Texas A&M wide receiver Ricky Seals-Jones was arrested on Sunday morning for disorderly conduct.

According to a College Station KBTX: “According to police, Seals-Jones was being “carried away by his friends” as the bars were closing in the 100 block of College Main. An officer says he saw someone bump into Seals-Jones, which led the wideout to reportedly start exchanging words with the person. As the officer moved towards the scene to see and hear what was going on, he says Seals-Jones broke away from his friends and yelled “F*** you! You want some?” The officer also says Seals-Jones motioned to the other person like he wanted to fight. The player was taken into custody on the misdemeanor charge.

Seals-Jones’ lawyer said that Seals-Jones would fight the charges: “Ricky Seals Jones is absolutely fighting these charges. He had nothing to drink and was at home when a friend called him to come to Northgate to give him a ride home. Ricky went to Northgate to help his friend toward the car when someone struck him. When Ricky turned toward him that person cursed him and called Ricky the “N” word. Words were exchanged and Ricky was arrested. The other individual was not arrested. I have personally spoken with an independent witness who confirms these facts. Ricky volunteered to take a breath test since he had not consumed alcohol but this request was never granted.

Seals-Jones played only game for the Aggies, scoring three receptions for 84 yards and a TD. He redshirted the 2013 season after getting injured.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s interesting that College Station PD didn’t charge Seals-Jones with being drunk too. 

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