So after Florida State fans were shouting: “Bring on Bama!” after the Week 1 of the BCS Standings were released, the computers flipped off the Seminoles for beating the living crap out of awful NC State, preferring Oregon’s hardly-routine-but-went-Ferrari-in-the-second-half win over UCLA instead.

Meanwhile, Bama continued to please the critics by smashing Tennessee (which suddenly looks a little better in terms of ‘quality wins’ after beating South Carolina and taking Georgia close), even though the term ‘non-conference quality win’ could hardly be applied to Virginia Tech, who ¬†lost to Duke.

Meanwhile, Ohio State moved up after putting 60 on Penn State, while Stanford did the same after shushing Oregon State’s offense 20-12.

Missouri dropped to ninth, and Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU and South Carolina are 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th respectively. That’s a lot of SEC teams crowding the middle of the plate, folks!

Anyway, here are your Top 25:

1) Alabama

2) Oregon

3) Florida State

4) Ohio State

5) Stanford

6) Baylor

7) Miami (FL)

8) Clemson

9) Missouri

10) Oklahoma

11) Auburn

12) Texas A&M

13) LSU

14) South Carolina

15) Texas Tech

16) Fresno State

17) Northern Illinois

18) Oklahoma State

19) Louisville

20) UCLA

21) Michigan

22) Michigan State

23) UCF

24) Wisconsin

25) Notre Dame

¬†BOTTOM LINE: Alabama’s spot in the National Championship is the Tide’s to lose. One slip will knock the SEC out of a trip to Pasadena, because we think Oregon and FSU is going all the way. Plus, Virginia Tech’s loss to Duke (as a non-conference win) has just gotten a lot weaker after the Hokies loss to Duke. Having said that, Bama’s VT win was stronger than ANY Oregon non-conference win (Nicholls State, Tennessee, Virginia) and ANY FSU non-conference win (Nevada, Bethune Cookman) so far….but FSU will have the strongest of the non-conference wins between the three if it unseats Florida in The Swamp.


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