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The Top 10 SEC Non-Conference Match-Ups

Seriously, we absoutely loathe ‘neutral site venue’ games, so as much as we’d like to put LSU vs Wisconsin a little higher on this list, our morals stop us from doing so. That’s you too Ole Miss vs Boise and Alabama vs West Virginia…..

1) South Carolina at Clemson (Nov 29)

South Carolina could have an unbeaten season going, and Clemson could be the last team to ruin their chance of going for a National Championship. Plus, these sides – and coaches – really don’t seem to like each other.

2) Florida at Florida State (Nov 29)

If this Florida team’s as improved as we think it might be, Florida could spoil Florida State’s play-off party in Tallahassee. Of course, the Gators would have to stay away from the surgeon, which they found it hard to do in 2013….

3) Auburn at Kansas State (Sept 18)

No easy rides in the ‘Little Apple’ with Bill Snyder and his latest group of JUCO recruits. This will be a tester. We promise.

4) Tennessee at Oklahoma (Sept. 13)

How good is the new ‘Wide Receiver U’? Well, we’ll see against Oklahoma when they go down South to play in Norman against ‘Big Game Bob’, won’t we?

5) Georgia Tech vs Georgia (Nov. 29)

Make as many jokes as you want, guys, but Tech nearly upset Georgia last year. Their triple-option gave Georgia’s D heart attacks, and if Georgia still has injury/disciplinary problems, this match-up becomes intriguing. You know what else becomes intriguing? If Georgia’s going for a play-off place and NEEDS to beat GT to have a chance.

6) Arkansas at Texas Tech (Sept 13)

The stadium’s going to be in ‘black out’ for the visit of Bret Bielema and his Razorbacks to Kliff Kingsbury country. We’re expecting a lot of points and a lot of balls in the air from Tech, and a lot of running and pounding from Alex Collins, the Razorbacks’ excellent young RB.

7) Kentucky at Louisville (Nov 29)

Because if you’re a righteous man, you’ll hate Bobby Petrino. Even if you’re NOT a righteous man, you’ll hate Bobby Petrino. This is his first SEC match-up since he was fired from Arkansas for his bad behaviour. We really don’t like the guy.

8) Utah State at Tennessee (Aug 30)

A lot of people are pencilling this in as potential upset for the Volunteers, with the return of USU QB Chuckie Keeton and an offense that could scare the life out of Neyland. On the other side, we get to see UT WR Marquez North, and whoever his QB might be. There’s a choice of about 16.

9) Rice at Texas A&M (Sept 13) 

Rice only returns 12 returning starters (6 off/ 6 def), but last year, they scared the life out of Texas A&M and we could maybe go as far as saying they should have beaten the Aggies. If the Aggies’ defense is still goddawful due to bad coaching/ inability to stay out of Kevin Sumlin’s doghouse/ inability to stay out of jail, then this could be really, really interesting.

10) LSU vs Wisconsin (Houston)

A great match-up that should have been a home/home series. We would have KILLED to see LSU go to Camp Randall (what a party) and Wisconsin go to Death Valley (what a party). Instead, we’ve got the Home of Jadeveon Clowney, and the fact that neither set of season ticket holders will get their full allocation….all for a bit more money.

Alabama vs West Virginia (Aug 30, in Dallas) and Ole Miss vs Boise State (Aug 30, in Atlanta) were not considered as they are going to be blow-outs.

Top 10 SEC Match-Ups We’re Really Looking Forward To

There are some games in the SEC that you’re not exactly chomping at the bit to see, either live or on this new network (is that the name of our network again?) or somewhere else….but there are a ton of them that you.

The game that we’re looking forward to seeing – above all – is Texas A&M’s trip to South Carolina for the first game of the season. Why? Because it’s the first game of the season and honey, we’re hooooooooome.

So here’s 10 OTHER games we can’t wait to see.

1) Auburn at Alabama (Nov 28)

Kick-Six becomes even more of a grudge match at this year’s Iron Bowl. This game could be a SEC West decider (again), and maybe one that’ll decide who’s going to the play-off, too. So not much riding on it, then…

2) Georgia at South Carolina (Sept 13)

South Carolina wins this one, and the Gamecocks have got a great chance of going all the way to Atlanta. And Steve Spurrier gets to carry on crowing.

3) South Carolina at Auburn (Oct 25) 

Huge test of how good South Carolina’s defense is……again. Especially against Gus Malzhan’s offense.

4) Alabama at LSU (Nov 8)

Because Death Valley’s going to be off-the-hook for this one…..which we hope will be played at night.

5) Auburn at Georgia (Nov 15)

Because Georgia won’t want a repeat of last year. Both sides could be going into this one unbeaten and needing to continue momentum. UGA might have a team that’s not in jail by then….

6) Florida vs Georgia (Nov 1)

Cocktail Party could also be a SEC East title showdown, with the winner favorite to go to Atlanta.

7) Mississippi State at Ole Miss (Nov 29)

The Egg Bowl didn’t let down in terms of drama. We can’t wait for the Dak vs Bo show. It’s going to be awesome. Especially if both sides are competitive in the West (unlikely, but we can always hope).

8) Vanderbilt at Kentucky (Sept 27th)

Kentucky’s SEC loss run will be up to 17, and this game presents a monster of a chance for Mark Stoops to get the monkey off his back against a weakened Vanderbilt team. It will be quite a test for new coach Derek Mason, too.

9) Ole Miss at LSU (Oct 25)

Ole Miss has played LSU tough (and gone 1-1) in the last 2 years, and Hugh Freeze’s high-octane offense will test LSU’s D once again. LSU fans will want revenge for last year’s stunning loss in Oxford.

10) South Carolina at Florida (Nov 15)

The script’s almost written. Steve Spurrier returning to The Swamp as SEC East favorite for an end-of-season showdown. If his team wins this game, they go to Atlanta. If they lose, Florida or Georgia goes to Atlanta. Suddenly, this game got big, people.



Top 15 SEC Players We Can’t Wait To See (Again, In Some Cases)

We’d like to make it clear that there are some players that we’ve ALREADY seen (like Todd Gurley at Georgia), but we still can’t wait to see them. This is a little different from “Top 10 SEC Freshmen” or “Top SEC Returning Players” because the freshmen are unproven. So we’re sticking them all into one bag and throwing them all together.

Extra points if you can guess all 15 players that they might be ‘The new’? Some we even had to look up?

So here’s your freshmen and returners that we can’t wait to see…

1) Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU): The new Dalton?

2) Maty Mauk (QB, Missouri): The new Chase?

3) Derrick Henry (RB, Bama): The new Trent Richardson?

4) Todd Gurley (RB, UGA): The new Herschel?

5) Malcolm Mitchell (WR, UGA): The new AJ?

6) Alex Collins (RB, Arkansas): The new Darren?

7) Kelvin Taylor (RB, Florida): The new Emmitt?

8) Jacob Coker (QB, Bama): The new AJ?

9) Kenny Hill (QB, Texas A&M): The new Johnny?

10) Dak Prescott (QB, Mississippi State): The first great Mississippi State quarterback?

11) Marquez North (WR, Tennessee): The new Peerless?

12) Mike Davis (RB, South Carolina): The new Marcus?

13) Vernon Hargreaves III (CB, Florida): The new Joe?

14) Amari Cooper (WR, Alabama): The new Julius?

15) Leonard Floyd (OLB, Georgia): The new Jarvis?

NB: This list could have gone on for about 60 players there is such a wealth of talent in the SEC. We’re sorry if we missed some schools or players like the Nkemdiche brothers (Ole Miss), Bo Wallace (Ole Miss) or Drew Barker (Kentucky).