I was thinking about whether to put this out NOW or put this out after my raft of previews, but as there’s still 11 previews to go, I thought it might be good to break it up with a ‘Top Ten SEC Non-Conference Games Of The 2013 Season’.

So here they are (P.S. Rice’s visit to Texas A&M on Opening Saturday gets the No.4 vote if Johnny Football isn’t playing. If he is, the Aggies win by 30-40, depending on how Kevin Sumlin’s feeling)

1) Georgia at Clemson (Opening Saturday)

College Gameday’s going to be there. The most SEC-like crowd of a non-SEC team is going to be there (Clemson). They’ve even got a Death Valley! Anyway, Georgia – with a defense that’s going to really miss Jarvis Jones – goes to Clemson that’s got Sammy Watkins, Tajh Boyd, and a massive point to prove. This is going to be a battle for the ages. And the crowd’s going to be LOUD, dudes.

2) Florida State at Florida (Nov. 30)

A hated rivalry – expect this time with National Championship contentions – particularly if both FSU and Florida run the table in their respective conferences, which they could quite easily do. This game could be GARGANTUAN come Thanksgiving-time. Expect jorts aplenty in Gainseville, folks!

3) Clemson at South Carolina (Nov. 30) 

I’m going to make this clear. If Clemson don’t lose at home to Georgia in Week 1, they could still be unbeaten by the time they come to Columbia on November 30th. In fact, both teams could well be unbeaten before they meet in Columbia on November 30th, and this game could be BIGGER THAN JESUS. But not bigger than JADEVEON.

4) Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State (Opening Saturday)

Why is this so high? Easy. Dan Mullen’s got a point to prove after The Kings of Clang Clanged against Northwestern (and a poor second half of the season), and so’s Tyler Russell – especially to the NFL Scouts. Oklahoma State is seen by many as a dark horse for the Big XII, and these Cowboys can score a ton of points. We could see a SEC loss on Opening Saturday. It’s going to be fun.

 5) Ole Miss at Texas (September 14th)

The Longhorns have to prove to the general public/ the haters/ those that want Mac Brown out/ the kids that might select their school/pollsters that they aren’t just another ‘also-ran’, and beating a SEC school might be a way to go. Might. It also might be a way for Mack Brown to help to alleviate the roars for his head. There will be a lot of alcohol consumed at the tailgate, I’ve been assured by my buddies in Austin. Oh, and Ole Miss have the embarrassment of last year as well as some new kid called Robert to talk about, too.

6) Washington State at Auburn (Opening Saturday)

Gus Malzahn’s first game back. A team that needs a lift. No Kiehl Frazier. A defense playing the fun and games of a Mike Leach offense – in its second year. This is going to be quite the roller-coaster, folks.

7) Tennessee at Oregon (Sept. 14th)

God, this is the week not to actually go to a game, but sit in front of a TV (Alabama vs Texas A&M’s on that day, too)…like we’re going to do. Anyways, we find this compelling because Oregon is a bona fide National Championship contender – with a new coach – , Tennessee’s got a new coach in Butch Jones, and we can’t wait to see how Tennessee’s going to cope with the breakneck speed of the Ducks. Oh, and we also get to check out the Oregon Cheerleaders, who are stunning and SEC-esque in their talent.

8) North Carolina at South Carolina (Opening Thursday)

Two words: Jadeveon. Clowney. Oh, and we love Larry Fedora’s fedora.

9) Alabama vs Virginia Tech (Opening Saturday)

Virginia Tech’s announced that despite being the home team, they’ll be wearing white, which means Alabama will be in their home crimson. Of course, it won’t matter if Virginia Tech’s wearing Armor from Under Armor, they’re still getting beaten by 30. Still, it’s an opportunity to see how good Nick Saban’s team is out of the traps – and get some pointers to their showdown with Texas A&M/The World on September 14th.

10) LSU vs TCU (Opening Saturday)

Because after Gary Patterson said rude things about Les Miles’ management of Jeremy Hill , suddenly this game became fun. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Patterson’s TCU deals with Hill and the rest of the LSU running backs (personally, we don’t think Hill’s going to be playing, so it’ll be the ‘rest of the LSU running backs’), particularly as TCU are without precocious talent DE Devonte Fields, who couldn’t behave himself during the off-season. Mind you, nor could Jeremy Hill…..Also, this game’s interesting because of the madness that is Les Miles, and LSU’s ability to cope with most of last year’s team going to the NFL.


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