It’s interesting, reading excerpts of Steve Spurrier’s interview with ESPN’s Chris Low.

Apparently he said that he’d rather not be siphoned off into retirement, but instead simply “resign”.

I like resign a lot better“, said the South Carolina coach. “Retiring sounds too much like you’re going to sit around and not do a whole lot. I’m not a sit-around kind of guy.

The problem is is that with Steve Spurrier could be a victim of his own success. Steve Spurrier has guided South Carolina to three straight 11 wins seasons (2011, 2012, 2013). He’s also had three-straight bowl wins. He’s taken South Carolina to a SEC Championship Game and if we’re honest, the Gamecocks have been unlucky with their schedule that they haven’t gone to Atlanta more (considering they pretty much own Georgia). Since 2005, South Carolina hasn’t had a losing season. He’s beaten Clemson five times in the last five years (so much so that Death Valley should be re-named ‘HBC Valley’). He’s beaten Georgia three out of the last four…and been rude about their arrest record. And he’s stuck the knife into just about every other football team going.

And to cap all that, he’s about to see Jadeveon Clowney – a player who he hasn’t seen eye-to-eye with all the time – as the NFL’s No.1 pick. And he made Stephen Garcia a college football event unto himself.

And he’s consistently stood up for players getting paid more when most coaches and ADs have shied away from the subject. And in 2005, 2006, and 2007 he gave Duke a Top 25 vote in the Coach’s Poll as a continued ‘Thank You’ for his first job.

You either love or hate Steve Spurrier….and when he’s on your side, you love him.

The big issue for South Carolina is that if this line of success continues, when is Spurrier – who is pretty much a workaholic (aside from his 2001 rounds a year at Augusta and other golf courses) – actually going to resign? He did it once from Florida, went to the NFL, failed there, and is now back on a redemption path.

We DON’T think Spurrier’s going to go: “Well, I’ve taken ’em as far as I can”. Unless he suddenly has a brain transplant, and becomes a little more chilled.

We think it’s going to be a good few years before he leaves. So enjoy your trolling, Steve!!






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