We’ve gone crazy on our Twitter feed about the fact that ESPN has decided in its infinite wisdom to make the South Carolina vs Georgia grudge-match at 4.30pm kick-off time – a time despised by most tailgaters and college football fans who don’t tie themselves to a TV during the whole of a Saturday.

We can only think that it’s because ESPN’s prime-time game on Week 1 is Georgia’s trip to Clemson, which will be an 8pm kick-off.

Oh, and CBS is making Alabama vs Texas A&M in the searing heat a 3.30pm kick-off, unsurprisingly. And College Station will be loud enough for that one.

Anyway, here’s the full schedule.


DATE                         GAME                                     NETWORK                                    TIME

Week 1

(Thur.) Aug. 29            North Carolina at South Carolina            ESPN                                        6:00 ET

(Thur.) Aug. 29            Ole Miss at Vanderbilt                                  ESPN                                         9:15 ET

Aug. 31                        Toledo at Florida                                                SEC Network                        12:21 ET

Aug. 31                        Rice at Texas A&M                                              ESPN                                      1:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Miss. State vs. Oklahoma State            ABC & ESPN2             3:30 ET

                                    (Neutral Site: Advocare Texas Kickoff – Houston)                       

Aug. 31                        La. Lafayette at Arkansas                        FSN                                       4:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Virginia Tech vs. Alabama                        ESPN                                      5:30 ET

                                    (Neutral Site: Chick-fil-A Kickoff – Atlanta)

Aug. 31                        Austin Peay at Tennessee                        Inst. PPV                          6:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Washington State at Auburn                        ESPNU                          7:00 ET

Aug. 31                        Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky            ESPNews                        7:00 ET


Aug. 31                        Georgia at Clemson                                    ABC                                    8:00 ET

Aug. 31                        TCU vs. LSU                                                ESPN                                    9:00 ET

                                    (Neutral Site: Cowboys Classic – Arlington)

Aug. 31                        Murray State at Missouri                        Inst. PPV                          TBD


Week 2

Sept. 7                                    Miami (Ohio) at Kentucky                        FSN                                    Noon ET

Sept. 7                                    Florida at Miami                                    ESPN                                    Noon ET

Sept. 7                                    Western Kentucky at Tennessee            SEC Network                        12:21 ET

Sept. 7                                    Toledo at Missouri                                    ESPNU                          3:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    Alcorn State at Miss. State                        CSS                                    3:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    South Carolina at Georgia                        ESPN                                      4:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    Samford at Arkansas (Little Rock)            Inst. PPV                           7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    UAB at LSU                                                ESPNU                          7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    SE Missouri at Ole Miss                        Inst. PPV                          7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    Sam Houston State at Texas A&M            Inst. PPV                           7:00 ET

Sept. 7                                    Arkansas State at Auburn                        FSN                                    7:30 ET

Sept. 7                                    Austin Peay at Vanderbilt                        CSS                                       7:30 ET


Week 3

Sept. 14                        Louisville at Kentucky                        ESPN                                    Noon ET

Sept. 14                        Southern Miss at Arkansas                        SEC Network                        12:21 ET

Sept. 14                        Alabama at Texas A&M                        CBS                                      3:30 ET

Sept. 14                        Tennessee at Oregon                          ABC/ESPN/ESPN2                        3:30 ET

Sept. 14                        Miss. State at Auburn                        ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU             7:00 ET

Sept. 14                        Vanderbilt at South Carolina            ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU             7:00 ET

Sept. 14                        Kent State at LSU                        ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU             7:00 ET

Sept. 14                        Ole Miss at Texas                                    LHN                                      8:00 ET


Other Announced Games

Sat.            Oct. 19                        CBS Doubleheader                                    CBS                                    Noon/3:30 ET

Thur.             Oct. 24                        Kentucky at Miss. State                        ESPN                                    7:30 ET

Sat.            Nov. 2                        Georgia vs. Florida in Jacksonville            CBS                                    3:30 ET

Sat.            Nov. 9                        CBS Doubleheader                                    CBS                                    3:30/8:00 ET

Thur.            Nov. 28            Ole Miss at Miss. State                        ESPN                                      7:30 ET

Fri.            Nov. 29            Arkansas at LSU                                    CBS                                      2:30 ET

Sat.            Dec. 7                        SEC Championship Game (Atlanta)            CBS                                      4:00 ET





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