Alabama running back Dee Hart was arrested in Tuscaloosa….although it seems as though he’s no longer a part of the Crimson Tide.

After news that Hart had been arrested for possession of marijuana and giving false information to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, Alabama released this statement: “Dee Hart has not been a part of the football team since the bowl game and has not participated in any of the off season program. Hopefully he will learn from this mistake and continue to work toward completing his degree, which he is on track to do by the summer.

He was also questioned for trying to use counterfeit money at a gas station, too.

This follows up to Tony Brown’s arrest on January 19th for failure to obey and resisting arrest.

BOTTOM LINE: Hart was a part-time player for the Crimson Tide in his freshman and sophomore seasons, but he’s no longer on the Alabama team because he’s either trouble or with Derrick Henry and TJ Yeldon on the team, he’s surplus to requirements.

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