Texas A&M players Dante Everett and Floyd Thomas Raven have been arrested for their part in a bar fight in College Station in April.

Everett, a starting cornerback, and Raven, a starting safety, were both handcuffed on Monday, according to the Bryant-College Station Eagle.

They will face charges of assault (2) and criminal mischief (1).

Both players were expected to start for the Aggies in the fall. Now, it is not known whether they will even start for the Aggies in the biggest game of the Aggies season- and possibly the school’s history – against Alabama at Kyle Field on September 14th.

The Eagle details the police report, which says: “The arrest report states that Everett admitted to police that he and Raven were involved in the altercation at Hookah Station and that when they later saw the men from the bar in the parking lot, they decided they were going to “finish what they started at the bar.”

Everett told police he didn’t hit either victim. Instead, he said, he was about to fight one of the men and came face to face with him, but someone else punched him in the face and he fell to the ground, according to the court documents. The report states that Everett told police he and Raven then ran back to his apartment.”

The school has not said whether the pair will be suspended for the start of the season.



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