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‘Saban Rule’ to be reconsidered

The controversial ‘Saban Rule’ which would ensure that would delay offenses and effectively blindside the quick snap tactics is to be re-considered, USA Today has reported.

The rule, which would ensure that offenses had to give defenses 10 seconds between snaps (apparently because of ‘safety reasons’, according to Alabama Coach Nick Saban), is apparently going to be reconsidered by the NCAA Rule Committee next week….even before it comes before a vote.

The reason for the rule in the first place is worries that more players would be injured as offenses speed up and they are unable to take breaks. Saban and Bielema had lobbied for this since June, according to a piece by Saturday Down South at the time.

I think that the way people are going no-huddle right now, that at some point in time, we should look at how fast we allow the game to go in terms of player safety,Saban said at the head coach’s teleconference. “The team gets in the same formation group. You can’t substitute defensive players. You go on a 14-, 16- or 18-play drive and they’re snapping the ball as fast as you can go, and you look out there and all your players are walking around and can’t even get lined up. That’s when guys have a much greater chance of getting hurt … when they’re not ready to play. I think that’s something that can be looked at. It’s obviously created a tremendous advantage for the offense when teams are scoring 70 points and we’re averaging 49.5 points a game. More and more people are going to do it.

Bielema added: Not to get on the coattails of some of the other coaches, there is a lot of truth that the way offensive philosophies are driven now, there’s times where you can’t get a defensive substitution in for 8, 10, 12 play drives….That has an effect on safety of that student-athlete, especially the bigger defensive linemen, that is really real.

Since the possibility of this rule came into place, the likes of Washington State head coach Mike Leach and Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez have been absolutely furious.

According to an survey of head coaches, 73% of coaches (25 of 128) were NOT in favor of the rule, with only 11 of these coaches at the ‘big’ conferences (SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-12 and Notre Dame). We suspect that two of the coaches would be Saban and Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.

Some of the SEC’s biggest hitters have been publically AGAINST the rule, which would stop offenses snapping the ball until at least 10 seconds had been run off, ensuring that defenses could substitute. South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, Auburn’s Gus Malzahn, Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin, Georgia’s Mark Richt, Florida’s Will Muschamp, and Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze have all spoken out against the rule.

“He took it upon himself to go before the rules committee and get it done,” Spurrier told USA Today. “They tried to change the rules. But I don’t think they’re gonna get away with it.”

BOTTOM LINE: There’s a feeling that all the controversy will mean that the much-maligned rule won’t get to March 6th’s voting. But with Saban behind something, ANYTHING can happen.


Vanderbilt replaces Tata with Utah State assistant

Vanderbilt has snagged Utah State’s defensive line coach Frank Maile, the Salt Lake Tribune has reported.

The Tribune noted: “In the last two years alone, five of his linemen earned all conference honors: Al Lapuaho, Connor Williams, Jordan Nielsen, A.J. Patiali’i and B.J. Larsen.

The paper noted that Maile was well-known for his in-state recruiting, and especially his recruiting of Polynesian recruits. That could be some asset for new coach Derek Mason’s team if Maile continues that vein of form.

Maile replaces Vavae Tata, who arrested for DUI earlier this month.



Ole Miss starters get medical hardship

Two Ole Miss starters have been given a medical hardship, the school has said.

Defensive end CJ Johnson and guard Aaron Morris were both injured in September games.

Morris – who started every game for the Rebels in 2012 – tore his ACL in the season opener against Vanderbilt…a game which Ole Miss in one of the most exciting finishes of the season (and that’s saying something!).

And while we don’t know the specifics of CJ Johnson’s leg injury, we do know that Johnson was one of Ole Miss’ top pass rushers, which probably didn’t help his school’s cause when he left injured in the blow-out loss to Alabama in 2013.

LSU grabs UK special teams coach

LSU has hired Kentucky special teams coach Bradley Dale Peveto.

Peveto had previously been on Les Miles’ staff from 2005 to 2007 before becoming co-defensive co-ordinator in 2008.

He then left to be the head coach of Northwestern State, where he had a 14-30 record.

Peveto then became the safeties and special teams coach at Kentucky for two years, before he moved back to Baton Rouge.

Peveto – who’s return to LSU was first reported in The Advocate nine days ago– will also coach LSU’s linebackers.


Practice, Spring Game, Pro Day dates for all SEC schools



Practice Begins Spring Game Pro Day
Alabama March 15 April 19 March 12
Arkansas March 16 April 26 March 5
Auburn March 18 April 19 March 4
Florida March 19 April 12 March 17
Georgia March 18 April 12 April 16
Kentucky March 28 April 26 March 14
LSU March 7 April 5 April 9
Ole Miss March 5 April 5 March 3
Mississippi State March 18 April 12 March 5
Missouri March 11 April 19 March 6
South Carolina March 4 April 12 April 2
Tennessee March 7 April 12 April 2
Texas A&M February 28 N/A March 5
Vanderbilt March 11 April 12 March 21


LSU lands new commitment for 2015 class

LSU has landed the No.1 fullback in the nation for its 2015 class, according to reports.

Les Miles offered Lakeshore High School (Mandeville, La.) a scholarship to David Ducre after inviting him to the school’s Junior Day.

Ducre, who can 100 yards in 11 seconds (quick), is 6ft high and 230 lbs (great to block) told Saturday Down South: “I’m stoked because I have the opportunity to play with and compete against some of the best players that the country has to offer…The competition will only make me better. They love my physicality, strength, speed and my hands.

If he keeps his commitment to LSU through National Signing Day next year, he’ll arrive in Death Valley to good company. The Tigers signed the nation’s No.1 running back Leonard Fournette earlier this year.

Here’s a link to Ducre’s Hudl site.

According to 24-7, Alabama, Cal, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State and Nebraska were all interested, although none had offered him as yet.

BOTTOM LINE: LSU’s going to be deep (AGAIN) in 2015.

LSU QB to transfer

LSU back-up QB Stephen Rivers is to transfer, The Advocate has reported.

The paper reports that NFL QB Philip Rivers – Stephen’s brother – in an interview with, said that LSU was giving Rivers his release with no restrictions on where he can go, as he graduates in May.

The Advocate’s Scott Rabalais tweeted: “QB Stephen Rivers tells a reporter at #LSU-Miss St basketball game he plans to transfer in May after he graduates. We’ll try to get a word.”

Rivers is not thought to be favored for the LSU starter’s job now Zach Mettenberger has graduated, with sophomore Anthony Jennings and freshman Brandon Harris both thought to be favorites.



Vanderbilt suspends assistant coach

Vanderbilt has suspended defensive line coach Vavae Tata indefinitely after he was arrested for DUI, the Tennessean is reporting.

According to the report, Tata was charged for being off his tatas on Saturday night, blowing a .18 on his breathalyzer test, more than twice legal blood-alcohol limit of .08%, according to an affidavit released by Davidson County. Which was quite good going, if you think about it.

It’s not Tata’s first brush with the law: He was arrested for DUI in 1997 and convicted in 2000.

Vandy, which underwent a new coaching regime with former Stanford defensive co-ordinator Derek Mason after James Franklin went to Penn State, had a relatively successful signing day.

And Vanderbilt’s also no stranger to brushes with the law – some of its former students are still in the middle of a rape case.

Ole Miss stars in $2m lawsuit

Ole Miss stars Denzel and Robert Nkemdiche have been slapped with a $2m lawsuit over the assault of a university frat boy at a party on February 17th last year, according to a report from Fox Sports College Football Blog ‘Outside The Lines’.

According to a civil complaint the two brothers (Robert was one of the biggest recruits in high school at the time and had only just signed to Ole Miss) and five other Ole Miss players attacked Matthew Baird and later Ford Everett at a KA Party.

This is the second piece of bad news in quick succession for Denzel Nkemdiche, who was arrested for disturbing the peace on Saturday night. Fellow linebacker Serderius Bryant was also arrested, this time for public drunkeness.

Hugh Freeze said in a statement: “Having spoken with our players after the event occurred and reviewed the incident report, we are disappointed these unwarranted allegations are being directed at Denzel and Robert, and they have the full support of our team as they fight this matter.”



Georgia boots star safety

Georgia has revealed that it has dismissed star safety Josh Harvey-Clemsons.

Harvey-Clemons, who had already been suspended for the first three games of the season for more problems involving his relationship with cannabis, as well as Georgia’s 2014 Bowl Game loss to Nebraska.

Georgia has not made any other details available.

BOTTOM LINE: Harvey-Clemons being booted off the team is hardly surprising, but it doesn’t do Georgia’s secondary any favors going into its mouthwatering clashes at the start of the season with Clemson and Georgia.

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