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Georgia/Florida Game Helps SEC Week 10 slate

TWe’re not going to lie….we needed a rest after the shenanigans of a last few weeks, and with the weakness of the Week 10 slate, we (thankfully) will be able to focus on who’s going to hit wide left and wide right in the Miami vs Florida State game, because after 3.30pm, the SEC slate just ain’t good.

There are ZERO….ZERO Top 25 match-ups between SEC teams this week. Don’t get us wrong, if Florida and Georgia hadn’t gotten so injured, we think that Florida and Georgia could have been THE SEC East decider and The Biggest Game In The Country in Week 10. But it wasn’t to be. So come on Georgia and Florida, save our lives….



Oh, what could have been. Both teams are beaten up. Really beaten up. Both sides lost to Missouri, which hurt their run at a SEC title, but the losses to Clemson and Miami hurt their chances of going to The Big One In Pasadena, too. The good news for Georgia fans is that (maybe) Todd Gurley is going to play some. I would say that Mark Richt should look at this depending on the scoreline and not start him immediately in a game that means nothing, but that’s his decision, and not mine. There’s no question that with both sides being so poor (UGA can’t play ‘D’, Florida can’t play ‘O’) at the moment that this Cocktail Party will be interesting because both sides really, really, really, really, really, really need something to make their fans smile. In the words of Yoda: “Classic, this will not be”.

BOTTOM LINE: Georgia’s a 3-point favorite in this one. We’ll take Georgia. It might win 9-3 in this one. The over/under’s 47, and frankly we like the ‘under’ a lot. This is how little we think of both sides (which hurts us, frankly).


If Missouri had played some ‘D’ after going 17-0 up on South Carolina, we’d be talking about Missouri in terms of a possible National Championship contender (yes, I’m serious). But they didn’t, and the offense forgot what they were doing. Oh, and Dorial Green-Beckham completely disappeared last week, too. L’Damian Washington can’t do everything, D G-B. Anyway, apparently James Franklin’s getting dressed for the battle against Tennessee, but if Maty Mauk keeps improving, he should rest the shoulder and leave it to the kid. On the Tennessee side of the ball, we get to see the debut of Joshua Dobbs at QB after Justin Worley was put out indefinitely against Alabama. We don’t know a lot about the kid apart from that ESPN said that he showed “Flashes of Potential” against Alabama. So the kid could be good….

BOTTOM LINE: Tennessee’s a 10-1/2 point dog going into Columbia. We’re taking Missouri to cover and then some. That’s not to say that Joshua Dobbs won’t hit Marquez North for a TD. 


What (quite rightly) irritates people about Steve Spurrier is that he can go from telling the press that his team’s hopes of going to the National Championship Game/SEC game/ bowl game/ winning a future game/ winning the Spring game are gone, and the insistence that his team’s not very good, to making bitchy comments about Georgia (who UGA beat, by the way) and Florida and a new-found confidence because his broken-up QB Connor Shaw managed to stage a comeback usually reserved for Easter-time in Missouri, leaving Carolina in with a fantastic chance of going to Atlanta.

For Mississippi State, they just aren’t a very good side. They managed to scrape the win against Kentucky last week, and Dak Prescott didn’t have a completely goddawful game, but they are the second-worst team in the SEC West, only edging Arkansas on points. Expect Carolina to roll.

BOTTOM LINE: SOUTH CAROLINA’S ONLY A 12 POINT FAVORITE? Bet your house on it that South Carolina’s going to win by 21. 


Auburn’s actually taken off for the hills this season, while Arkansas has stayed struggling. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that actually the Razorbacks have looked better under John L. Smith than they do under Bret Bielema, and that’s saying something. Look, we know that Bielema faced a talent drought when he got to Arkansas, with a young side. We weren’t expecting much….but better than this.

On the other side, we were expecting NOTHING from Auburn (who were equally young), and Auburn looked us in the face and said: “Screw you”, and now have the SEC West in their hands, are bowl eligible, and are (gasp) 11th in the nation. Wizard Gus Malzahn pointed his stick and changed Auburn into a machine from a three-wheeled shopping cart, and that’s really, really COOL. The only worry for Auburn fans is: Will Nick Marshall recover in time for the game? Because Auburn fans can’t afford to be embarrassed now.

BOTTOM LINE: Auburn’s an eight-point favorite going into Fayetteville. We’re going with Auburn (again). 

THE OTHER TWO? (Told you the SEC slate wasn’t very good)

  • TEXAS A&M ‘s a 45-1/2 point favorite over UTEP. We’re taking Texas A&M. UTEP’s gives up almost as badly as……Texas A&M’s, but worse (118th in the nation)
  • KENTUCKY will beat Alabama State easily, even though ‘Bama State’s won 6 in a row and hasn’t put up less than 30 points in a game. The Wildcats are 27-1/2 point favorites, but we’re taking ALABAMA STATE. Kentucky by 21




Alabama stays No.1 after BCS Week 2 standings released; Oregon up to No.2

So after Florida State fans were shouting: “Bring on Bama!” after the Week 1 of the BCS Standings were released, the computers flipped off the Seminoles for beating the living crap out of awful NC State, preferring Oregon’s hardly-routine-but-went-Ferrari-in-the-second-half win over UCLA instead.

Meanwhile, Bama continued to please the critics by smashing Tennessee (which suddenly looks a little better in terms of ‘quality wins’ after beating South Carolina and taking Georgia close), even though the term ‘non-conference quality win’ could hardly be applied to Virginia Tech, who  lost to Duke.

Meanwhile, Ohio State moved up after putting 60 on Penn State, while Stanford did the same after shushing Oregon State’s offense 20-12.

Missouri dropped to ninth, and Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU and South Carolina are 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th respectively. That’s a lot of SEC teams crowding the middle of the plate, folks!

Anyway, here are your Top 25:

1) Alabama

2) Oregon

3) Florida State

4) Ohio State

5) Stanford

6) Baylor

7) Miami (FL)

8) Clemson

9) Missouri

10) Oklahoma

11) Auburn

12) Texas A&M

13) LSU

14) South Carolina

15) Texas Tech

16) Fresno State

17) Northern Illinois

18) Oklahoma State

19) Louisville

20) UCLA

21) Michigan

22) Michigan State

23) UCF

24) Wisconsin

25) Notre Dame

 BOTTOM LINE: Alabama’s spot in the National Championship is the Tide’s to lose. One slip will knock the SEC out of a trip to Pasadena, because we think Oregon and FSU is going all the way. Plus, Virginia Tech’s loss to Duke (as a non-conference win) has just gotten a lot weaker after the Hokies loss to Duke. Having said that, Bama’s VT win was stronger than ANY Oregon non-conference win (Nicholls State, Tennessee, Virginia) and ANY FSU non-conference win (Nevada, Bethune Cookman) so far….but FSU will have the strongest of the non-conference wins between the three if it unseats Florida in The Swamp.


Gamecocks Suddenly Back in SEC race: Week 9 SEC Power Rankings

This week wasn’t exactly that weird in the SEC. Missouri’s heart was broken by their kicker (and their defense, we’d like to add), but after that, Vandy was crushed by Texas A&M (who still gave up 24), Alabama slammered Tennessee (see what we’ve done there?), Auburn beat the ‘over’ against Florida Atlantic, and LSU was asleep in the first half against Furman (went 7-0 and 10-7 down before exploding and winning out 48-16)….but it didn’t cost them.

We were going to go with a funny power rankings list but it’s been a long weekend, and we’re trying to get our head around the SEC tiebreakers ‘What Ifs’.

1) Alabama: Crushed Tennessee at home. It’s what we expected, if we’re honest. There is no team in the SEC (apart from Texas A&M, who they’ve already played) who can come close to this team at the moment. They are mostly healthy, very disciplined, and Nick Saban’s not going to be happy to give up 10 points to the Vols. Good luck, bye week.

2) Auburn: Didn’t have any problems against Florida Atlantic, exploding for 45 points and 628 yards, including 422 on the floor. Look, we know FAU are hardly the Chicago Bears. We get it. But this continues to be quite a turnaround by Auburn, and if this keeps going, we really can’t wait for the Iron Bowl. This offense is something, folks.

3) South Carolina: Great comeback from South Carolina to take the game to overtime, especially in a hostile environment. Got good Jadeveon Clowney (pass batted down), but bad Jadeveon Clowney (didn’t seem to move on two Missouri touchdown drives (see Missouri film below). If South Carolina beats Florida, then they could be in the driving seat if Texas A&M beats Mizzou.

4) Missouri: Mizzou fans gave some abuse to their kicker, Andrew Baggett, after he missed a chip-shot field goal to stop Mizzou tying up their battle against South Carolina in the 2nd overtime of an epic encounter in Columbia. Maybe, just maybe, the fans should be blaming the defense that gave up a 4th-and-15 for a touchdown in the first overtime. Where was the coverage again?

5) Texas A&M: Yes, I get that we dropped them down from last week, because we still think the Aggies defense still sucks. But Johnny Football does not. And with the Aggies playing LSU and Missouri, Johnny Football’s Heisman campaign could explode.

6) Ole Miss: The Rebels smashed bye week (AKA Idaho) 59-14. And looked good. Although it was Idaho.

7) LSU: An outstanding performance from Odell Beckham Jr (again),who had 204 yards receiving and 2 TDs, covered up a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde performance by LSU, and perhaps more importantly Zach Mettenberger (328 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs), who struggled in the early stages. Yep, that’ll work against ‘Bama.

8) Georgia: Yes! We know ‘Dawgs fans! Georgia beat LSU and South Carolina. But the injury list is horrific, and Aaron Murray can’t do it ALL himself. Mark Richt shouldn’t wheel out Michael Bennett too quickly, either. Especially as the season is pretty much over.

9) Florida: Defense is great, but the offense is a horror-show. Florida Gators fans hate watching their team right now, and so say the rest of us.

10) Vanderbilt: After getting destroyed 56-24 by Texas A&M, there is no doubt in our mind of three things: 1) Jordan Matthews is a future NFL receiver, and congratulations to him on being the SEC’s all-time receiver in career yards receiving, 2) Vanderbilt is reeling from the loss of starting QB Austyn Carta-Samuels 3) James Franklin can talk up the Commodores all he wants, but this is a very bad Vanderbilt side, which has gone BACKWARDS since Week 1.

11)  Tennessee: Well, they scored a touchdown against Alabama, didn’t they? We jest, of course….the Vols were completely smashed by Alabama. We could say that they were recovering after the Carolina win last week, but really, they were outcoached and outplayed by Saban. At least now Butch Jones knows what it’s like to play the SEC’s one truly elite team on the road.

12) Mississippi State: A close game between the Clangers and Kentucky shows us how good Dak Prescott is if he plays Kentucky every week. And it was good for MSU to get their first SEC win of the year.

13) Kentucky: The donut battle goes through Kentucky and Arkansas…and both may achieve the SEC’s most unwanted prize (because they don’t play each other). Which is a pity. Seriously about Kentucky….this team has definitely improved since last year’s horror show, and it has shown balls against Alabama (first quarter), Louisville, South Carolina and now Mississippi State. Mark Stoops’ continued recruitment will show teeth in time. But for now…..gulp.

14)  Arkansas: The donut battle goes through Arkansas and Kentucky…and both may achieve the SEC’s most unwanted prize (because they don’t play each other). Which is a pity.


Can Mizzou Continue Their Run For Atlanta? SEC Week 9 Predictions

FLast week was one HELL of a weekend for Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M and LSU, who all saw their National Championship and SEC Championship hopes eviscerated by Vanderbilt, Missouri, Auburn and Ole Miss respectively. Meanwhile, The Tide rolled.

Anyway, things are a bit easier to predict in the SEC this weekend, but we’re nevertheless giving our tips. Georgia and Florida fans, you can actually watch this weekend: This week’s not involving you.



We can’t understand why College Gameday isn’t in Columbia, or CBS Sports have decided to go for a horror of a game of Alabama and Tennessee, which is going to be over by half-time (charitably). Anyway, Missouri’s beaten defenses with some incredible wide receivers (L’Damian Washington and Dorial Green-Beckham), and mightily experienced team, and good quarterbacking (Injured QB James Franklin’s replacement Maty Maulk was fine in his first-ever college start against Florida), and a very good defense. And although we were thinking that the biggest thing going for Missouri has been the fact that the teams that they have been played were really beaten up (Georgia and Florida) NOW we’re believers. This team is pretty great. South Carolina is generally pretty great – defensively. You know, until they play the fourth quarter against teams, and then they really struggle. We were glad to see a bit of the old Jadeveon Clowney against Tennessee, and Carolina is going to have to move him around even more to avoid being Tiger Bait. Carolina’s also going to have to make sure that the Connor Shaw/Dylan Thompson QB duo is on point.

BOTTOM LINE: South Carolina’s a 2.5-point underdog. We think they are going to lose by 7. 

And the rest of the games, dear God, aren’t going to be all that interesting.


Texas A&M’s defense is a joke. We get it. Mark Snyder, A&M’s defensive coordinator is under pressure. He’s possibly the most hated man in College Station right now. Anyway, they play a Vanderbilt team that took advantage of a Georgia ‘D’ that can’t get off the field, and some terrible special teams play. But can they take advantage of A&M’s horrific ‘D’? Or can Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans – the destructors in A&M’s incredible offense, do damage to the Commodores. And is Johnny Manziel going to be healthy after his injury against Auburn? Can QB replacement Matt Joeckel do the job?

BOTTOM LINE: Texas A&M’s an 18-point favorite at Kyle Field. We think they win by 14.


It’s been great that Tennessee shocked the nation by taking Georgia to overtime and beating South Carolina by – as Steve Spurrier would put it – outplaying ’em (of course, it’s got nothing to do with SoS’ crappy offensive coordinating). But Alabama rolled against a poor Arkansas side, and have been rolling ever since they struggled with Texas A&M. Listen guys – this ain’t going to be close. Tennessee really isn’t that good. Alabama is. Oh, and we’d like to point out that Tennessee WR Marquez North is something special, and it should be interesting to see him play a Sunseri-less Bama secondary. If Justin Worley can throw to him properly.

BOTTOM LINE: Alabama beats the spread, beating Tennessee by 30. But Marquez North should cause Bama some problems in the first half.



Florida Atlantic’s 1-4 in Conference USA, while Auburn’s 3-1 in the SEC, and are flying.

BOTTOM LINE: Auburn’s only a 24-point favorite. The ‘over’ could be THE bet of the day. For you non-betting folks, Auburn’s going to win by a mile.


Furman’s so bad that LSU coach Les Miles said after the Ole Miss game that the team had a ‘week off’. LSU’s defense may be horrible, and Zach Mettenberger may have a horrible half, but if Furman beats LSU, I’m the second coming of Ryan Perrilloux (I’m not, by the way).

BOTTOM LINE: LSU’s a 47-point favorite, going against a Furman side who’s mediocre in the FCS. We’re taking…..LSU. And by more than 47


Under The Hot Seat: 10 SEC Coordinators At Risk Of Getting Fired

Right, it’s ‘Hot Seat’ time in the SEC, and by these standards, it’s pretty quiet. Maybe it’s because there was a bit of balance in the conference this week, or maybe it’s because everyone’s muttering along, quietly ____ off that things aren’t going the way they wanted it. You know, apart from Alabama.

Anyone, one of the SEC’s biggest questions has surrounded our goddawful defenses (anyone but Alabama and maybe Florida). And while we would love to give a Top 14 list of HEAD COACHES who might get their ass booted come the end of the season, that comes later.

We thank The ‘Around Aggieland’ podcast for inspiring us. They were pretty pissed at defensive coordinator Mark Snyder.

So here we go:

1) Brent Pease (Florida Offensive Coordinator) 

This season’s Florida offense has gone from bad to worse this season. The defense and special teams must be fed to the Gator teeth scoring all the points. Yes, we know Jeff Driskel got hurt….but during Jeff’s reign in 2013, UF was soundly beaten by Miami. Florida’s 103rd in the country in passing offense, and 73rd in rushing offense. And yes, we get this team has had some terrible injuries, but do the Gators not have depthy? Although there’s a certain focus on head coach Will Muschamp, it’s unlikely Muschamp will get the boot. Pease, however…

2) Todd Grantham (UGA Defensive Coordinator)

Last season Georgia’s offense bailed out Georgia’s defense. Sure, Jarvis Jones did some amazing things, but the secondary made some stupid plays and really struggled to stop the good teams. This year, I swear to God my grandmother could run 150 yards on Georgia this year. CB Damian Swann has gotten it in the neck for his poor play this year, but the poor play is EVERYWHERE. This team can’t stop anyone on 3rd down…..they are 90th in the nation on 3rd down conversion defense. That’s horrific. And as passionate as he is, the buck as to fall with Todd Grantham. This could turn into Georgia’s version of former Texas DC Manny Diaz in a hurry.

3) Mark Snyder (Texas A&M DC)

The guys at Around Aggieland said it something like this: “Sure, I get that the team was all about youth in Game 1. But by Game 7, if they still can’t learn how to tackle or to have the right assignment, there’s no excuse”. Coach Snyder, your defense is horrific. Where Ole Miss NEARLY showed it off, Auburn damaged you. I wouldn’t be surprised if A&M decides to find someone new in 2013. The Aggies can’t stop anyone on 3rd down (80th in the NCAA). A&M’s only had 7 sacks all year, too.

4) Lorenzo Ward (South Carolina DC)

It’s not that Jadeveon Clowney’s has looked unfit. We get it: He’s been injured. And although Carolina might have the 11th-best ‘D’ in the country, the team’s turnover margin has been horrible, and more’s the case, the team has looked straight-out gassed in the fourth quarter of games. In other words: Something’s going on the fitness. Oh, and something else. Ward MUST HAVE KNOWN that offensive co-ordinators were going to do everything in their path to throw away from Clowney – so where were the defensive packages to try and minimize that loss against the likes of Georgia? The team is 21st in the country in total defense….and third in a really-terrible-in-defense SEC.

5) Geoff Collins (DC, Mississippi State)

Again we realise that Collins & Co is missing Jonthan Banks like nothing else. We get it. MSU gives up 365 yards per game, and is 116th in red-zone defense, which is flat-out horrible. And offenses have converted 30 times in 79 attempts on 3rd down. And MSU has only had 7 sacks all year, and 5 INTs.

6) John Chavis (DC, LSU)

Was LSU’s defensive performance against Florida great because Florida’s offense flat-out SUCKS, or was it great because John Chavis helped the defense turn a corner. Well, we give you the numbers: 27 to TCU, 17 and 13 to UAB and Kent State, 21 to Auburn, 44 to Georgia, 26 to Mississippi State, 6 to Florida, 27 to Ole Miss. We’ll go with Florida’s defense. LSU’s defense gives up 370.6 yards per game (good for 43rd nationally), 75th in 3rd down defense, 57th in rush defense, and has given up 19 TDs to opposition offenses. And although the LSU ‘D’ is very young, they haven’t improved since the start of the season. And in fact, they’ve gone backwards. Suddenly Anthony ‘The Freak’ Johnson’s gone backwards and Ego Ferguson has to find some humility. For us, we still remember Sam Montgomery’s comment that he took plays off at LSU last year. That’s not a bad player: That’s crappy motivation.

7) Jim Chaney (Arkansas OC)

We read this on Chaney’s hiring: “Former Tennessee offensive coordinator Jim Chaney will bring his high-flying aerial attack to Arkansas.” Oh, you mean the one that’s 103rd in the country in  offense, that was shut-out at Alabama and couldn’t get the important scores at Rutgers to close out a game? Or which is 91st in red-zone offense? At some points Razorbacks fans will be crying for Chaney’s neck. And that might be in 2013.

8) John Janceck (Tennessee DC)

We get it….it’s his first season. We’ll make allowances because Derek Dooley didn’t seem to want to recruit a defensive player at Tennessee, such was the lack of depth (you could say that about anyone but Grantham on this list). Tennessee’s defense has been garbage almost all season long, giving up 411.9 yards/game. The total defense is 75th in the nation, but ignores the fact that Tennessee’s can’t stop the run (83rd). Listen, we KNOW that Tennessee’s guts against Georgia and South Carolina is getting admiration across the country, but we’ve got a bigger summation for you. If both sides had had all or most of their offenses, Tennessee would have been blown away in both games. How long is it going to be before UT fans figure this out?

9) [MR BLANK] (Georgia Special Teams C)

I don’t know if it’s glaring to anybody, but Mark Richt needs to be taken to task for not hiring a special teams co-ordinator. There have been problems all season long, and that’s why they are 92nd in the country in blocked kicks allowed, 119th in the country in blocked punts allowed, and is 94th in the nation in yards allowed per game on special teams. It gets worse. They’ve allowed nearly 700 yards of opponents kick yards. You know the funny thing is: Richt insists it’s a lack of execution. Georgia, it’s a lack of coach.

10) Kirby Smart (Alabama, DC)

“If he gives up 3 points for the rest of the season, consider him on the hot-seat” – Nick Saban.

Alabama tops first BCS Standings, Mizzou 5th

Alabama has topped the first BCS standings of the 2013 season.

The undefeated Crimson Tide is No.1, followed by Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State, and SEC East leader Missouri. Stanford, Miami, Baylor, Clemson and Texas Tech round out the Top 10.

Auburn is No.11, LSU is No.13, Texas A&M is No.16, South Carolina is 21.

Interestingly, Alabama only ranked top in two of the five computer rankings, while Florida State ranked No.1 in 4.

The whole BCS standings chart is here.

Here’s your BCS Top 10.

1 Alabama

2 Florida State

3 Oregon

4 Ohio State

5 Missouri

6 Stanford

7 Miami

8 Baylor

9 Clemson

10 Texas Tech

BOTTOM LINE: If all the top three sides stay unbeaten, we think Oregon is going to leapfrog Florida State for second place. And here’s why: Florida State plays a No.10 Miami side which is good but not great, while Oregon plays UCLA, Stanford and Oregon State. 


After Upset Saturday, Alabama still reigns

After all the craziness in its division, one thing is for certain: Alabama is still the SEC’s best chance of getting a team in the National Championship.

The Crimson Tide stayed at No.1 in the AP poll while Missouri (which could well be Bama’s opponent in the SEC Championship Game) is 7th.

The Top 10 looks like this:

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Florida State

4. Ohio State

5. Missouri

6. Baylor

7. Miami

8. Stanford

9. Clemson

10. Texas Tech

Auburn moved up to 11, LSU fell to 13, Texas A&M fell to 14, South Carolina to 20, and Florida and Georgia both fell out of the Top 25.


After Armageddon: SEC Power Rankings Week 8

Read the rest of this entry

NCAA reinstates Alabama DB star after two-week suspension

The NCAA has reinstated Alabama safety HaHa Clinton-Dix after he was suspended for two games by Alabama coach Nick Saban for a violation.

Clinton-Dix was suspended for, according to the CBS News Report: “Alabama originally suspended Clinton-Dix after it discovered he received an impermissible benefit. Clinton-Dix had borrowed between $100 and $300 from assistant strength coach Corey Harris, who has since been placed on administrative leave.”

He’ll be available to play Arkansas on Saturday. If Alabama needs him.

BOTTOM LINE: The news from the NCAA shores up Alabama’s defense in time for the Arkansas game….and more importantly the LSU game coming up soon. Great news for Roll Tide Nation.

Will Missouri survive the loss of James Franklin? SEC Week 8 Predictions

If we’re honest, we know what the biggest game is this week. And it’s not in the SEC. It’s over in Clemson where Florida State plays the Tigers in a Battle Of Both Teams Who Have A Recent History Of Screwing Up Their National Championship Chances. But in the SEC, we’d like to claim some hefty games. A rejuvenated Auburn goes to Johnny Football Land (Texas A&M). LSU’s defense -which actually looked good against Florida – goes to Ole Miss (which we all hope will be repeat of last year’s barnburner). The Hospital from Athens (Georgia) hope not for the end of the world as they know it when they visit Vandy. We’re hoping that James Franklin and Todd Grantham get in a punch-up again. South Carolina gets a test at Tennessee – which has a field that can cause injuries (ask Richt, Mark). Oh, and Alabama plays Arkansas, where they’ll probably beat the hell out ’em.


Missouri was a trendy underdog for the game at Georgia, since the Tigers’ opponents didn’t have its best running backs or receivers. Missouri ran out to a large lead before getting it cut to two, but after UGA couldn’t get a two-point conversion, Missouri went down the other end of the field and scored almost immediately, and finished off with a 41-26 victory. The big worry for Missouri – which is 6-0 and has it all to lose in its quest to go to its first SEC Championship game in just its second year in the conference – is that starting quarterback James Franklin is out with a shoulder injury. Freshman Maty Mauk will get his first-ever start in college football against one of the nation’s nastiest defenses. The only problem for Florida? The offense really isn’t that great – and just got worse after a season-ending injury to RB Matt Jones. Oh, and Columbia’s going to be rocking. And how will Florida play in the cold?

BOTTOM LINE: We’re going with the upset (Mizzou by 7), and with Missouri. It worked out OK last time.

AUBURN AT TEXAS A&M We know this: Auburn’s going to frighten the heck out of Texas A&M’s weak ‘D’ with their high-speed offense, while the Tigers are going to struggle to slow down Johnny Manziel…as anyone does. Manziel was incredible in the win over Ole Miss, continuing his run for a second straight Heisman, and it’s odds-on that he’ll do it again. But can the ‘D’ hold Gus Malzahn’s rejuvenated Tiger offense? It’s going to be close.

BOTTOM LINE: Texas A&M wins by less than 13-1/2. Unless, of course, the Aggies learned to tackle in a week. Which we don’t think they have.

LSU AT OLE MISS Ole Miss came so close to causing one of the upsets of the season last weekend when it came within a field goal of beating Texas A&M, and it will try to stop losing its fourth straight game when LSU rolls into town after a rough-and-ready victory over Florida. LSU’s offense was predictably more about the run against the Gators’ defense, but will have to click into gear with more from wide receivers Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry, and QB Zach Mettenberger. Against their porous defense, they’ll be facing QB Bo Wallace and WR Laquon Treadwell. They’ll have to watch out.

BOTTOM LINE: LSU wins by 14, as the defense gets a couple of stops at the end.


The Volunteers had a roaring comeback against Georgia which must have warmed a lot of orange hearts (until overtime), but how will they cope against a less-injured (well, until they play at Neyland Stadium) and revitalized-after-Georgia’s-loss-to-Mizzou South Carolina side. Connor Shaw’s just on fire at the moment, and so’s RB Mike Davis. Tennessee’s offensive line is going to have to do a heck of a lot of work to contain the Gamecocks ‘D’ – regardless if Jadeveon Clowney gets off the bus or not.

BOTTOM LINE: South Carolina by (convincingly) more than 7-1/2. The Gamecocks are on fire, folks.


The problem at Georgia’s suddenly not Aaron Murray and the offense: It’s that defense. They can’t tackle. This means that Austyn Carta-Samuels and future NFLer Jordan Rodgers could cause them many problems indeed. Does that mean that Georgia’s not going to score? No. But we can’t help think that it’s going to be a shoot-out.

BOTTOM LINE: Georgia’s a 7-point favorite. We think they’ll win by a touchdown, too. But Todd Grantham’s offense won’t be fun to watch for Dawgs fans, and the hot seat will continue to warm for him.



Alabama will eviscerate with Arkansas team low on confidence and low on being any good.

BOTTOM LINE: Alabama will stun the world and BEAT the spread today….they are 28 point favourites. 

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