We had looked forward SO MUCH to seeing LSU play Texas A&M. Well, we didn’t figure the LSU would actually play some defense and Texas A&M would deign not to run the ball with anyone apart from Johnny Manziel. It didn’t work out. Mind you, A&M’s defense stayed the same…. and LSU won pretty convincingly in a wet, horrible, swamp-like Baton Rouge.

Meanwhile, in The Swamp, Florida lost to Georgia Southern – a loss which not only embarrasses the conference but also could see Will Muschamp & Co out of a job.

So, here are your SEC Power Rankings for Week 13. And yes, we’re aware that this is a big week for the SEC…..

1. ALABAMA Hatred: Auburn, Auburn fans, and anything that has a War Eagle Tiger. Also dislikes Tennessee greatly. What the 2013 team is like: Damned Good. Best in the country.

2. AUBURN Hatred: Alabama, Alabama fans, and anything that has a weird elephant on it. Dislikes Georgia greatly, too. But not as much as Alabama. What the 2013 team is like: Fast-paced, fun to watch, not that great defensively. But coached by a whizz. d

3. MISSOURI Hatred: Kansas. They might not play ’em anymore, but it’s still Kansas. What the 2013 team is like: Great D, fast running backs, able QB, and two very, very good wide receivers.

4. LSU Hatred: Everybody. Maybe Alabama, Auburn and Florida more than others. What the 2013 team is like: Young defensively, a lot of talent offensively. Also have two very, very good wide receivers.

5. SOUTH CAROLINA Hatred: Nothing comes close to the hatred the Gamecocks feel for Clemson. What the 2013 team is like: Used to depend on a superstar. He’s been injured a lot. Now depend on a running back called Mike. You know, because everyone wants to be like Mike.

6. TEXAS A&M Hatred: Texas. It will ALWAYS be Texas. What the 2013 team is like: Love Johnny Football. Love Mike Evans. HATE the defense.

7. OLE MISS Hatred: LSU, Mississippi State. What the 2013 team is like: It’s young, but talented. The Missouri game on Saturday proved how long a way they’ve got to go.

8.GEORGIA Hatred: Florida. And Tennessee. And themselves when they are losing. What the 2013 team is like: Injured. Very. injured. But good if not, you know, injured.

9. VANDERBILT Hatred: Tennessee. What the 2013 team is like: It’s coached by a great guy. It’s got a future NFL wide receiver. But they aren’t going to compete for the SEC this year or any year in the near future.

10. MISSISSIPPI STATE Hatred: Ole Miss. What the 2013 team is like: It’s really not that good. But it can beat Kentucky. So it’s better than Kentucky.

11. FLORIDA Hatred: Georgia, Tennessee and LSU What the 2013 team is like: It got injured, and then it lost to Georgia Southern.

12. TENNESSEE Hatred: Florida, Alabama, Georgia What the 2013 team is like: It’s young. It depended on a great offensive line this year, and it didn’t turn out to be that good. Marquez North IS good.

13. KENTUCKY Hatred: Tennessee What the 2013 team is like: It 0-fer in the conference. That’s what it’s like. They’ve been better defensively this season, though.

14. ARKANSAS Hatred: Texas and Texas A&M and they are trying to create a new(ish) one with LSU What the 2013 team is like: Terrible. Which for Wisconsin fans, is karma.

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