Johnny Manziel, now you’re going to the NFL, thank you for the memories.

You drove defensive co-ordinators mad.

Nick Saban called you the (basically) the greatest thing to happen to college football since the dawn of time (nearly).

You electrified a fanbase that weren’t really expecting a BCS Bowl (or ‘Players’ Championship Bowl’) in 2013.

You beat Alabama on their own turf in 2012 in a performance from the Gods. And nearly beat ’em in 2013.

You won a Heisman. Gig ’em indeed.

You signed some autographs, got busted, got suspended meaninglessly, and in your comeback in the second half, you taunted in one of the greatest ways college football has ever seen. You’re right, they can’t have your autograph. And that was an awesome response.

You kept going for four quarters for Texas A&M in 2013, despite their goddawful defence. And performed miracles. You should have won the Heisman in 2013, but someone more ‘Famous’ won it. We couldn’t believe you weren’t even in the Top Three.

You screamed and yelled at ’em in Atlanta in your final game….you should have done that all season long. Mark Snyder should be going, not you. And had an incredible game.


You got yourself booted out of frat parties, tweeted angrily about parking tickets, partied with hotties, and you never seemed to toe the line. And you know what? That was a pretty great. You were better than the boring. It’s funny, because when we met some hotties from Texas who actually went to high school with you at the start of the season, they said that you were ‘pretty boring’. We find it hard to believe.

You wrote Texas A&M fans the nicest letter to thank them for all their support. But in true fact, Texas A&M should be thanking YOU. If it wasn’t for you, would they even have made a bowl game this year? Or last year?

Anyway Johnny, thanks for the memories. Keep being Johnny.




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