sexual assault charge.

Now here’s what’s interesting: According to site “Geeks and Cleats”, Daniel Gillman of ESPN 850 said the sexual assault accusations came about because the accusor was angry that Harris slept with a woman other than her.

BOTTOM LINE: We hope that the last paragraph is all that there is to the story and Treon Harris gets to play football again. Whatever happens, Florida has handled the situation pretty impeccably. And if the story about the girl reporting Harris for rape just because he cheated on her, she should be thrown out of school. 

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