The best news for Clemson fans came from Athens, UGA on Tuesday, when it emerged that the entire Georgia secondary is nursing injuries at the moment, per a report from the Macon Telegraph, quoting Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt.

According to Richt, starting cornerback Damion Swann (hip flexor and groin strain) and cornerback Sheldon Dawson – who is thought of as being the starting cornerback (shoulder sprain) were both limited in practice.

Starting free safety Tray Matthews (strained hamstring), strong safety Corey Moore (sprained knee) and projected reserve corner Devin Bowman (strained hamstring) haven’t even started.

The news is awful for the Bulldogs, who face Clemson’s Heisman Trophy candidates Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins in ‘The Orange Death Valley’ on the first weekend of the season.

Mark Richt, according to the report, was his usual relaxed self: “Well, it’s not as healthy as I hoped it would be…There’s guys that are missing reps, obviously. We don’t have every guy who could be getting reps getting them. That hurts us. Some guys might be ready by the time the game starts. But how many reps are they gonna get between now and then to be as ready as they could have been if they had gotten those reps.┬áIt’s a problem, but it’s football, we all know that happens in football. And everybody’s got their problems, so we’ll be OK.

BOTTOM LINE: If Georgia’s players don’t get to the first game of the season 100% healthy, this could spell disaster for a team facing some fantastic offensive players in a nasty environment. Oh, and Week Two it’s South Carolina. Just what Mark Richt always wanted.



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